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Cellular Phones ?, Stoping The Madness With Prayers.

Updated on January 24, 2015

Cellular Phones Galore

Stop Them With Prayers
Stop Them With Prayers
This is Interesting.
This is Interesting.

Prayer Is The Key.

In 1667: Robert Hooke probably out of curiosity created an acoustic string telephone that conveys sounds over a taut extended wire by mechanical vibrations. In 1844: Italian Innocenzo Manzetti first suggests the idea of an electric "speaking telegraph", or telephone: Antonio Meucci followed –up in.1849 when he demonstrated a communicating device to individuals in Havana. It parked off disputes, because though his device could pass for electromagnetic telephone, it unfortunately had the capacity of transmitting electricity into the user's body ,resulting into deadly electric shocks to the poor users.

From country to country, continent to continent, the scientists with the call towards long distance communuication system continued to line up to compete for who would give the world a durable cum acceptable invention that will not threaten the lives of the users. They needed also to develop or improve on what they had , to reach people at a reasonable distance

Against this background therefore, in 1860: Johann Philipp Reis of Germany demonstrated a make-and-break transmitter after the design of Bourseul and a knitting needle receiver. Witnesses said they heard human voices being transmitted.

In 1861: Johann Philipp Reis manages to transfer voice electrically over a distance of 340 feet with his Reis telephone. Reis uses his telephone to transmit his phrase "The horse does not eat cucumber salad". This phrase in German is hard to understand acoustically so Reis uses it to prove that speech can be recognized successfully at the receiving end.

In 1864: in an attempt to give his musical automaton a voice, Innocenzo Manzetti invented the 'speaking telegraph'. He shows no interest in patenting his device, but it was widely reported in the newspapers. Innocenzo Manzetti Antonio Meucci Charles Bourseul ,Johann Philipp Reis Elisha Gray Thomas Edison Alexander Graham BelThomas Augustus Watson Tivadar Puskás Emile Berliner Charles Sumner Tainter Theodore Newton Vail.

The long list of those who attempted to develop the telephone system and the final list of the finalists is not my interest in this hub, my interest lies deeply in what has become of this wonderful instrument of communication. The global use of the telephone is another way of saying “God is good, God is wonderful,” because it is only by the grace of God that this and other inventions came to pass, it has always been the desire of the almighty God to make things or provide instruments that will make life much easy for His creatures--Psalms 84:11 “ For the LORD God is a sun and shield: the LORD will give grace and glory: no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly.” Telephone is a good thing, the Lord had not withheld it from us, He sent in egg-heads to compete for the completion and they came out with telephone and went forward into the cellular world[ pocket phones] .

The cellular phone which has entered into the hands of virtually everybody has become the cheapest drama of our time. The stages are found anywhere ,everywhere , any time, all the time, along the roads, along the streets in the cars and lorries ,airplanes, trains and buses, boats and ships. In the offices, in the homes, schools, factories, , classrooms, the courts of law , mini markets and supper markets. And even in the church of God. Among the old, the young, the under aged, the teenagers, the retired, the military, the civilians, the poor, the rich, the business man and ordinary man. The mad, the sane and anybody who can afford it.

Of a truth, behind the drama is a diabolic spirit , for this reason it has become ugly, it has reached an alarming rate, it deserves therefore the attention of the prayer warriors, those that pray with the tongues of the angels, it deserves serious prayers to tame the diabolic spirit behind the scene. Like in a drama outing, the episodes are highly interesting and thought provoking.

Confusiobn with the cellular or booths ?

My money, no my money
My money, no my money

Episode 1

Episode—-A lady had just recharged her cellular phone with the hope of making a very important call , [the reason for which she recharged], but alas, it turned sour when the voice from the little phone insisted she had to recharge again".Never. never, you must give me back my money Why ?, why should I recharge again?, I won’t accept it ", she insisted noisily. Her reaction attracted the attention of her friend. Thinking she was talking with an operator, she increased the insult, only to learn through her friend that she was talking with a machine not human operator.. “You are mad” with telephone , her friend sighed and left .

Episode 2

The height of her “made in Italy” shoe was alarming, walking majestically across a very busy road,with a football-sized bubble gum in her mouth, she laughed as she talked with a caller, never taking into consideration the danger of walking across a busy street dialing and answering calls. The curtain for the free drama was drawn when a young lady of her age, stopped her car, and cursed her and yelled“ you are mad” repeatedly.

Watch Before You Dial & Recieve

Accident ?, Oh no !.

Driving & Dialling ?
Driving & Dialling ?

Avoid This

Help The Situation To Improve.
Help The Situation To Improve.

Do Not Loose That Job Because The Smart Phone .

The Smart Phones  Are Smart Enough To Keep Distract Your Attention.
The Smart Phones Are Smart Enough To Keep Distract Your Attention.

Be Careful, Be Prayerful.

Episode 3—A lot of accidents have been caused when drivers are driving and dialing telephone numbers or driving and answering calls. In most episodes, the drivers dial, call answer, smoke and even make calls while speeding along the busy roads. This illiterate behavior cause a lot of distractions and accidents. In this episode, the young driver at his 30’s had a cigarette burning away between his lips ,and with one hand held his cellular phone and with the other the steering. When he nervously held the brake to avert accident, the would –be victims all cried out.. ”you are mad”.

Episode 4—I also saw another interesting episode,involving two young men on their bicycles. The two funny actors were riding and dialing and at the same time making and receiving call on their respective bikes. Thinking they could be wise the wisdom, they forgot that too much wisdom generate a good measure of sorrow. Since they never con

Also In The Offices ?

Episode 5..In the offices, many have lost their jobs courtesy of the cellular phones. Many ladies and even men, abandon their duties to answer calls from loved ones. In this episode which stripped the actor of her jobs, she was monitored by her distractors and like biblical Daniel and his foes, reported to the management of the company. The management spied on her and when it was confirmed that she could leave her duty post to make calls to her numerous boyfriends and sugar daddies , she was sacked with this verbal tone “you are mad”

Distractions To The Housewife.

Episode 6—Most cellular drama occur at home where the house wife dial and chat away her time, while the pot on the stove burn and smell, the baby on the bed cry and fall, the visitor by the door ring the bell and leave in anger, the bread in the microwave burn and the family sometimes eat their meals late.

Episode 7-Disorder In The Public Transport System.

If you enter any public bus loaded with people gifted in dialing and receiving calls, you will promise yourself never to enter public transport again. They don’t only dial and receive, they shout and yell at the top of their voices, making the short journey an uphill task and nightmare.

In the metropolitan cities,the drama in the buses is sometimes or rather in most cases painted with the different tongues represented therein .Just as the metropolitan cities represent the various tongues of the world,so do the bus, the trains the metro buses, the trams etc The Africans, the Asians, the Europeans, the Indians, and the Americans. The world often gather in a pocket world [ the bus, the train and the trams ] etc to display the colours of mother tongue, Babel for sure is let loose.

Every Body Has The Right To CALL & Answer Calls In The Bus

 Also In A  Crowded Bus.
Also In A Crowded Bus.

At The Train Station.

Episode 8..It was a busy day,the train station was filled with passengers as usual. The sun was neither bright nor dull, the cloud was neither light nor heavy with rain. A particular woman was barking like a rabid dog and cursing her caller with her faced transfigured for war. She was probably speaking to someone from her village, at home. Her voice was louder than a louds-speaker, her eyes dropped the tears of anger [not joy]

She was very angry with her companion on the line and threatened to cut off the head of that offender whenever she goes home. Poor woman, methinks her finance must have been wasted by the caterpillars and cankerworms in her family, or the extended version. She never respected public order, she had no respect for orderliness in the society, her comportment that day was not encouraging. people quickly tagged her a mad person.

Cellular With The Steering :

No No, No.
No No, No.

She's Not Mad, She's On The Phone.

Episode 9---Walking along the busy streets of Rome or any of the busy streets in the cities of the world, you must see the surprising drama that has been created with cellular phones as the centre stage. Almost every passer-bye talks to himself or herself. Before this generation of phone and cellularmania, anyone who walks and talked alone is considered mad.

No, in this generation they are no more considered mad. With the hearing aids in the ears, and cellular phones tucked inside their pockets, everyone goes along chatting, laughing and above all lonely like” mad people” .

No wonder, a little kid watched a passer-bye chatting, laughing and even jumping up and down. The kid was amazed more so when she discovered the lady was “ talking to herself”. So she tapped her mother and asked this mind bugging questing.. Mama, is she mad?.. “No she is not mad. She is on the phone” the mum answered quickly.

They fail to remember that there are other passengers or passers-bye within the environment , they pollute the air with their calls, they are for sure not enlightened. The enlightened ones behave themselves.

Careless Mother ?

Episode 10….A woman was walking with her little baby that just started walking on his own along the road. The scene was one of the busy streets of Padua in Italy . The image she portrayed along the road spoke volumes of her personality as a” no nonsense lady”. Suddenly her phone rang and in a panicky measure, she pulled out a costly device that was not just an ordinary phone, but one of the most recent smart phones in the market. She stopped and answered the call, laughed and smiled and kicked and jumped and even kissed the caller online.

However, the little boy was not interested that his mother stopped, he continued to move, the mother was not interested that the boy was still moving, she continued to chat with her caller. Tram, tram, tram the boy moved on and far without her notice. It took the intervention of a man on a motor bike to bring her attention on the distance between her and her little son, the man angrily rebuked her and concluded “you’re mad”.

In The Church

Worshipers hide, seek and dial.
Worshipers hide, seek and dial.

Even In The Church.

Even in the church of God, during the Sunday services, the prayer meetings, the weekly meetings, one could hear telephones ringing from one corner to the other, one could see people sneaking out to answer or make calls, one can see people actually dialing numbers while the sermons goes on. The episodes in the churches are managed with mild statements and warnings. Like this… “brethren praise the Lord “halleluya, the people will chorus with divided attention.

From episode to another, you can agree with me that the cellular phones have been an object of temptations, accidents and even death. Many students in the classrooms loose concentration when they hide , dial and answer calls. What shall we then say.. shall we continue in sin that grace may abound, God forbid. Romans 6:1 What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound?. Or If the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do..? the righteous can pray and pray their ways through.

Everybody Calls.

The Big, The Small.
The Big, The Small.

Leaders Only Call When Neccessary.

It is equally interesting to know that it is not only the man in the street, the poor in the society, the worker in the office or the housewife and carless girls and boys in town that are involved in this new age drama in public places. Even the presidents , the prime ministers, the legislators, the governors, the mayors, the local government chairmen, the chiefs, prince and princesses, the very rich, the moderately rich ,the weeping poor , are hooked in this grid. Many of the highly rated public figures answer and make calls in the public ,call it “public figured call”They make very important and neccessary calls.

we therefore need to pray for the rough and unenlightened users of this technology, that God almighty should deliver them from trouble and give them wisdom on how best they should use the cellular phones.. in the mighty name of Jesus. We need to be smarter than the smart phones.

Believers all over the world should see it as an assignment from God, to pray to avert most dangers recorded on our roads because of the use of this tiny object in our hands.

Prayers For All.

Pray that God should not allow the kingdom of darkness to use this wisdom to cause misery

Pray that God almighty should intervene and save His people from the cellular telephone spirit.

Pray for the youths who dial, call, answer and chatter along the road with the cellular

Pray and pray on, so that Satan will not turn this piece of technology to madness on some people.

Pray that our private and public drivers should not dial and call while driving.

Pray that the Lord will save our generation from this spirit .

Pray to God to avert all the dangers that the enemy has planned for people through the telephone.

Pray and pray without ceasing that the evil spirit behind the unruly behaviours with the cellular phones will bow to education and the will of God mighty , in the mighty name of Jesus.

Prayers For All

This Prayer Is Neccessary.
This Prayer Is Neccessary.


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