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Celtic Wicca For Beginners: Path of the Druid

Updated on March 14, 2015

What is a Celtic Druid?

Unfortunately not much is known about the ancient Druids. We don't know where they came from, where and how did they accumulate the vast knowledge they had. What little we do know about the ancient druids comes from the surviving writings of the Romans. We know that Druidism died out with the coming of Christianity. There has been a revival of druidism during the seventeenth century, this was called the Mesopagan era of the druids. This newer revival called Neopagan Druidism started in the mid-twentieth century. It is based of both of the past two eras (paleo and Meso) . This combination of both sparked many new organizations based on different concepts of what we now consider druidism today.

Page Summary

  • What is a Celtic Druid?
  • What role did the Ancient Druids play in history?
  • Popular misconception about Druids.
  • What happen to the Druids?
  • How To become a Celtic Druid?
  • Joining A Druid Organisations
  • Be active, and environmentally aware
  • Increase your knowlegde base
  • Meditate
  • Learn the Celtic Language

What role did the Ancient Druids play in history?

The Ancient Druids, were instrumental in the decisions of there clan or society, acting as mediaries during conflicts within , and without there clans. They were also excempt from fighting scurmishes. They also dispensed justice to criminals and law breakers, disallowing them from attending rituals, which back then was tatemount to being cut off from their community.

Popular misconceptions about Druids.

Many of what we think we know about druidism today is sadly based on what is glamorously depicted on television, movies, and cartoon such as Asterix. Druids didn't spend all their time dancing around and frolicking in the woods. Nor where they capable of concocting magic potions, capable of making a man invunerable for some a short periond of time. If you based your decision to become a druid on the misconception of television, then I'm afraid you have been grossly mislead. Druids although being highly revered, in their community certainly where not free to frolic, I'm sure most of them spent there days in servitude to there king or clan leader, as well as the community.

What happened to the Druids?

Not much is know on how the ancient druids died out, some believe it was do to the coming of Christianity. No one knows for sure, I can only speculate that some were assimilated into this new religion, others refusing to summit, no longer having the influence they once had, probably became outcast and retreated from society only to have there vast knowledge disappear along with them.

How To become a Celtic Druid?

Compared to the other Celtic Paths (bard, seer) this path would be considered the hardest, and possibly the most time consuming. To become a Celtic Druid today is definitely not for every one. You certainly have to be a patient, well rounded , and a well read person. It usually took the Ancient Druids most of there lives before they were ready to play their role in society. This was attained from the passing knowlegde from druid to Druid. Because we now lack the basic learning foundations we are all pretty much starting from scratch.

Druid Organizations


Joining A Druid Organizations.

If you are fortunate enough to live in a large enough city or town you might be able to find like minded individuals that share your interest. There are many druid organizations out there that can be found on the internet. You just need to make sure its the right one for you. I highly recommend you find a group that is willing share their experiences, and knowledge. Joining a druid organization also makes for a great support base.

Be active, and environmently aware.

Druids of today not only have to be aware of nature and the environment they should also take a pro active step in helping, and healing mother nature. Be aware of how much rain fall you get in your region during a year. Where are the nearest lakes, streams, and rivers? What industries in your area are contributing to global warming. Go to town meetings and make your voice heard. These are but few suggestion on how you can contibute to nature. You should also be well informed on not just your surroundings, but also your province, county, or state. Join groups in causes you believe can push for a better world. Do whatever is in your power to make a contribution to the world.

Be active, and environmently aware.

Are You Environmently Active in Your Community?

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Increase your knowledge base.

As mentioned above the Ancient Druid where instrumental in keeping peace, and upholding the morale integrity of their society. They where well versed in matters of law, science, and medicine. I am not saying you should run out and get degrees in all these fields,but there are steps you can take to increased your knowledge base for your path. If you are not familiar with modern medicine, You can always take a first aid class, or learn CPR. You can also do some research on your local and municipal laws. Take some time to expand your mind, and read some philosophy. Learn, read, and take courses there are many things you can increase your knowledge base and possibly make a contribution to society because of it.


Meditate this one is common, and very important for all of us Wiccans. I have already talked about this in great detail in other pages, and since this one is pretty self explanatory I will say no more about this an refer you to my other pages on this subject.

Learn The Celtic Language


Learn the Celtic Language.

Leaning a Gaelic language. Nothing will bring you closer to the traditions, culture, and society than learning their native language. There are certain advantages to doing this. First it will bring you closer to your deities, you might also want to do all your rituals in the gaelic language. Gaelic is a dying language and you will be helping in keeping that part of its culture alive.

Becoming a Celtic Druid will not be an easy task. It will require a considerable amount of time, dedication, and studying on your part. It is up to you how much you are willing to learn and be active not only in your community, but also in the world.

Learn the Celtic Language.

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      Nicole Canfield 3 years ago from Summerland

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