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Cemeteries and the Paranormal

Updated on September 19, 2016
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I am a photographer, published artist and writer. I am a makeup artist student, and studying herbs. I love to write and share my view points

Cemeteries and Halloween

One of the most fascinating topic's to talk about during the Halloween Season is cemeteries. To some of us they are haunting, eerie hang outs for wandering spirits who cannot rest. For others they are a place of quiet and calmness, a place of rest from the fast paced world.

When it comes to cemeteries I have had a fascination with them since very early childhood. When I was very young and living with my stepfathers parents, if I disappeared everyone knew to look for me at the small graveyard down the street from their house. There was one grave that always drew me to it, it was very old and I imagined it being a Knights Grave because of the fancy marker that stood so tall it made me feel like a very small person.

Then, as I started getting older before I knew what an empath sensitive was, every time I went by a cemetery I would get chills and became overwhelmed with sadness. When it was close to Halloween and the veil between the worlds were becoming very thin, the stronger the sadness became and the more eerie chilling feelings I started to experienced.


There are many haunted stories and events people have experienced in cemeteries. Many paranormal groups will go to cemeteries and capture pictures of orbs, apparitions and EVP's; there are also experiences other people have had called "Attachments". Me and a psychic friend went to Savannah, Georgia for a business meeting one weekend. After work we decided to take a haunted tour of the town and that included visiting a haunted cemetery, both of us experienced more than just a haunted tour, we also experienced an "Attachment". That is when a spirit will attached itself to you and follow you. This particular spirit was of a young child that was searching for her mother.

After the tour, my friend and I were walking down the street and at the same time we turned around because we felt like we were being followed but yet there was no one there. We both looked at each other and said, "you feel her too, don't you". I cannot explain the feeling what it felt like except to say; it was like being in a restaurant and you get this feeling like someone is watching you; but when you glance around you do not see someone staring at you, but you know someone is.

During the drive back to our hotel, the little girl stayed with us. My friend kept repeating: your mother is in the light calling for you, go to the light. After a while, and before we reached our hotel, we no longer felt the child. Since that experience, I have spoken to a lot of other people who have had experiences with attachments. Some of them were not so good because it brought a lot of chaos with them.

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Ravens and Cemeteries

My newest fascination with cemeteries is doing photography in them. I love photographing the old Victorian looking Angels and Crosses. I have a pretty good collection so far. I am a firm believer though not to photograph the name of the person in the grave I am taking pictures of. I believe I feel this way for two reasons: one is out of respect for that person, and the other is I do not want to take any chances or open any windows for attachments.

I was in another state photographing in this very old (1865 to exact) cemetery and it was the most peaceful place I have visited in a long time. There were no eerie feelings or cold spots, it was just calm and quiet. There was one section of the cemetery that I noticed a lot of Raven's hung around. It was a spot towards the very back and the first thing that came to my mind was how Ravens have a connection with the spirit world. So I had to wonder if perhaps the Ravens were there for the people buried in those spots.

Athens Mental Hospital Cemetery

One Haunted Cemetery I wrote about gave me the willies that would not stop. It is a cemetery in Athens, Ohio called: Athens Mental Hospital Cemetery (also known as The Ridges Cemetery).

This cemetery was formerly a Mental Health Hospital and the majority of the gravestones are marked with only the patients number. When the hospital opened in 1874, it specialized in the treatment of the criminally and mentally insane patients. It was known as the Athens Lunatic Asylum. The hospital became overcrowded and lost its reputation of being a calm peaceful place. Once the institution became overcrowded the patients experienced things such as: ice water baths, electroshock therapies and lobotomies as a regular practice.

This cemetery has been plagued with talks of cults and strange rituals associated with Appalachian Folklore. Because of this area being considered very haunted, legends state that satanic groups use to perform rituals there because it has many power spots and they have birthed many related stories.

In the Northeast corner of the cemetery you can see a circle of graves that legend says the circle of graves were created by witches to hold séances, other stories say it was a prank done by college students. Other stories relate to hearing screams across the wooden bridge in the woods accompanied by seeing strange lights.

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So, the next time you are walking through a cemetery, keep in mind there are many restless souls out there because of horrible deaths, people vandalizing the graves and the cemetery being treated with disrespect. Stop and look at it like this: If you were in your final resting place what would you do to protect it? Spirits live on, the shells in the ground are just that, shells that once held the spirit of an individual.

Not sure how I feel about spirit boxes??? You???

© 2015 Eva Thomas


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