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Chakra Cleansing - A Guide

Updated on August 24, 2009

What Are The Chakras?

The word chakra is a Sanskrit term, and refers to the spinning vortexes which are believed to be part of the etheric (energy) body. The chakras are also known as spiritual energy centres, and they link the subtle bodies to the physical body, by interfacing with the lymphatic system and the ductless endocrine glands, and help to regulate the energetic balance of the physical and subtle bodies. In the traditional Hindu concept of the chakras, there are seven major chakras, situated at the base of the spine, the sacral area, the solar plexus, the heart, the throat, the third eye and the crown of the head. Each chakra is associated with specific physical organs, and emotional, psychological and psychic characteristics and phenomena. These are connected by energy pathways called nadis, which run along the spine. The three main nadis are called Ida, Pingala and Shushumna, and correlate to the sympathetic, parasympathetic and central nervous systems respectively. There are other, smaller chakras, in addition to those mentioned, but most chakra clearing and balancing work focuses on the main seven.

What Is Chakra Cleansing?

In a perfectly balanced system, the chakras all spin at the appropriate rate, and the energetic balance of the physical and non-physical bodies is maintained. However, the chakras can become unbalanced for various reasons – ill health, negative emotional states, exposure to stressful circumstances, psychic attacks and imbalances etc. Many people like to undertake chakra cleansing and balancing work, both to address specific concerns (such as physical illness, emotional blocks etc), or to provide a periodic and ongoing energetic 'tune up' for the system as a whole.

How To Cleanse The Chakras

You basically have to options when it comes to clearing and balancing the chakras – you can do it yourself, or visit a spiritual or energy healer who is experienced with chakra work. Chakra cleaning and balancing can be subtle in its effects, but it can also be very powerful in some cases, and as such is not to be undertaken lightly. For this reason I recommend consulting an experienced practitioner, at least if you're new to the chakra healing process.

There are various methods you or your practitioner can use to clear your own chakras. Here are a few of the most common, although this list isn't meant to be exhaustive.

Colour meditation – each chakra is traditionally associated with a particular colour (red for the base, orange for the sacral, yellow for solar plexus, green for the heart, blue for the throat, purple for the third eye and white for the crown). This meditation involves relaxing deeply then envisioning a beam of pure white light entering through the crown, travelling down the spine, and out of the body at the base, taking any negativity with it. Each chakra can be visualised individually, seeing its brilliant colour as it is cleansed and rebalanced by the white light. After the chakra cleansing visualisation is complete, get a sense of each chakra closing a little (not completely), so you aren't left too open to external influences.

Crystals for chakra cleansing – many people are aware of the power that gemstones can have on the physical body. Some like to use crystals for rebalancing the chakras. Again, there isn't one way to do this – you might like to use quartz crystals only (quartz, or rock crystal, is a very good 'universal' stone which can be used for many purposes), or you might choose different stones for each chakra. Some people like to match each chakra with a gemstone of the same colour, or you might just choose stones which you're particularly drawn to intuitively. You can also buy gemstone sets which are specifically designed to correspond to each chakra. Whichever crystals you choose, they should be cleansed before use (try holding them under running water, and 'recharging' by placing them in sunlight to dry). Lie down, relax, and place a stone on the points of the body which correspond to each chakra. It doesn't really matter what form the stones are in, but for the sake of ease and comfort, you might like to use lightweight, flat or polished stones, such as thumbstones, palmstones or tumblestones. Pay attention to how you feel when the stones are in place – discomfort can indicate that the stone isn't an energetic match to your needs at this point. You can simply leave the stones in place for a while as you quiet your mind and meditate, or you might prefer a more active visualisation, seeing the energy of the stone connecting with that of each chakra, and cleansing and rebalancing it. There's no right or wrong here – just follow your intuition. Be aware that crystals can have a powerful effect on the energy body – you may experience intense reactions, and this kind of chakra cleaning may be best carried out under the guidance of an experienced practitioner.

Other methods – other ways to cleanse the chakras include the use of fragrance in the form of essential oils and the use of sound (special CDs are available for this purpose, or you can use other sound sources such as specially designed tuning forks or singing bowls that resonate at the appropriate frequencies).

Choosing Someone To Work With

If you opt to cleanse your chakras with the help of a spiritual or energetic healer, it's important that you only choose a person who you're comfortable with. Chakra work can sometimes lead to intense emotional releasing symptoms, and sometimes even physical symptoms too. So ensure that the person you choose not only has a thorough understanding of the chakra system and its dynamics (and its possible effects on the physical body), but is also someone you are comfortable with 'letting go' around on an emotional level. As always, trust your intuition.


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