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Chakra Jewelry: Beautiful Necklaces

Updated on November 27, 2010

Chakra jewelry can help keep your chakras aligned and balanced throughout the day. And, depending on what stones are used in the design, they can help ease a number of other issues you may have, as well. There are chakra necklaces, chakra rings, chakra bracelet, chakra anklets and more. Personally, I prefer the chakra pendants to keep them close to the torso where the main chakras are located, but I do love the rings and other types of chakra jewelry too. Have a look at the chakra jewelry designs available and see if something calls your attention -- the soul knows what it needs and you just may be looking for gorgeous piece of chakra balancing jewelry!

Silver Om w/ Chakra Stones

The Om is a sacred mantra and this beautiful chakra stone pendant combines it with all the healing properties of the chakra healing stones. The design is lovely and it weighs about 6.7 grams and measures 3.5 cm. Made in India by hand, under the Fair Trade Federation. 7 chakra stones and one lovely silver Om make this a stunning work of healing art.

Circle of Happiness Chakra Stones

This Circle of Happiness pendant is simple, elegant and ethereal. The sterling circle is lined with the following chakra stones: amethyst, garnet, iolite, apatite, carnelian, peridot and citrine. The colors are radiant and will catch the light beautifully. Made in India. Measures 3 cm and weighs approx. 6 grams.

Chakra Baby Wand Pendant

If you prefer crystal, this baby chakra wand (named so for the small size) may be just what you've been looking for. The wand itself is about 1.75 inches long and each one is uniquely crafted. 7 chakra stones line the larger crystal and will help you with your chakra needs, as well as help keep you open and free of spiritual clutter during the day as you wear it. Also makes a great gift.

Chakra Charm Necklace

This amazing chakra necklace is handmade in Thailand under Fair Trade. The charm necklace has 7 chakra charms made of silver and cubic zirconia. The chain is 17 inches and the charms themselves are .8 inches in size. So they are a nice size and nothing clunky if you would like to wear them all at once -- or you can wear as many as you'd like at any given time because they are removable.

Chakra Stick Pendant

This chakra stone stick pendant comes with a leather necklace but you could wear the pendant on any chain you'd like to wear it on. The pendant itself is 3.5 inches long. The circular stones are in the order of the chakras and each one corresponds to the color. This is a simple, charming and elegant chakra pendant you can wear throughout the day or on special occasions.


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