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Chakra Stones

Updated on November 27, 2010

Most people could benefit from having their Chakras unblocked, cleared and aligned. There are many ways to do this, and one of the favored methods is through the use of healing gemstones. Each chakra is represented by a specific color but in the case of choosing the appropriate gemstones there are usually a few colors that would be appropriate, in addition to the obvious. This means there are a number of stones that would be beneficial for healing and balancing the chakras via gemstone therapy. You can experiment until you find the perfect match for you, but in most cases you will intuitively find the "right" chakra stone, or chakra stone set, the first time you look because your soul knows what it needs and it will guide you.

Do not be afraid to buy your chakra stones online, either, because you don't need to see it in person to find your superstar chakra stone. Like I said, your soul knows which is best for you. You will, however, probably need to cleanse the stone before use (whether you buy it in person or online) because stones accumulate psychic junk over time and you'll want yours to be fresh when you start out. You'll also want to cleanse them again before the next use unless they're the sort that don't generally need cleansing (like the Quartz family, for example). They may still work without doing so, but they will work far better if you do that first.

7 Chakra Stones + Box

This lovely box of 7 Chakra Stones is very cool, isn't it? There are 7 stones and each one is about 3/4 of an inch wide. Obviously, it's packages as a chakra stone kit, but you can use them for any purpose, magickal or otherwise. The colors are bright and vivid, and that's something I always love to see in a gemstone. This doesn't mean less brightly colored stones can't be just as beneficial, but I admit I tend to lean toward bright and sunny stones.

Raven Moonlight Chakra Kit

This beautiful chakra stone kit from Raven Moonlight contains 8 gemstones -- the 8th is the clear quartz gemstone which is used to amplify your work. The set also includes sodalite, amethyst, aventurine, citrine, red jasper, hematite, and obsidian. They also include a special chart to help you match your gemstone to the correct chakra, instructions for how to prepare them for use, and a nifty natural burlap bag to keep them in when not in use.

Big Chakra Stone Kit

There are quite a few chakra stones in this kit, so it's a great value. There are fourteen chakra stones measuring between three quarters of an inch and one inch, as well as seven smaller stones. (Of course, these are also possible to use for things like Reiki, as they've been charged with Reiki energy.) There's also a pouch included for each set of stones, as well as a guide.

12 Chakra Stones

This kit of 12 Chakra Stones includes a pouch to carry them in. The stone set should include: rose quartz, sodalite, howlite, tiger's eye, snowflake obsidian, jasper, amethyst, quartz, and blue chalcedony. One of the least expensive sets if you're trying to save your money, and they'd make great gifts for anyone who collects gemstones (like moi!)

Lemurian Seed Chakra Kit

I quite like this Chakra stone kit because it includes a lovely Lemurian seed quartz crystal. In addition there are 7 tumbled stones, including amethyst, sodalite, blue agate, aventurine, citrine, and carnelian. There's also a handy chart with directions, and a free velvet pouch to carry your chakra stones round in.


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