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Chaldeans v.s. Pythagoreans: Ready, Set, Start Your Number Fight!

Updated on May 10, 2019
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Welcome to Spirit's blog. The place where we find the beauty in the hidden, occult, mythologies of our world. Blessed be.

Hi all and welcome to Spirit's Throwback Thursday blog post. Today I wanted to discuss Numerology and it's origins. Numerology is a belief that the divine sends us messages through numbers, words (like your name) and synchronicities. In this time it is considered a divination tool, but this was not always the case. There are two main branches of numerology, Pythagorean and Chaldean. These branches differ slightly from one another while still maintaining the belief that numbers were equivalent to divine truths. For the sake of ease we will be discussing the two most popular, Chaldean and Pythagorean.

Pythagoras was born in Samos (a Greek island in the Aegean Sea) in the year 570 B.C. Pythagoras is most famous for the Pythagorean Theorem (A squared plus B squared equals C squared), so the squared sums of the two sides of a right triangle are equal to the squared value of the hypotenuse. But many seem to ignore the fact that Pythagoras was an astrologist, numerologist, musician and a spiritual Guru. Pythagoras had an ability to contact enlightened souls, who helped him discover all his previous lives, and make predictions. His teachings stated that every planet had a signature sound, and the sound was represented by numbers. He then taught that the numbers each had separate characteristics, and meaning to our lives.

The following is the references used in Pythagorean numerology.










Add all the numbers up in a person's name and then reduce to single digit. For example: Gloriann Cruz Albino would be: 7+3+6+9+1+5+5+3+9+3+8+1+3+2+9+5+6= 85, then reduce: 8+5=13, reduce again: 1+3=4. In this case 4 is the name number. The only numbers not reduced are 11 and 22 the master numbers.

Number 1: The light side: initiative, leadership, individuality, bravery, executive ability. On the dark side, selfishness, laziness, aggressiveness, narcissism.

Number 2: The light side: cooperation, harmony, love,partnership and finesse. On the dark side: over sensitivity, untactful, timid, indecision.

Number 3: The light side: artistic, creative, self expression, imagination, social, and cheerful. On the dark side: pessimistic, loose lipped, tends to exaggerate.

Number 4: The light side: constructive, systematic, practical, keeping order, builder,industrious. The dark side: lack of imagination, argumentative, very serious, ill health.

Number 5: The light: constructive, freedom, sexuality, versatility, knowledge, entertainment and amusement. The dark: changeability, carelessness, restlessness, nervousness, Jack/ Jill of all trades, master of none.

Number 6: The light: artistic, responsible, love of home and children, care about the welfare of others, unselfish. The dark: being too sensitive, coldness, nervousness, skepticism, lonely.

Number 7: The light: spirituality, the occult, analysis, researcher, wisdom. The dark: selfishness, laziness, aggressiveness and self centered.

Number 8: The light: executive ability, organization, authority, judgement, and administration. The dark: impatience, love of recognition, lack of humanitarianism, materialistic.

Number 9: The light: generous, humanitarian, sympathetic, selflessness, divine connection. The dark: moody, impulsive, must learn selfishness, careless with money, attracted to a life beyond their means.

Number 11: The light: intuition, illumination, inspiration, spirituality and prophetic abilities. The dark: too sensitive, nervousness, tension, impracticality and shyness.

Number 22: The light: materialism, spiritual master, practical and guiding light. The dark: conflict between inner feelings and practicality and attraction to magic.

While using this divination to figure things out about yourself if the number is from letters make sure you use your birth given name. For example 4 is my name number, which means the following. The light side: constructive, systematic, practical, keeping order, builder,industrious. The dark side: lack of imagination, argumentative, very serious, ill health.

Chaldean Numerology has been in use since the Babylonian era. There is a difference between Chaldean and Pythagorean Numerology, Chaldeans believed you could use the name that you are know by (nickname). Another major difference is that Chaldeans used the birth date number ( number of the day you were born on). This number reflects the personality and health of the native. The final major difference is that Chaldeans interpreted numbers 1 through 52, to symbolize the weeks in a year. Following is a letter to number analysis.









The numbers 1 through 9 are related to, how the native appears in the eyes of another, and the physical and material sides of things.

Number 1: male, yang, self consciousness, originality, independence, aggressive, unique, creative, dominant, the leader.

Number 2: pair, duo, feminine, yin, seeking unions, choice, adaptable, tactful, understanding, gentle, cautious, a follower.

Number 3: manifestation, expansion, creativity, the performer, expansive, sociable, dramatic, communicative and diversified.

Number 4: dependable, attuned to the four seasons, law, order, balance, harmony, secure, stable, stability, endurance and discipline.

Number 5: vital force, freedom, change, adventure, charisma, versatility, resourceful, adaptive, change, activity, travel, promotion and speculation.

Number 6: conscientious, desire to be in harmony, truth, justice, has a good sense of balance, loving , compassionate.

Number 7: answer seeker, asks the difficult questions, solitude is needed, looks to converse with others that are like minded, introspective, intuitive, analytic, inspirational, reclusive, philosophical and mystical.

Number 8: infinity, power, achieved control, responsible, recognition, expansion and growth.

Number 9: complete cycle of growth, selfless, compassionate, wants to help others at all cost, love, compassion, patience and service.

Double digits (compound numbers) show hidden influences, that play a role in life now and in the future.

Number 10: honor, faith, confidence, rise and fall.

Number 11: gives warning of hidden dangers, trials, or treachery. This person will have great hardships to grow through.

Number 12: suffering, anxiety, seen as the sacrifice or the victim at the hands of others.

Number 13: change of plans or place, non fortunate, upheaval , destruction, havoc wreaking power, warning of the unknown,

Number 14: movements, combinations, threats of natural forces, fortunate for dealings with money, small element of risk or danger.

Number 15: occult significance, magic, mystery, but this is only used in selfish ways.

Number 16: gives a warning of a strange fatality awaiting the querent, danger of accidents, and one being defeated,

Number 17: highly spiritual, the number of immortality, legacy,

Number 18: materialism striving to destroy spirituality of nature, bitter quarrels, social upheaval, revolutions, a warning of treachery , deception, danger from the elements,

Number 19: fortunate and favorable, happiness, success, esteem and honor

Number 20: a call to action, great purpose, is a very spiritual number, that is not conducive to the material world.

Number 21: advancement, honors, elevation of life , general success, victory, determination.

Number 22: warning of illusion of delusion, a good person living in a "fool's paradise" , a dreamer of fierce dreams and false judgement.

Number 23:a promise of success, help, and protection.

Number 24: fortune, promises, assistance, gain through love.

Number 25: strength gained through experience, observation.

Number 26: grave warnings for the future, foreshadows disaster, ruin and bad advice.

Number 27: promise of authority, power, command,reward comes for production.

Number 28: full of contradictions, loss through trust, opposition and competition in trade, danger of loss through law, likelihood of having to begin life over and over again.

Number 29: uncertainties, treachery, deception, trials, tribulations, unexpected danger, unreliable friends, and grief.

Number 30: thoughtful deduction, retrospection, and mental superiority.

Number 31: self contacted, lonely and isolated.

Number 32: magical power, it is fortuitous if judgements and opinions are held back.

Number 33: no meaning of its own, uses 24 or sometimes 6.

Number 34: Has the same meaning as 25 or 7

Number 35: Same meaning as 26 or 8

Number 36: Has the same meaning as 27 or 9

Number 37: good and fortunate friendships, love and connection.

Number 38: Has same meaning as 29.

Number 39: Has same meaning as 30

Number 40: Has the same meaning as 31.

Number 41: Has the same meaning as 32.

Number 42: Has the same meaning as 24.

Number 43: revolution, upheaval, strife, failure and failure.

Number 44: Has the same meaning as 26.

Number 45: Has the same meaning as 27

Number 46: Has the same meaning as 37.

Number 47: Has the same meaning as 29.

Number 48: Has the same meaning as 30.

Number 49: Has the same meaning as 31.

Number 50: Has the same meaning as 32.

Number 51: power, the nature of the warrior , promises sudden advancement, favorable for those in military life and leaders of any cause.

Number 52: Has the same meaning as 43.

In conclusion Pythagoreans use numbers 1-9, 11 and 22. While Chaldeans use numbers 1-52. All believe that numbers are a intricate part of life. So as a Numerologist myself, I use the Pythagoras system. But just as any other divination systems, numerology is 90% belief. Blessed be.

© 2019 Occult Spirits


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