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Challenges of Being Psychic

Updated on March 1, 2019
Bishop55 profile image

I love sharing what I know about alternative medicine, health, frugal living, fun, animals, spirituality, and living a better life!

So you're psychic or a medium? Now what?

Great, so you've realized you're psychic and you've stumbled upon this article. Now what? I want to share and discuss some of the challenges I've encountered over the last 5-6 years regarding this crazy topic, perhaps what I've learned will help you.

You're probably already annoyed by occurrences you're experiencing, so I want to share my top challenges of being a psychic medium with you. I've known I am psychic officially since I was about 32 years old. Before that I denied it. You'll see some of the reasons why as you keep reading. It's not the easiest thing to make sense of. Being a psychic or a medium doesn't make you magical or have crazy superpowers, it's actually a hard life for everyone and being psychic doesn't exclude you from that.

Doubt and lack of Trust

The biggest issue with ESP ability is doubting the info you receive and lack of trust. Most people assume that highly intuitive people, Empaths, HSP's, or INFJ's (via Meyers Briggs) are just overly emotional. Think about that for a moment.


Of course, we are overly emotional, overly sensitive, and can appear dramatic, high strung and overwhelmed. For the dominant left brain folks or those that don't have sensitive nervous systems, they will never understand this. Don't bother trying to explain it. They do not know what it is like walking around every day feeling everything so deep and intense. This isn't limited to people or places, this includes nature, animals, others suffering, weather changes, etc. You feel on a very deep level, this is how you were made. Don't hold others lack of understanding against them and try not to take it personally. Chances are as you were growing up, you often heard "suck it up" or 'stop being so emotional". You're feelings, albeit not logical facts, were discredited. I'm not talking about tantrums and not getting your way. I'm talking about when you perceived things as a child and were then told you were wrong when every cell in your body told you what you felt was valid and correct. Even slight conditioning like this teaches you that you should not trust what you feel. This happens to plenty of people that are not psychic too, but an HSP is going to process this very differently. Getting over the hump of self-doubt, disbelief and lack of trust is one of the biggest challenges of being a psychic medium. This just takes time, patience, and practice to bypass when you are doing psychic service related work.

Another challenge with doubt and lack of trust is that some days you are going to be so tapped into energy and spirit that you nail everything right out of the park. Other days you will wonder WTF is going on here?! Another assumption of the masses is that psychics are always "on", this just is not the case. In a really great session where linking is strong, you may average 85-90% sometimes even 100%. On a bad day, or when you have a connection that is weak, it's more likely you'll connect about 60%. Hey...don't forget you're still human. Everything is cyclical, it's a universal law. With time, and getting to know yourself, you'll know when you want to read and when it may be more advisable to take a break.

Eventually, you're going to encounter the types that like to play "test the psychic", all I can say about this personally is, don't waste your time. The moment you feel put off and "tested" shut it down. You learn this with time and experience. And believe me, you will learn it. There is a difference between scepticism and jerks. Open and closed. Someone playing test the medium is going make you feel doubtful. Their energy is going to make you feel like you're swirling around in a bag in the breeze, your links will be weak and muddled. Your connection is going to be really bouncy. Don't waste your time.

Doubt and lack of trust will always be there to some extent but as you become familiar with your abilities and your spirit team, this does dramatically decrease.

Tips to minimize your doubt and lack of trust

  • Meditate; this increases your connection to your higher self and also your spirit team and Spirit Guides.
  • Keep a journal and write often as you learn.
  • Make sure you are taking good care of yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally. You should be doing this regardless. When you are in tune with your body and mind, information is clearer.
  • Find places to practice; repetition of any task will increase the neural pathways in the mind and increase claircognizance (clear knowing). They don't say "practice makes permanent" for nothing. You can find online support groups, local sitting circles, wonderful friends that understand and support you, mentors and Spiritualist churches, these will all be a huge help as you grow and learn.


This challenge is going to be a little hard to describe. But if you're a psychic or medium or both you'll understand what I am saying here. I keep using both loosely because not all psychics are mediums, but all mediums are psychic.

HSPs typically love to be alone. We need this time to connect with ourselves and recharge. Being alone is not the same as loneliness. When you realize you're psychic, the world tends to shrink a bit but only in the sense of how you relate to others. It can be a big struggle to relate to others, even though they are not doing anything particular that would merit this. You just feel like a bit of a misfit, outcast, or oddball. Chances are you've been feeling this your whole life and when that ah-ha moment arrives your awareness of it becomes even greater.

The world, on the other hand, becomes humongous, there's no lack of awe there. Not that there ever was. But articulating your thoughts to others may often be misunderstood, or they just won't "get it". This is all perfectly okay. You may feel perceived as aloof, cold, off in la-la-land, eccentric, or weird. You're not stimulated by humdrum conversations or topics, you want deep connections with others and that's not always possible. This can make you feel quite lonely at times.

Tips to minimize your lonlienss

  • Pray. I realize this will be different for everyone. But prayer is healing and connects us to our creator, greater knowledge, and the whole. And it's pretty much the only connection that will always have meaning and should be a top priority.
  • Find your tribe. Search for your weirdo's. They are out there, waiting to embrace you with loving arms. With the age of information and technology, this is not hard to do.
  • Make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to be creative, enjoy nature, and daydream. You'll also feel your guides stronger and they will never let you wallow in loneliness for very long. All you need to do is ask for their help.


If you're doing spiritual work of any kind, you're going to encounter frustration. We need to keep in mind the majority of intuitive information comes in the form of symbols, metaphors, imagery, dreams, music, feeling. Sometimes things just won't make sense. Guess what? When you're reading for someone, it doesn't have to make sense to you. The message isn't for you. You are a channel that is allowing spiritual information to flow through you. Give the messages as you get them. Another aspect of frustration is that the majority of people you read for are going to frustrate you. They will not always understand how to "sit" as it's called. They may give you to much detail, as a psychic or medium it's your job to do that. They may not want to admit to some piece of information you are getting. I'm personally highly clairvoyant, meaning I get a lot of info in the form of images. A lot of times they don't make sense to me. It's very much like fitting a puzzle together. If you are getting info, and you "ask" your spirit team or higher self for clarity, and the information does not change, but your sitter says "no" that's wrong. Just let it go and move on to the next part. Tell them to hold the info and that it may make sense later. This is part of service work that is just a nature of the beast so to speak. You'll never totally eliminate it.

Tips to minimize frustration

  • During an active reading, ask for clarity from your spirit team or higher self. Accept that sometimes you are not going to get it. Again, not everything is ours to know, wouldn't be much fun if it all was.
  • Accept that some people are going to throw you off, avoid reading for people that are testing you.
  • Accept that you are a channel, do your best to interpret and relay the messages you have. Give what you get.
  • Notice things coming up repeatedly that you can learn from. Everything is a process and learning never ends.

Mental Health

Sooner or later, you're going to encounter some mental health challenges. Maybe it won't be too terrible, hahaha! Before assuming you've lost your mind make sure to rule out any underlying health issues, injuries, addictions, chemical imbalances, etc. Make corrections as needed. And if you still feel like you're going mad, welcome to the wonderful world of peering beyond veils!

Life is a process, and you can be certain that as this evolves you'll be uncovering aspects of yourself you did not know were there. Sometimes when there are massive energy body shifts, you may experience what is called Kundalini rising, or ascension symptoms, check out my link for more info on that. The amount of information you can process in a very short amount of time has the capacity to throw anyone off the mental cliff.

Many remote viewers, such as Lynn Buchannan, Ingo Swan, advise breaks between sessions. This means NOT READING ALL THE TIME. You need to allow yourself to process changes as they come so you avoid imbalance and instability. Also when you read to often, you can have something called psychic overlay, this is when information your subconscious mind just fills in blanks with. It makes reads a mess. I was in a state of psychic psychosis for about a year, massive energy body shifts, and lots of karmic purging. Although it had some incredible moments, it's really not a pretty place. You have only yourself, and the other side to rely on to navigate your way out of it. That is unless you end up in a nut hut. I'm not going there. When you're feeling "crackers" shut down. Stop doing any spiritual work. Take a break. Live life a little. Have a drink or smoke a joint, just kidding. You may fear "but if I do this will go away", it will not. It can't. It's part of who you are. You still have the choice to use it or don't. Sure, long breaks may cause you to feel a little rusty, but it's better than becoming mentally ill. I find this topic to be a big challenge because there is a feeling you acquire reading that is absolutely amazing. And you'll only know it when you feel it. It becomes addicting. The type of connection you feel to the entire existence of life is amazing. There are no words to summarize it, you'll just know. It's been compared to standing on the top of the highest mountain. Guess what? No one gets to stand there forever, not while you're in a human vehicle. Eventually, you're going to lose your balance. And the objective is to not learn so fast that you lose all logic and reasoning. Balance. Ground.

Tips to minimize mental illness

  • Take breaks. Do not read all the time. This means when you feel overloaded with sensory information, STOP. Do whatever you need to do to get grounded and back in touch with our planet. Salt, smudging, nature and being in water helps me. You'll find what works for you. But when nothing is, just stop.
  • Accept that part of this is not going to be believed by everyone. And some people are going to go out of their way to make you doubt your sanity. When you need mental support, seek nutritionists first, shamans, psychics or mediums you trust. Medicine has its place, but try to use that as a last resort.
  • Create boundaries. Some mediums do not want to receive detailed information on how someone died. I personally don't mind, but this is something you can ask your spirit team to help you block. You can also do this with your schedule. You don't want to be woken up all night with spirits, make that time off limits. Any type of info you don't want you'll learn to block, either with the help of your spirit team or mentally on your own.

Unsettling information and sensory overload

Many times when you are just at the gates of this process, your nervous system is going to be completely overloaded. You may have spirits around 24/7 that don't respect your boundaries or privacy. Giving you info from every direction, this will be felt by all 5 physical senses, but the way the information is transmitted is through the nerves and processed first by the 6 non-physical senses. You may be getting some really unsettling information during reads. This could relate to anything, death details, relationship issues, health problems, someone's funky gross energy. You will need to learn to energetically cut cords. A lot of psychic mediums refer to this as cleansing or cord cutting. This can be a challenge because you may hold on to "stuff" too long that is not yours. This will affect your own health and could affect your families too, or those closest to you. Make sure you learn how to properly disconnect from a reading.

Knowledge has a price.

This is another huge challenge because growing with spirit while in human form is full of changes. OBEs, astral projection, lucid dreaming, encounters with discarnate beings, your perception of everything is going to be altered. Which also brings lots of life changes. You're also going to experience a lot of physical and mental adjustments. Sadly, I have no solution for this. Life is a series of learning to cope and adjust. This is not an exception. The best thing you can do for yourself as you grow is allow yourself unlimited permission for self-care.

Keep in mind, although you are a channel, you are also your own unique person with preferences, personality and character traits. Being psychic doesn't change that. You have lessons to learn just as much as the next person, and although this can be a challenging part of someone's life, you can help open others to love and connection they may have never known before while improving the life for the whole.

Feel free to contact me

Please check out my other articles if you've found this helpful. You may also contact me on Facebook, Psychic Medium Rebecca. My contact information can also be located on my Hubpage profile. I'm happy to help growing sensitives, psychics, mediums, and everyone else when, where, and how I can.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Rebecca


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    • profile image


      12 days ago from uk

      This is a great article Rebecca. I totally relate to been alone I don't want to be alone but I know I have to be know I used to wake up some mornings and must have been crying in my sleep I used to wonder why my neighbours below me used to look at me with sorry eyes then I found out. I used to be married but always felt tired and burnt out by my wifes over emotional ness for petty things with her auntie it would make me angry when I advised her to stay away and she come in crying cause her auntie had put her in her place then I'd get the blame anything for a quite life. My mother was good at reading between the lines I don't know if she was like me but I was the same as her, it's them mirror neurons fault

    • Bishop55 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 weeks ago from USA

      Thanks for your comment Taki :)

    • Taki Mokuzai profile image

      Taki Mokuzai 

      7 weeks ago from Rogersville, Missouri

      Great article! You and me both, sister. Glad to see psychics helping psychics!


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