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Changes and Transitions

Updated on July 5, 2009

From the transitions of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett to former Tennessee Titans Steve McNair being shot, changes are happening all around us.  It might not seem like it, but this is a normal life element.  We're young.  We're older.  Changes.  Changes.  Changes.  One thing I am learning is that the way that we respond to or resist change has a lot to do with how well we will adapt and be happy in the future.  Very little that is alive stays the same.  Even if we adore something, it's changing even while we look at it and think it's remaining the same.

In our generation the media can approach change as if it is an odd occurrence or something that only happens in bad times, but this is not true.  Nature is constantly in flux.  I think that as we begin to see ourselves and the planet as an ever evolving specimen or event, we will embrace change without loads of resistance. 

Around much of the world we continue to experience the change of employment/unemployment and the stock market shifts, although the latter is stabilizing.  These changes are impacting what the workforce, companies and businesses will look like years from now.  They certainly likely won't look the way they have over the last few decades.  And it won't be the first time that the workforce has changed. 

After World War II many businesses thought that approaching work with an attitude and leadership style similar to what was used in the military would be effective.  It worked for awhile, then employees started to speak up and demand to be treated like humans rather than merely like soldiers off to complete a new task assigned by a leader.  Over time, the working environment became more gentle.  That has changed somewhat with the flux of acquisitions and mergers and then the stock market tumble that happened over a year ago.

Perhaps entrepreneurs will rise in numbers as the workforce and other conditions impacting people's lives continue to change.  One way or another, we will find a plateau, a landing place and stay there for awhile.  Of course, during this calm and peaceful time we'll still be changing and when the new speed of change picks up, we'll likely scream and kick and holler and hopefully yield and evolve even more.

Wishing you well as you move through your life's changes.  Blessings to you for happy transitions as we all continue to move forward!

Dee Hubbing it Up!


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