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Changes are the only constant factor in the Universe and human life!

Updated on January 22, 2017

Secret of life.

Changes are constant in human life!

Changes are the only constant factor in the universe as well as in human life. If we want to gain wisdom, we must realize this truth. When we are aware of this great truth, we won’t feel grief. A man who undergoes pleasant time thinks that the pleasures will continue but he is not aware that favorable circumstances are fleeting and momentary. At any point, things will turn around. Hence we must realize that ‘this too will pass’. During the time of sadness and grief, we must keep in mind that one day we will get over this sad experience. None suffers forever or enjoys perennial bliss in this world. Sometimes, to mitigate the evil effects of past, one may undergo suffering for an extended period but ultimately the pain too will vanish. Let us understand that pain and pleasures are felt in the mind. When we are confronted with problems, the mind seeks an escape route. When we enjoy, the mind seeks continuation. Literally, it is not possible to neither extend ones pleasures nor curtail the sufferings. It is the clear effects of past deeds in previous births. Hence great masters tell us to perform good deeds to mitigate our sufferings. One thing is sure about karma theory. For each and every deed we had committed, we have to undergo either pain or pleasure. There is no chance to nullify past effects by performing good deeds. It is not bank account where debits and credits are added up to get the balance.

Quotes on change

Great truths revealed in the epic of Mahabarath!

The epic Mahabarath reveals the truth. Though the five Pandava brothers were performing good deeds throughout their life, they had undergone innumerable sufferings in their present life. In spite of Sri Krishna’s presence in their life, they had undergone sufferings. But the one hundred Kaurava brothers, though wicked to the core, enjoyed all luxuries and pleasures and indulged in many wicked deeds. The great question now arises. Why the pious people undergo sufferings while the wicked one thrives? People starts doubting about the impartiality of Almighty God! In fact, god is never concerned about the deeds performed on our own volition. Though the laws of life govern everyone, god remains aloof from human affairs. There is an irreversible law which states “whatever man does on his volition recoil upon him without fail. If we do well, we will reap well and if we perform bad deeds, we will suffer undoubtedly. Hence the adage, ‘sow mango, reap mango’. The fruit cannot be different from the seed.

But, man out of ignorance and attachment to pleasures, follows the whims of his monkey mind and suffer endlessly. The wise man always performs noble deeds and he will reap only good results, if not in this birth, in future birth. The Pandava brothers had performed many sins in their past births and hence their continuous sufferings in the present birth. Whereas the Kauravas had performed many good deeds in their past which resulted in their enjoyment of worldly fortunes and pleasures. Though the Pandavas suffered a lot, they were pious in this birth and hence Krishna remained as their constant companion and protector. The Kauravas, on the other hand, while enjoying prosperity performed only evil deeds throughout their present life. This is the answer to the above and God never punishes any and god is not a tyrant as some people believe!

Infinite wisdom

Accept situations as the outcome of our own actions!

If only we are aware of the above truths, we can reform in our life and escape from the clutches of so called Fate. Fate is of our own making! Think good, do good and see good. You will reach god. Never be jealous about the affluent people! They are reaping the results of their past good deeds and charity. Never hate anyone since God is the indweller of all Hearts. When we hate someone, we hate god. When we help others, we help our own selves which are none but God. War and peace are of our own making. Hence never blame god for the sufferings you undergo. The scriptures point out the futility of acquiring wealth and properties. Nothing ever accompanies a man when he leaves the world. Only the effects of good and bad deeds follow us in every birth. Hence, when each baby is born, there is an invisible garland around its neck which is the sum of all past deeds. A dog always remain faithful to its master however harsh he may deal. But man has become ungrateful, due to his selfishness and greed. God, out of his bountiful grace has created the cosmos and the wherewithal for leading our life comfortably in life. Man never acknowledges the gift of life. In fact, loving others without any expectations whatsoever makes one happy. This is real happiness. Sharing and sacrificing endow us with serenity and peace. Hence never anticipate or expect anything from anyone. Be content with what you are blessed with. This is the way to Joy and Peace!

Karma theory

The inevitable effects of past deeds!

Do you accept that the life is the outcome of our own past actions?

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