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Have We Lost Our Bearings ? Is Morality Over-rated?

Updated on January 31, 2016

Morality Plays Spelled it All Out. Our Plays Today Lean Towards the Immoral


The Rise and Fall of the American Empire

From what I've read about the downfall of the Roman Empire, It is quite interesting and a frightening that the parallels between that once powerful and invincible empire and ours are so similar.

The decay and destruction of Rome took over 1500 years to complete. When it finally did it sent the world reeling back to the dark ages. We are on the path towards our own destruction and it will be remarkable if we can last that long. At the rate we're going, it may only require a couple hundred more years. Lay in a supply of batteries friends and get ready.

I am quite amazed that a nation such as ours, once a shining beacon of hope and promise has been impacted and corrupted by the actions of the growing population of under educated, semi literate ignorant, shallow minded citizens.

We so willingly, without reservation have allowed the latest, crudest, bawdiest, loudest, most pornographic actions of a growing number of self promoting headline seekers to represent our culture. Some of the leading performers and headliners have taken the low road and now rely on sensationalism, poor taste and raw sex to sell music, movies and anything else to make a profit and in so doing adulterate the standards that corrupt our young minds. The dirtiest dance and the rawest lyrics make the biggest bucks.

This is what the current generations of teens and pre-teens are exposed to every day, often with the consent of their ignorant parents, Many of the same parents allow the young minds to view x-rated movies and xxx rated concerts but often accompany them to the venues.

A generation ago, married couple were not allowed to be shown sharing the same bed on television. Today, those things that occur between casual acquaintances in a bed go well beyond the established mores of society. How far are we from live sex orgies and hard core pornographic exhibitions like the Romans once presented to their citizenry?

The trend is quickly and unmistakably heading to performances where "Anything goes. Hugh Heffner’s Playboy Magazine, will no longer publish the nude photos of beautiful women because the mystique is gone. Anything and everything that once inspired American males to look for in Playboy is now available free for the taking on the Internet or on stage.

Unrestricted Social media in general has opened and actively promoted a new chapter of self idolatry. It is all part of the social networking culture that promotes the narcisstic reality of its existence. It's all about me, me and more me. Look at what I am doing now. Look at me and look at my body. Like me. Like my kids, my dog, my house, my clothes. Like my sexy image.

While you’re at it, are you sure you saw enough of my extra large body part, the part I use to sit on? It's the size that the "trashian" women tout. If you like it, i can show you more parts. you may as well look at all my perfect body parts and how about a close up shot of my ... ? Closer? here it is up front and personal. Now you can show me yours. It’s OK, everyone’s doing it on You Tube and in public. Show me yours and i’ll show you mine. I can show as much as ***** can. Aren’t we beautiful and sexy. If it’s OK for the stars, it certainly must be ok for us.

Our New National Attitude

If people don’t like what I do, I don't care. I will just get my daddy’s AK 47 and demand the respect I deserve, and show you all how important and famous I am.

Someone found a verse in the bible that says it’s ok to kill if your rights are threatened.

If it’s in the bible or if it’s the way someone interprets it, it must be true. The bible tells me so.

Citizens With Guns and Stand Your Ground

"I’m sure he had a gun and threatened me, even though I couldn’t hear him with the earphones stuck in my ears. So I got mine out of my truck and killed him before he could kill me". That's the new American

What part does a young man's testosterone level play in laws like Florida's controversial “stand your ground law” . It is a proven fact that young adults act more aggressively than older guys who believe that the law is the righteous way to live. Never mind that “turn the other cheek” crap. If a person looks at me in a threatening manner, Jesus tells me I can kill him to protect myself. Thank You Jesus and Florida for “Stand Your Ground”

Looks can kill as in a harmless glance can provoke violence


He looked at me and gave me a gawd awful look as if he might have a gun in his car parked here on campus. So I shot him before he could get to his car.

Guns in Schools

"I am such a great parent that I strap on my gun everytime I walk my little boy to kindergarten. I’ll shoot anyone that looks like a killer. I took some target practice so i don’t worry about shooting innocent kids who happen to be close". The little kids all admire my bravery and they all want to touch my gun.

Taking the Role of Police:

"I saw that kid steal that candy bar so I took out my pistol and unloaded it on him. It’s my right as a legal gun carrier. Furthermore, the NRA told me always to shoot to kill, not to wound. I saved the store owner a dollar. what's the problem?

Why I have an Arsenal at Home

"The Russkis or ISIS will never invade because I have enough firepower to deter any attack.

The NRA told me Obama will be coming after my guns so I need to protect them, besides ... Them liberals ain't nothing but cowards. Real men have guns and are always ready to use them.

That's how we roll in today's world? Are you OK with that?

Who Needs Morality When You Can Have Sex/
Who Needs Morality When You Can Have Sex/


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