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Channeling Automatic Writing and You

Updated on October 5, 2014

Part of my back garden's character

Channeling Automatic Writing - You can do it!

Below, I present a description of this metaphysical phenomenon I took from the Internet. I back it up with my own experiences through forty-five years of actual practice. I concur with just about everything written by the Internet author. Here is part of what he has to say… I have had to change the actual wording here and there for this essay to be accepted by Hubpages.

“Another way of communicating with ones spiritual guidance is through "Automatic Writing". In this type of channeling it is a simple matter of using a pen and paper. This can be 'upgraded' to taking the communication by typewriter if you happen to be a touch typist. It is also highly desirable that the practitioner meditates prior to taking a session of automatic writing."

I've been able to 'Channel' this way for forty-five years

Personally I don’t find pre-meditation necessary. However, I have been doing twice daily Vipassana Mediation now for almost thirty years. When I started Automatic Writing, then Typing, in 1969 I was not into meditation. I was, however, very interested in self-knowledge and spirituality per se. As the author describes below, my own initial experience was simply a slight movement of the pen. This turned into circles and scribbles. Next followed a long series of ‘e’s and ‘l’s without a break, as if the entity trying to come through was getting the feel of writing through me; learning how it could be co-ordinate. Other letters were also practiced.

"The technique of Automatic Writing is fairly simple"

For some days after starting the writing came without a break between the words. The pen did not leave the paper but would automatically shoot across to the other side of the page once one line was completed. It was almost machine-like. It became up to me to edit where the breaks between words should occur. After a short time, I mastered this. But to continue with the description given on the Internet:

“The technique for automatic writing is simple: Sit in a comfortable position holding a pad of paper and a pen, resting the point of the pen on the paper. Relax,.and ask if there is a spirit present. Then stay relaxed and wait.”

A rose bush that keeps on producing roses despite no upkeep

"At first the writing may be unreadable..." Just keep at it.

The asking need not be so much put in words as a mental willingness and invitation…

Early on the writing may be unreadable, probably just fine little scribbles that mean nothing. After some time, however, the scribbles will become readable words. This allows the spirit to identify him or herself and discuss whatever subject we wish. You might not be successful over the first few sessions. But time and daily practice to develop a strong connection is well worth the effort.” ... and I agree entirely.

I was introduced fairly early to a spiritual entity who I realized was a guide. I sensed this. One of the first things I was advised was not to continue the practice too long at any one session. My guide, who identified himself as U.R., would inform me when he thought my energy had drained to the point it was not in my interest to go on. It was obvious he could observe my auric energy field.

At first, sessions were limited to about twenty-minutes per day. I was very keen, and would practice more than once daily. However, over time, as the novelty wore off, the sessions became longer and the need to communicate every day gave way to every day or two. At times, I’d go days, even weeks without practicing. After some years I could easily go for thirty minutes or even three-quarters of an hour. But to continue:

Be very wary of what you receive. Use your moral judgement to any advice received

“ No matter the technique we use to channel, it is most important that we not follow blindly. Until we are satisfied an entity is both honest and believable, each of our sources should be regarded with some healthy skepticism. We should review all channeled material with a detached and questioning mind."

This is very important, for it is believed by some that the nearest dimensions to us after death hold quite a lot of undesirable-traited people. According to the research done by George W Meek in the 1970s, the lowest astral plains can be likened to hell or Hades. Possession is not out of the question. However, it is very unlikely to occur if you have pure motives for wanting to communicate across the planes.

Sunset from my back kitchen in Autumn

If the advice is positive and helpful and of a spiritual nature, it is right for us

“ Although the material will vary in content, there are certain qualities which will always be present in information "channeled" from a good spiritual source. Such information received will be positive in outlook. Morevoer, it will always direct us toward the spiritual path.

Since our sources will always endeavour to help us as much as they can, They'll give us sound, usable advice. Entities who tell us how great we are or give a lot of praise should be regarded with suspicion. A true source will not lie or gossip about others. Also, our guides will not tell us to do things. Just as importantly, they cannot predict the future because thefuture is not static. It is forever changing.

Non-physical entities also have personalities; be polite.

“ When we channel our spirit guides, it is important to keep these points in mind. Non-physical entities have their "personalities" just as we do here on earth. Someone whose attitude os negative, or depressed, in LIFE, could carry these qualities into spirit life."

For the first few months I was occasionally fooled around by mischevious entities. However, after a while I learned how to discern who was who to a certain extent. Eventually, my contacts were limited as my spiritual guide, U.R., took it upon himself to police what was allowed to come through. The foolishness desisted and, over time, a lot of ‘deceased personalities,’ some quite well known, others less so -and some I’d never heard of but looked up later- came through in my writings. After about three years of practice, I stopped for a year. I then recommenced and wrote my first book on the subject: Ghost Guidance and Automatic Writing. Needless to say, back in 1974 there appeared to be no publishing company anywhere willing to look at ‘such rubbish.”

Who said, "Beware the Aggapanthas?" They're beautiful

Neale Donald Walsch's books gave credence to this well-tried method. Today publishers are not as reluctant to publish.

How things have changed! Now, with the publishing of Neale Donald Walsch’s Triology ‘Conversations with God,’ and his other books, Automatic Writing no longer has such a ‘bad press.’ And I must admit to considerable jealousy at Neale’s success, for I was years ahead of him in time. Moreover, by the time Neale’s books were published I was taking down some very profound stuff. But we’ll go on with what I took down from the Internet.

“In reality, there is no such thing as communicating with the "dead". We tend to interpret life in physical terms. But LIFE is a SPIRITUAL reality. We are spiritual beings having an earthly experience. Though misguided entities cannot harm your physical body, their influence can produce negative effects which can make your experience of channeling less fulfilling,and even unpleasant."

It is this reason it becomes important to establish secure protection and awareness when attempting to channel.

Another beautiful little plant in my back garden

Skepticism is okay, but a 'closed mind' will result in a locked door

If, like me, you had a fairly closed mind and thought that the World’s of Spirit could be simply a lot of nonsense, then the introduction to automatic writing and finding that it actually works can be very disturbing. I know I thought I might have been going mad. Then I rationalized that it was simply a part of me and I was accessing stuff I already knew. My conditioning was such that I thought this had to be me fooling myself in some way. It took a number of stances of receiving information about things I could not possibly know before I became convinced in the validity of being able to communicate this way.

Motive - intent. Pure motives bring pure results. We reap what we sow

Motive is most important here. If you’re seeking to become more spiritual and know more about your real self, then you’re on the right track. Intention is paramount. And there are few better ways to become spiritually oriented than daily meditgaiton.

“Meditation makes us more loving. Moreover, it acts as a shield against contact with negative spirit personalities. It enables us to channel more clearly."

I agree. Meditation is of great benefit. But there are many types and techniques of meditation..“Your spirit guides can become both life-long friends and advisors as they have a wonderfully objective and outside view of our lives. They have information that we cannot obtain. Our guides help to deepen our understanding of ourselves. They can assist us through our times of crises. Contacting these spirit friends is not difficult. There is no loss of control of our bodies and nothing to fear for wecan quit any time we choose.”

What a scene! Yes, it came with the PC's program

Always treat your contacts with respect

One can quit. Moreover, as in anything else, once a skill is learned it is easier to recapture it later.

“Spirit friends, just like our friends on earth, should always be treated with respect. They shouldn't be expected to entertain our friends or answer a lot of trivial questions. Probably the most serious mistake we can make, however, is to become too dependent on our guides. Like any good friend, our guides do not want us to rely on them too heavily.”

Every choice we make is our choice. This is something we always need to bear in mind because we are the ones who will reap the harvest of our choices. The process of channeling our spirit guides is a wonderful adventure. It may take weeks or months for us to develop, but it is an amazing process and will bring invaluable results to those who persevere.

Channeling Automatic Writing and You - You can do it!

I hope you got something out of this essay. Admittedly it will be easier for some than others to become established in Automatic Writing. Those of a certain sensitivity, for example, people who like to write for fun, especially poets, are likely to find it easier than people of a more practical bent. But I’m convinced that all can do it if they wish. It might just take some a little longer than others. And as the Internet author says: Good luck with it.


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