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Characteristics of People Born in the Chinese Year of the Dog

Updated on February 9, 2015

When was the Year of the Dog?

  • 10 February 1910 – 21 January 1911: Metal Dog
  • 28 January 1922 – 14 February 1923: Water Dog
  • 14 February 1934 – 25 January 1935: Wood Dog
  • 2 February 1946 – 21 January 1947: Fire Dog
  • 17 February 1958 – 8 February 1959: Earth Dog
  • 6 February 1970 – 26 January 1971: Metal Dog
  • 25 January 1982 - 12 February 1983: Water Dog
  • 26 January 1994 – 30 January 1995: Wood Dog
  • 22 January 2006 – 17 February 2007: Fire Dog
  • 16 February 2018 – 4 February 2019: Earth Dog

Just like their animal counterparts, people who were born in the Year of the Dog are loyal and affectionate.

Eleventh out of the twelve animal signs of Chinese astrology, the Sign of the Dog (狗, gou3) is perhaps the most likeable of them all.

Dogs are faithful and honest with a sense of duty. People born in the Year of the Dog are sensitive, the kind of people who you are likely to turn to if you have a problem.

Dogs don't panic easily. Give a dog a tricky situation and they will handle it calmly, managing to keep a cool head. If there is trouble, they will help. They will never ignore a distress call. They can be bold and brave, but they can also be very cautious people.

Sometimes their cautious nature can delay friendships. Dogs are good people to have on your side though and once they have got to know someone, they become sincere, honest and loyal friends. They are good listeners and are always ready to help those they are close to.

Even though dogs have good leadership qualities, they are usually to be found in positions where they serve others. They often put the needs of others above their own. They never shirk their duties and always do their fair share of the work. They are not particularly money-minded people. They would much prefer to save for a rainy day than go on a spending spree.

On the negative side, dogs can sometimes have a gloomy, pessimistic outlook on the world. They are prone to seeing the world as a bad place. They can be cynical and suspicious about the motives of people. While they might be very insightful about the lives of others, dogs don't like it when people pry into their own personal lives. They can be quite secretive people.

Dogs like a quiet life with a good family.

Types of Dog

  • The Fire Dog - alluring, dramatic, self-confident.
  • The Wood Dog - adaptable, bighearted, affectionate
  • The Earth Dog - practical, moral, careful
  • The Metal Dog - generous, devoted, rigid
  • The Water Dog - laid-back, instinctive, philosophical

Famous People Born in the Year of the Dog

Madonna, George W. Bush, Sylvester Stallone, Kevin Bacon, Susan Sarandon, Judi Dench, Michael Jackson, Mother Theresa, Winston Churchill, Elvis Presley, Mariah Carey, Bill Clinton and Prince William

Career Choices for Dogs

Dogs are valuable employees in the workplace. They work well as a team.

Although they don't also choose to become leaders, when they do take a position of leadership they prove themselves to be very accessible leaders.

Careers suitable for those born in the Year of the Dog include teacher, doctor, nurse, counsellor, social worker, police officer, scientist, interior designer, charity worker, judge or lawyer.

Love Matches for Dogs

Romance can be a problem for dogs. The insecure, anxious and critical nature of some dogs may scare off prospective partners.

However, while things may take a while to warm up at first, once dogs have formed a relationship with someone, they are generous, honest and straightforward.

The best approach for dogs on the romance front is often to start with friendship and then let things gradually develop into romance. Dogs can sometimes be very protective, but they are usually very trusting partners.

Dogs and horses make a good love match. They both respect each other. Dogs also get on well with tigers and pigs. They generally have a harmonious relationship with rats, rabbits, monkeys and other dogs.

While major punch ups are likely, dogs need to make an extra special effort when it comes to relationships with snakes and goats. Relationships with oxen and roosters can also be difficult.

Dogs should steer well clear of dragons. Both have strong characters and they have a hard time relating to each other. Dragons are too proud to accept the critical comments which dogs might make. The righteous dog will not compromise.


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    • tillsontitan profile image

      Mary Craig 4 years ago from New York

      I thought this was very interesting sundaybest. Different cultures incorporate different symbols or signs than our Zodiac and yet, there are so many similarities. It is always educational to read hubs like these.

      Voted up, useful, and interesting.