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Characteristics of People Born in the Chinese Year of the Pig

Updated on December 30, 2013

If there's a friend you can rely on, there's a good chance they are a pig.

Twelfth out of the twelve animal signs of Chinese astrology, the Sign of the Pig (豬) is one associated with generosity, innocence and patience.

People born in the Chinese Year of the Pig are honest, honorable and loyal. Pigs are good people to have as friends because they are unlikely to let you down.

When was the Year of the Pig?

  • 30 January 1911 - 17 February 1912: Metal Pig
  • 16 February 1923 -4 February 1924: Water Pig
  • 4 February 1935 -23 January 1936: Wood Pig
  • 22 January 1947 -9 February 1948: Fire Pig
  • 8 February 1959 -27 January 1960: Earth Pig
  • 27 January 1971 -14 February 1972: Metal Pig
  • 13 February 1983 -1 February 1984: Water Pig
  • 31 January 1995 -18 February 1996: Wood Pig
  • 18 February 2007 -6 February 2008: Fire Pig
  • 5 February 2019 -24 January 2020: Earth Pig

The cheerful nature of pigs means that they make friends easily. Once they have a made a new friend, pigs usually let that friendship grow into one that lasts a lifetime.

People born in the year of the pig can be intellectual people. They like learning and are always keen to acquire new knowledge. They are not usually big talkers, but given the chance to talk about something they are truly interested in, they can keep on talking for hours.

Pigs tend to be very practical and logical people. They are also sensual, caring, self-sacrificing, talented, outgoing, obliging, tolerant and faithful.

On the negative side, pigs can be hot-tempered, pessimistic, snobbish and sometimes a little bit stingy. It is often said that pigs can perhaps be too naïve and gullible. Pigs easily believe in others, even when they don't know them well. Pigs can be easy to fool.

Types of Pig

  • The Fire Pig - intrepid, optimistic, courageous
  • The Wood Pig - persuasive, positive, good-hearted
  • The Earth Pig - peaceful, sensible, patient
  • The Metal Pig - proud, ambitious, direct
  • The Water Pig - perceptive, diplomatic, earnest

Famous People Born in the Year of the Pig

Elton John, Mila Kunis, Mark Wahlberg, Luke Wilson, Ewan McGregor, Rachel Weisz, Magic Johnson, Arnold Schwartzenegger, Ronald Reagan, Kevin Spacey, Julie Andrews, Woody Allen, Alfred Hitchcock, Stephen King, Amy Winehouse

Career Choices for Pigs

Pigs are hard-working and give 100 per cent to everything they do. Although it is good that they are always ready to work, the downside is that they hardly ever say no to others so sometimes the work piles up. There's a good chance that pigs will become bankrupt at some point in their life, but they will usually be able to get back on financial track.

Possessing the qualities of patience and kindness, pigs are well suited to caring careers. Good career choices for pigs include doctor, social worker, interior decorator, chef, gardener, restaurateur, musician, caterer and civil servant.

Love Matches for Pigs

Pigs are romantic, affectionate, caring and well suited to marriage.

Homely people who enjoy spending time with their families, pigs are keen to settle down. Once they have found the right person, they show commitment for the long-term. Loving and loyal to their partners, they are genuine and honest in relationships. On the flip side, they can be jealous and possessive.

Best love matches for pigs are with rabbits, sheep or dragon. Pigs and rabbits are good together. Pigs appreciate the good taste of rabbits, while rabbits have a good understanding of pigs. Pigs and sheep are both home loving and loyal, so people born to these signs are good together. When it comes to pigs and dragons, marriages can last forever. Dragons really appreciate the fact that pigs are so supportive as partners.

Pigs should steer clear of snakes. The secretive and suspicious personality of snakes doesn't fit well with the genuine, straightforward nature of pigs. Snakes will completely enslave pigs, sapping them of their strength.


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    • VirginiaLynne profile image

      Virginia Kearney 3 years ago from United States

      I didn't know there were different kinds of "pigs." Thanks for all this information. I like to teach kids about Chinese New Year and your article has things I did not know before.