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Characteristics of a Direct Sales Leader

Updated on December 29, 2011

Characteristics of direct sales / network marketing leaders:

By Mary Devor

1. Leaders are positive people. When you’re in direct sales or network marketing you will face obstacles. Things like product issues, customers who say they’ll order and never do and potential team members who seem to vanish off the face of the earth after they’ve asked for information. This is the just the nature of the direct sales industry. True industry leaders find ways to turn each of these situations into a positive learning experience.

2. Leaders are able to work with all types of personalities. There are so many personality types in this world and each personality type has a unique set of characteristics. This takes patience as we will not always be ‘best friends’ with our team members, but we do need to be cooperative team members.

3. Leaders possess time management skills. If they say they’ll call you back, you can bank on it that they will. If they say they’ll get you an answer, again, you can bank on it that you’ll get your answer in a timely fashion. When you are with them or speaking with them, you’re never made to feel like they don’t have time for you. They have learned to effectively manage their time so that they can fit it all in.

4. Leaders have a sense of creativity. Thinking outside of the box is important in network marketing. They can come up with alternate product uses and creative marketing ideas that can help their team members grow their business. They can listen and relate and usually close a sale by finding a way to work with the person they are currently speaking with.

5. Leaders put their team members first. A good leader never tries to be the top dog. They seek ways to help their team members succeed because they know that if their team members are successful it makes them successful. They understand that their team members are not stepping stones but are foundation stones to their success.


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    • profile image

      Aki Mac 6 years ago

      Very good article describing the absolute reality.

      Please allow me to add: Leaders have patience, sense of Humor and they need to rely on a trusted team.

      During my many years in marketing I have met persons calling themselfs "Leaders" but they were unsuccessful hard dictators