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Characteristics of the Person Born Under the Libra Zodiac Sign

Updated on February 14, 2013

Libra: September 23-October 22

People who are born under the astrological sign of Libra are known to fantasize about their future princess and prince. Unfortunately as they get older they realize that life has a lot of things to offer.

They will start experiencing things that may let them feel less than ecstatic with the different issues they may encounter. They will also feel broken-hearted at times, which will help them to be strong and to learn new things when the right partner comes.

These experiences tend to help a Libra become molded perfectly into a person who has excellent manners, which everyone around them appreciates. Libras may look laid back on the outside, but they often have something brewing inside them that only a few people know about.

Libras are also known to be creative and very eager to succeed in everything that they do. This is the reason why they often succeed in creative businesses anywhere around the world. They are also very charming, which can help them land the job that they please.

Their charm also gives them the ability to find friends that are powerful in different fields of life. They are also known to treasure happiness and peace in their lives, and they usually want to keep everything in their life as perfect as possible.

The only problem that some people may encounter with Libras is that, they typically say the 'yes' word instead of saying the 'no' word. This kind of attitude gives them problems often, which is why they need to learn when to say the 'no' word and when to say the 'yes' word.

The Emotional Aspects of Libras

Libras are known to hide the real feelings that they have in order to avoid conflicts with the people around them. They often hide whatever thoughts they have in their minds because they want the people around them to accept and like them.

This is of course not ideal since the people around them wouldn't know that a Libra's feelings are already hurt. Libras tend to do this because they want to make sure that these people are happy whenever they are around a Libra.

There are people who notice this attitude with Libras, but Libras often deny it because they don't want any conflicts whatsoever.

People who are born under the astrological sign of Libra have problems when it comes to creating decisions.

They are also insecure and they usually lack confidence with themselves, which can cause them to turn down certain opportunities that come their way. People under this sign love going out to socialize, but this is because they are looking for people who can make them feel peaceful in some way.

Sometimes, Libras don't often known who they really are because they love pleasing everybody around them. They will often give in to any of your favors because they find it hard to say no. This kind of attitude will only cause them to have problems in the future with themselves and the people around them.

People who are born under Libra should start learning how to avoid taking things too hard, as this will help them to achieve the happiness that they long for.

The Libra Career

Libras are not into working hard and they are often lazy when it comes to working with things that are dirty. The good thing is they have the tendency to know where they can get money from. They have different ideas about businesses that will surely bring success to them and to the people who are going to work with them.

The only problem is Libras need other people to work things out for them. If you're looking for someone to join in your business you may want to get a Libra because they are known to be good partners when it comes to businesses.

People under this sign are also good in leading people in a way of diplomacy; the only problem that they encounter is their laziness. Entering into endeavours that are artistic would be perfect for Libras because they can surely become very wealthy in this kind of field.

Usually, people who are born under the Libra sign are known to be composers, writers, actors, decorators as well as painters. If you are a Libra and are already into these things, why not make money out of it for you to achieve the success that you truly want.

So You are Attracted to a Libra

One of the easiest astrological signs to attract is Libra. They are known to be laid back and this kind of nature may attract you to a Libra at times. If you are eager to attract them, you may want to flatter and admire them often.

You need to treat them as your princess or as a prince because this is one of their fantasies.

You also need to keep the conversation going, but make sure to let them talk about themselves because they are often happy talking about the things that they do. You may ask them certain questions about them as this will entertain them greatly.

Libras want debates, but these debates should be light-hearted and should only be done to keep the conversation going. If you're going to let a Libra into your home, make sure to clean first to avoid giving a bad impression. Libras have the tendency to keep their 1st impressions forever.

The way to a Libra’s heart is by being true to yourself and to them, if you do these things they will surely get attracted to you in no time.

Dating a Libra

Charming and very enchanting is what Libra women are. They are also good in seducing their partners and the people that they are attracted to. One of the most important things to her is the environment. That is why it is ideal to bring her to a place where elegance and class is apparent.

She will surely feel the ambiance and atmosphere in that certain place, so make sure to find a place that will make her feel like a queen. Let her know that you appreciate her as this will flatter her even more.

The way to attract a woman who is born under the astrological sign of Libra is being romantic. Treat her like a princess, give her letters and flowers that will surely melt her heart in no time.

Harmonious and charm are the traits of men who are born under the sign of Libra, which is why they are very popular to a lot of women. They have an attitude wherein they can let women see happiness in a Libra man's eye.

This is the reason why a lot of women get easily seduced by Libra men. He has a tendency to look for the perfect one, but the sad news is the perfect girl doesn't really exist. If you're into a Libra man then you need to know how you can flatter him.

You can actually do this by admiring him often and helping him during the decision times. You don't have to worry about anything because they will feel happy and flattered that you perfectly took the situation in your hands.


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    • profile image

      Gigi Libra duh 2 weeks ago

      This is so true I got with someone but he knows I'm a Libra so he tries to treat me like a Queen

      He knows me very well so he knows that sometimes I hide my feelings so he tries to cheer me up

      I also do that BC I'm trying to avoid more problems

    • profile image

      LibraGirlfive 4 months ago

      This is true. I hide my feelings just to keep away from troubles and sadness.i easily have friends but i choose those people i keep. I also have a hard time fallin inlove coz im too picky..nope i am not really into elegant places but i love to see people how theyre true to themselves.i love talking and debates.

    • profile image

      Magnificent_Korie. 4 months ago

      Born on October 3rd, the traits and characteristics in me is the perfect description of a libra. I am a good looking guy that can naturally charm and seduces anyone, even a mermaid. I loves with my whole heart. But when one takes me for granted, I don't look back as I walk away. I suffers a lot inside coz I harbours plenty insides me. Despite some obstacles, nature fetches me most things I places my mind upon and I have my way. I am loved and admired by many. But I am not carried away. The greatest gift the universe bestowed on me is the mysterious and mystical abilities in me. I appreciated nature a lot for the gifts within.

    • profile image

      Arlene 8 months ago

      Am a Scorpio woman in a relationship with a libra man and I find it hard to love him because I felt I'm not his priority, he is sometimes really sweet and caring Everytime I'm with him but there are times that he can't even reply on my text messages while he is just watching TV on his home. I love him but don't know if I can stand him for long because I am very sweet and caring person and I want a man who is almost the same with me.

    • profile image

      maria 20 months ago

      its true because my boyfriend is libra have like attitude like that but he is very jealious,

    • profile image

      Panda 23 months ago

      Librans are good looking, charming and they appreciative. They have an attitude to live life happily. At times they are not spend thrift. They are very loyal and they mean business, they can not be corrupted. They have lot of urge for sex but they will not indulge in unfair sex.

    • profile image

      CHIKMO 2 years ago

      this is just on point 100% am a libra 25 sep i can now be more at peace with my self .thanks for this...,

    • profile image

      Sodiq Babatunde 2 years ago

      All what you have said are true and its realy comfirm, i as a libra man, great to you.

    • profile image

      Chloe 2 years ago

      They often hide their real feelings because they want people to like them....

      Very accurate!

    • profile image

      hari priya 2 years ago

      Ur absolutely correct

    • profile image

      Turab ali 2 years ago

      I am born under libra star and the good thing is that this whole description belonhs to my side.. :)

    • profile image

      janet boniface 2 years ago

      waooo! when I was reading this description I was smilling all through, because this is exsactly my fiance.

    • elle64 profile image

      elle64 2 years ago from Scandinavia

      tanks for commenting.

    • profile image

      shoaib 2 years ago

      Thanks .what u said is right .what I feel me too is a libra

    • profile image

      Simone 3 years ago

      Your welcome n thank you!

    • elle64 profile image

      elle64 3 years ago from Scandinavia

      Thanks a lot Simone- Happy new year to you ,and may your dreams come true.

    • profile image

      Simone 3 years ago

      This sounds alot like my best friend :) Thank you for posting this, n sharing it with everyone. You should continue on posting more about the zodiac because you put alot of work into your printing n you to an awesome job at it! You add more detail then any other zodiac writers I've seen n I can tell you read alot of the zodiac, great work! ;D

    • profile image

      jamez 3 years ago

      This blog is so true it im a libra and its all true about not being able to show who you are inside cus its too difficult for people to understand

    • profile image

      jerusha 3 years ago

      i was born on october 18 as i read this blog i realised and sawed it practically and this is 100 percent true

    • profile image

      wanda 3 years ago

      Yes u was on point. About everything about a libra women im.was born October 15. And im in love with a gemini male figure. But I want hiim only for me and all the other women is on him my atitude

    • elle64 profile image

      elle64 4 years ago from Scandinavia

      Hi Teressa. Do not take it to heart-have a good Sunday

    • profile image

      Teressa 4 years ago

      Born September 25 I like the overall feedback, but I believe that to much emphasis was put on lazy. I am very hardworking, and only take a day for my self. So I'd have to agree to disagree. Especially, because most of my time to is assuring others are happy, that you can not just sit around and do nothing. This is a common theme I've noticed but wonder where it stems from. Thanks for the truth as you may see it

    • profile image

      Dickson 4 years ago

      Right ! I am a libra man who was born on 2 october , by the way I appreciate your blog because you write actual things which libra people have . On my side I am so handsome because everywhere I go people always tell me that I am so handsome. And also in our school my fellow students always appreciate me in my appearance and character is nice and touching . I am glad to see your blog also explaining this character briefly . Keep it up !!!

    • profile image

      sulina 4 years ago

      this libra characteristic is 100 percent correct for me.

    • profile image

      Ritu 4 years ago

      Very nice...when i read this, i feel that someone explains me very accuratly..thanku so it..

    • WhatToCook profile image

      Brenda 4 years ago from Springfield, MO

      I have two kids that Libra my oldest daughter and my middle son, and this is dead on about them. Grate post.

    • elle64 profile image

      elle64 4 years ago from Scandinavia

      Hope it works out.

    • Nakia Deon profile image

      Nakia Deon 4 years ago

      I am falling for a Libra...but he keeps sending mixed signals. He sings to me and gets touchy feely one day and totally ignores me the next.

      This post gives me a great deal of insight into the type of man he is...and why I am so attracted to him.

    • allelsematters profile image

      Lady Jen Palven 5 years ago from Philippines

      While I was reading, I was like this is me. I am smiling when reading your blog because your description of a person who is a libra is very true especially when you said that we tend to hide their feelings and immediately will say yes to any questions. I am glad that you made this hub.Thank you very much :)

    • gratefulbarbie profile image

      gratefulbarbie 5 years ago from Rochester, NY

      Excellent description.

    • agvulpes profile image

      Peter 5 years ago from Australia

      Very interesting description and looking back at Librans that I know is fairly accurate.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 5 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Surprisingly accurate description of me; I'd say almost exactly right. Great hub and interesting!