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Charles Manson - Cult Leader, Murderer

Updated on January 20, 2018
A Young Charles Manson
A Young Charles Manson | Source

Charles Mansion - cult leader from California. Spending years behind bars, he had time to think of his personal theology. By the time everything was done, Manson decided to combine the Bible's Book of Revelations and "The Beatles", more commonly known as "The White Album". This album was released in 1968 and Manson used it as his holy and religious guidebook.

This was the only recipe needed in his twisted mind for Helter Skelter - a rampage of bloody murder. Murders which shocked and terrified Californians as well as other Americans across the country.

When Manson was released from prison, it was at the time when flower children were out in full force and the drug of choice for most alienated teenagers was psychedelics. He decided to settle in San Francisco. Here he started preaching apocalyptic messages to followers. These followers willingly accepted him as a prophet, then as a messianic messenger. At this point Manson decided to call his followers "The Family".

He decided to move his clan to the desert outside Los Angeles to live in ramshackle buildings that were used occasionally as sets for Western movies. Once there, Manson told his followers he had knowledge of a cataclysmic race war between blacks and whites, which was imminent. He learned of the war through coded messages found in the lyrics of songs on the Beatles "The White Album". Manson stated that the white race would never win this war as they were not mean enough to win such a bloody, all-out, no-holds-barred fight.

Manson knew he and his followers needed to survive this approaching cataclysm. After some thought, he figured that he and the large growing clan of burned-out hippies, stoned runaways, and garbage eaters (they regularly raided grocery store and restaurant dumpsters for food) could make it by hanging out in the desert in a huge hole.

How does Manson decide on this hole idea? He listened to "Revolution 9" - a song on "The White Album". The message he got from the song fit perfectly with the Bible's Revelation 9 verse, or at least it did with his twisted way of thinking. He felt that the song and Bible verse prophesied the approaching race war.

According to Manson. this hole would led him and his followers to a chamber in the earth. Here everyone would wait out the race war. His theory was when the war was over, the victors would discover that running the world would be too complicated for them to handle. This would be the time for Manson and his followers to emerge from the underground shelter and be asked to take over.

There were times the clan leader would take followers into Death Valley. They would help him as he looked for the hole, kicking dirt, and examining vegetation. This way they would know where to go to ride-out the apocalypse.

Manson, anxious for the beginning of the race war, came up with a plan to hurry it along. He sent his most trusted followers to carry out numerous bloody, high-profile murders to blame on the blacks. His name for the murderous spree - "Helter Skelter". Again this comes from the Beatles "White Album" song, which Manson was convinced had a coded prophecy in it for the race war.

Now Manson is ready to get his group together. He calls on Charles "Tex" Watson and a few of his most trusted girls. Manson sends these followers off to do what he called a "creepy-crawly" mission to kill. On one night, Watson and his harem of warriors went to ritzy Cielo Drive in Benedict Canyon. Here they killed, more like slaughtered, actress Sharon Tate and three house guests. Stephen Parent was also killed. Parent was visiting the caretaker who lived in his home behind the main house. Tate, Roman Polaski's wife, was eight months pregnant at the time she was stabbed and shot to death along with her companions. Polaski was out of the country at the time, in Europe.

When the killing spree began, Watson screamed out: "I am the devil and I am come to do the devil's work!"

Another team of "creepy-crawlers" were sent out two nights later by Manson. This time they slaughtered businessman Leno LaBianca and his wife, Rosemary. Messages were written on the walls in the LaBianca house as well as in the Tate home, one of which was "Pig". Manson and his "creepy-crawly" killers as well as other members of The Family were gathered up by police a few days later. Finally, the "Helter Skelter" movement was over.

Paul Watkins, Manson's one-time second in command, was questioned months later during the murder trial of the clan members involved in the slayings. Watkins testified how the cult leader was determined to find this hole in Death Valley which was to be the clan's hideout. When questioned by prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi, Watkins said: "He would look . . . and say 'There has got to be a hole somewhere, somewhere here, a big old lake'."

Watkins went on to testify how Charlie said how this hole would be large enough to drive a speedboat across it. How the cult used the song "Revolution 9" from the Beatles album which Manson interpreted to mean the Revelation 9.

Watkins recalled writings from Revelations 9 and 10 which he claims made reference to "the bottomless pit" that Manson was so interested in. Manson talked of Revelations often, saying that it referred to a city with no moon or sun. Watkins testified that Manson spoke of this a lot. Watkins also claimed that Manson would also reference a city of gold where no life would exist except for a tree bearing 12 kinds of fruit that changed every month.

Another point made by Watkins in this bizarre trial: 144,000 people of the 12 tribes of Israel from biblical times plus references in Revelations about the number of people to be taken into heaven. He also testified that Manson's "Family" would be underground, it would multiply in number to 144,000.

Manson's original wish: return to easy times with no race war worries, just hiding out in a giant hole, and assuming heavy government reins once the country was destroyed. Maybe these references to Revelations and the Beatles album ruined things.

The last statement, maybe, from Watkins was that all Charlie cared about prior to Helter Skelter was orgies.

Charles Manson Dead at 83
Charles Manson Dead at 83 | Source


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