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Chenchu are a Group of People Living in the Forests of the Nallamalai hills

Updated on December 21, 2016

The Place of Tribal Hill

Tribal People Live Close to Nature

They depend on forests to meet all their needs. They lead a simple life. They speak their own languages which do not have a written form. Tribal children play, sing and dance. Tribal artists paint and tell stories. Tribal artisans make beautiful toys for children and they do many things from wood and bamboo.

Tribal people share whatever they have with each other. No individual owns the land. Forest belongs to all. Children are taken care of by the entire community.

Sometimes the forest people go to the nearby villages and towns to exchange some of the forest products they have gathered, e.g, money fruit and nuts, for processing food items like bread, biscuits, flour etc., for money to buy food or clothes.

Primitive tribal Groups are forest dwellers whose lifestyle are shaped by their habitat with which they have a close relationship. They also have low literacy rates, make use of hand -made tools and are poor in terms of their ability to buy things using money.

Tribe Tools

The Life of Chenchu People

Chenchu are a group of people living in the forests of the Nallamalai hills in the State of of Andhra Pradesh. They also inhabit forests in the neighboring States.They live in thatched huts. They own only a few things such as pots and pans, bows and arrows, and sticks.

The men wear a garment suspended from a fiber or leather belt at the end drawn between the legs. Women wrap a sari cloth around themselves.

The morning, they eat a meal of maize or Jowar gruel and then set out into the forest to collect honey or gather edible roots, fruits and dry trees firewood. And they also collect Beedi leaves, gum from trees, soap nuts and ate’ leaves (to make plates) which are sold in local markets to non – tribal or a Government -owned shop. When they come back in the evening, after walking an entire day, they have another meal.

They go in groups for honey collection or for hunting. Each group has a leader who is skilled at that task. Thus, if a person is good at finding footprints of wild animals such as hare, squirrels or wild fowl, he will look for such footprints and decide which way the group should go to hunt for prey.However, his person may not be good at judging if a beehive has enough honey in it. He will become a flower in the honey – collecting group. Here the team leader is a person skilled in collecting bee hives full of honey.

Arunachal Tribe Dance

Tribe Chenchu

Tribal Life Differs from Place to Place

When land is claimed from forests, tribal is affected as they depend on forest products for their livelihood. When forests go under water after the opening up of a dam, the tribes are the people most affected. They have to move to some other new place to live and it is difficult to adapt to a new environment.

Tribal life differs from place to place. There are tribal communities who live far away from the civilized world and they do not come into contact with the city people at all. There are tribal communities living in forests close to villages and towns. Here we see the city influence on their lifestyle. In such a tribal village, you find tribal youth wearing jeans.

There are schools in the forest for tribal children. Medical assistance is also provided. Some of the tribal youth to go cities for higher education and secure jobs.Kuru Hasan, a tribal Arunachal Pradesh, was a fighter pilot in the Indian Air Force. In Maharashtra, tribal youths receive training to become air hostesses and stewards.

Tribal life differs from place to place. There are tribal communities who live far away from the civilized world and they do not come into contact with the city people at all. There are tribal communities living in forests close villages and towns. Here we see the city influence on their lifestyle.

Chencu Tribe Family


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