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Cherish Moments, for Moments are all we have

Updated on October 27, 2013
Eagle Nebula
Eagle Nebula

Cherish Moments, for Moments are all we have

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Our existence on this little blue planet is so inconsequential. Within this living, expanding universe our evolution, our technology and feelings of self-importance are but a speck of dust in the infinite. No fanfare has accompanied our coming and no doubt will not mark our demise. Human beings are from an ecological perspective an aberration, a festered boil on the balance of all that is natural. We arrogantly do as we please, understanding nothing of our environment and place within it. How can we survive?

Survival is unlikely unless we change dramatically, and changing has never been a notable human trait. However long we survive, what will be our legacy, what do we as individuals leave behind that could better our species or our planet on any level? This is a question we should ask ourselves.

Our 100year life span, if we’re lucky, is infinitesimal in the evolution of life on earth and as much as we like to think of ourselves as important, we are here one moment and gone the next. So how do we live our lives considering it’s all over so quickly? Of course, we war, we cheat, lie, live by greed and ignore our environment without qualm. We indulge in physical gratification and place it on the highest pedestal, contend with our family, bosses, governments and ourselves striving to achieve things that mean nothing in the scheme of things. What are we doing?

There is one reality and that is ‘Now’. It’s all that exists and will ever exist. Yet we invent time to understand a linear concept and to rationalise our logical thinking processes. Then, having done that, we abuse time by living in the past and future and investing in what has or may happen. What can be achieved in our short lives can only happen now. We even invented a word to describe our abuse: procrastination, the ability to put off what is necessary until another time, somewhere other than now.

When analysing our perceptions of living now and being aware of what is happening it occurred to me that because we are so committed elsewhere, we miss most of what life has to offer, second by second, moment by moment. This forced blindness is in many ways the core of most of our problems. Examples are walking to the shop, or worse driving and not seeing a single flower or tree, bird or human being. Working all day in your job and paying little attention to your kids when home or sitting in front of the TV while your wife cleans the kitchen after working the same as you have.

We often invest in things far removed from importance and ignore the most precious gifts that life has bestowed on us. For all our so-called intellect, we are novice livers, unable to fathom a modicum of real awareness. The irony is our arrogance in assuming we are of any importance. That judgement is simply our arrogance at work.

Next time you look up into a star-filled night sky consider your place within infinity. Perhaps you’ll realise the moments with the ones we love are as good as it gets; all else is the periphery of our tainted, self-centred minds.


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