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Chetco River

Updated on September 2, 2016

There is a special place.

This is an article about heaven-consciousness. Come and meet me there in a tree house of windblown green.

There is a special place in Brookings Oregon by the Chetco River where my wife Susan and I spent four glorious days. We rented a small, one-bedroom manufactured home with a veranda deck overlooking the Chetco three hundred feet below us, which rippled with jade-colored waters. This so-called Villa Moliere is nested up in the trees, and verdant hill-top banks loom all around. Brookings Harbor is also within a short walking distance to the rugged Oregon coast.

The outside deck faces the western horizon. You can actually see the ocean to our left. Ospreys, turkey-vultures, sea gulls, and other water fowl glide and dive in mesmerizing formations over the river.

We have an amazing sense of living in a tree house. The wind is exhilarating. Trees dance and bend to its power. Life all around us is in constant motion.

As I stand out on the veranda deck and hold on to the wooden rails, the sun refracts the river into a thousand twinkling spirit-lights. I breathe in the fresh air, and rejoice over the sun’s warmth on my face. It’s almost like I’m riding a giant Ferris wheel at a local country fair. My body feels suspended up in the deep blue sky. I don’t want the sensation of weightlessness to stop.

We have lots of time to appreciate the peace and solitude of these sights. Our days are spent leisurely walking the dogs down to the harbor, reading some good books, sampling the local sea food, and gazing at the rolling ocean waves. We have no worries here. It feels good to be alive with the palpable, conscious connection to the wind, trees, birds, sea, sky, and even the universe.

In this spirit of Oneness with all forms of life, I take great joy in exploring the kingdom within. I don’t know about you, but for me, nature and the majesty of the ocean reinforces my belief in feeling One inside with the Light of God. I affirm that all of us are perfect expressions of God’s Love. I believe we truly are beings of Light, which radiate with prosperity, love, healing, abundance, and eternal consciousness.

I am grateful for this sublime place of peace and serenity by the Chetco River and the sea. In my mind's eye, this delightful river often calls me back to that place within where I bask in the kingdom of heaven-consciousness. I will meet you there in the tree house of windblown green, where rivers sparkle, mighty oceans roar, and life is truly cherished.

Heaven on Earth


We are One!
We are One! | Source

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We are One

Be Still...
Be Still... | Source


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