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Child Spirits: A Deeper Exploration

Updated on June 19, 2013
The famous Brookdale Lodge, said to be home of the child spirit Sarah Logan.
The famous Brookdale Lodge, said to be home of the child spirit Sarah Logan. | Source
The famous boy spirit from movie set of "Three Men and a Baby", debunked as cardboard cutout.
The famous boy spirit from movie set of "Three Men and a Baby", debunked as cardboard cutout. | Source
Possible photo capture of children spirits from San Antonio Rail Road accident.
Possible photo capture of children spirits from San Antonio Rail Road accident. | Source

Child Spirits: A Deeper Exploration

By: R.B. (Curious Spirits)

This is a branch of the paranormal that many investigators have tried to capture on camera or through various other investigative equipment multiple times with what seems like no luck. Child Spirits are claimed to be rare because of the innocence surrounded by their spirits at the time of death. Children are pure innocence, the only cares in the world for them to are playing outside or acting out of unconditional love. I believe that when there is a location being haunted by a child spirit, the possibility that they are the most powerful entity in the location is rather accurate. Why? Children are naturally extremely energetic! They want to play, be noticed, and sometimes cause mischief. THEY WANT TO CONNECT AND PLEASE. Children will often connect with those who remind them of someone in their life. In a spirit child’s case, they will be more active around those they connect with whether energy wise or emotionally. If they met an untimely death, then they will connect with a body or investigator that reminds them of someone they connected with in life when living. This could be a parent, teacher, or friend. I have worked with children for a good portion of my adult life, being able to compare living and energetic children with those of the dead is exceptionally comparable and accurate.

For example, I have heard accounts of “imaginary friends”, children spirits who connect with the youngest member of a particular family because they want that family connection. Living children and pets are often more acute to the spirits around them. There is really nothing wrong with this unless connected to a demonic entity, which is a whole different story. The spirit child simply connects easiest with the one who is willing to see them and listen. Eventually the living child of the family will outgrow “the imaginary friend” phase and move on. That child spirit was simply looking for the youthful connection to play and relive their time as a child. Of course, children spirits are said to be able to change form as well. This could be in a sense of acceptance for the individual or place in which they are connecting.

PPP Hostile Haunts Specialists (please see the end of this article for a link to their site) could not state the theory of changing forms any better:

“That being, that a spirit can appear as an apparition looking as it did at any age during its corporeal existence. This means if a person died at the age of 67, they can show up looking as they did at any age during their life. If you consider this, than it is easy to see how any spirit could show itself as a child”

Again, there are also malevolent connections, such as demons that are said to pose as children to lure in and steal the souls of those targeted. If this is case, sometimes the malevolent being will become physical when the living connection, “loses interests” and “grows up” from the imaginary friend. This could be associated with theories on how a demonic entity will often haunt “weak-minded” individuals to break into their fear. Children do not essentially know such a fear and their minds grow stronger and simply forget the entity, and can no longer be attacked. The demonic entity will be weakened, put into a dormant state, and unable to cause harm.

Children spirits can often become mischievous, much like a living child if ignored or abandoned for periods of time. Say a family goes on vacation or no one is paying attention to the child spirit anymore. Children spirits have been known to pull hair, pinch, push, or move objects to different locations throughout a home. This could be much like a living child throwing a tantrum. If indeed occupying a house in which a child spirit is a residence, best way to keep them happy and out of your hair is simply acknowledging his or her presence every once in a great while. Most children spirits are not harmful, just simply children.

Paranormal Investigator, Danielle Lee (please see the end of this article for a link to her blog) claims the following:

“Ghost children can become very upset if routine is disrupted. If their favorite living person is gone for a day or two, they may become pouty and destructive. When their demands aren’t met to their standards, they can behave quite immaturely. Hiding items, damaging things and making noise is not uncommon”.

Child Spirits are seemingly innocent. Can they be corrupted by malevolent entities, or are they too pure? Do sources of natural resources such as water, or even sunlight make a child spirit more powerful? Are child spirits scared to move on because they have become so attached and protective to certain earthly beings? These questions will be answered as S.I.U. continues are search for answers within our paranormal research.

Three Famous Child Spirit Locations:

1. San Antonio Railroad Tracks- A school bus, full of children, are reported to have lost their lives caught on rail road tracks. Legend claims the children will push your car over the tracks out of harm’s way.

2. The Three Men and a Baby Movie Set- DEBUNKED as a cardboard cutout. See article.

3. Brookdale Lodge in the Santa Cruz Mountains- A little girl named Sarah Logan was said to have drown in the creek and is now a very active spirit still haunting the location.

Resources :

PPP Hostile Haunts Specialists:

Danielle Lee:


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    • angel115707 profile image

      Angel Ward 4 years ago from Galveston, TX

      Very interesting questions brought up. There are quite a few child ghosts here on the island. A few seem to get attached to the tour guides (when I was one as well), and I also question, is there a dark energy forcing them to stay? I had a child beg me in a dream for help, saying a man was keeping many child spirits locked up by reminding them of pain. Well, just a dream? The building I saw, where a parking lot is now, we found in a photo, the same identical building I described and old Hendley, I described him as well... neither did I see before. So, maybe they are held back, at times?

      voted up ,and will check out your links...