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Chivs86 Philosophies - Is the Jedi Faith as ridiculous as it sounds?

Updated on April 18, 2012

Chivs86 Philosphies -
Is the Jedi faith a realistic choice of religion?

Laughable to some people, but is the Jedi faith really as stupid as it sounds??

Although based on the fiction of author George Lucas and his Star Wars franchise, Jedism in our own day and age is officially as acceptable a religion as any. Their belief is that like the film where the main characters are either powered by a force of either good or evil, that in real life there is also this force, which if you think about it isn't really as farfetched as it sounds. There is a force that makes us either good or evil, Really!!! Well it certainally would explain a lot. Is this not what we call temptation?

So yes, if you think of it as that this isn't the fictional force in the Star Wars saga, but it's a real version of it, that has adopted this fictional name. It's a religion that practices being good following the adopted moral code from the Star Wars films.

There is no emotion, there is peace.
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no passion, there is serenity.
There is no death, there is the Force.

So they believe there is a force of good and evil and the practice being good following a moral code. Sound familiar anyone? Do christian's not believe that there is a God & a Devil, and do they or do they not practice being good by a moral code? Yes, yes they do except their moral code is a lot more detailed and it's called the Ten Commandments. So not so stupid as it sounds. In fact, maybe Christianity could be based on fiction also, for all we know the bible could have been a best selling fictional novel that people liked so much they believed that if they followed the ideals of these fictional characters then the world would be a better place. Historians may argue, but come on this is over 2000 years ago were talking about, who really knows. It certainly would explain why that alike the Jedi faith, as a new religion so many people rubbished it, and thought it's messenger Jesus of Nazereth was crazy.

So what can the Jedi faith expect in 2000 years time? Well in my opinion more Churches, more followers and a wider acceptance. Could it even rival Christianity and other traditional faiths? I think if enough people believe in it yes. Somebody walking into Tesco's and refusing to remove their hood on their robe on religious grounds is just the tip of the Iceberg. A similar incident occured in 2010 at a Jobcentre in Southend and did I mention these were both Jedis. These security guards might have thought it ridiculous at the time, but after receiving complaints from the respective Jedis and realising that Jedism is a registered religion, they might very well have been the first to realize they were in the wrong. Wrong like if they told a Muslim women to remove her veil or a Hindu man to remove his turban. The law for all these groups is exactly the same in fact and in the future as this becomes more clear it is in no doubt that the ideals of Jedism will be taken much more seriously.

The thing people forget is that Jedi's don't believe in extra terrestrials as part of their faith, yes they are featured heavily in the Star Wars films, but all the Jedi's preach is that their is a force of Good and Evil. Not that there is a supreme being. Not that there is an afterlife. Not even that there are miracles. Only that their is a force of Good & Evil and a moral code. So why shouldn't they be taken seriously, it's more believable than a God with an Elephant head or Jesus's many miracles.

At the moment it might just be societies rebels and avid Star Wars fans, but as people search further for the truth - by any good or available means of science will they not just one day turn around and say that okay the Jedi religion is not stupid - it's just inspired by a fictional story and In fact, it's probablly one of most believable religions there are.

So a realistic choice yes, but I can't help think, Whatever will they come up with next?



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