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Choose wisely, choose Good over Pleasant!

Updated on March 30, 2016

Choose wisely...

The choice is ours, whether to indulge or lead a healthy life!

There are two kinds of ‘values’ in human life. One is material value or wealth. The other is ‘spiritual and human virtues’. Only those possessing ‘virtues’, can progress in spiritual path. Greed and spirituality are in opposite directions. Hence people nurturing even a little greed in their heart can never succeed in spiritual pursuits. Greed erases ‘humanity’ from the heart. When you accommodate ‘greed’ on the throne, God will vacate the seat. Hence, one must be aware of the true value of things. Choose wisely good over pleasant things. This is termed in the scriptures as “Sreyas” (good) and “Preyas’(pleasant).

Why one should choose ‘good things’? Human life is granted to us to attain “self-realization’. This could be possible, only when man possess human values like Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Pure Love and non-violence. With these virtues, one can progress surely in the spiritual path. Now, the second question is what harm will accrue when one indulges in pleasures? It is our own experience that after enjoying sensual pleasures, one never remains in that state forever. Sooner, after a pleasurable experience, one experiences a void in the mind which triggers for further indulgence.

This could be explained by an example. For instance, one is fond of eating sweets. He can consume one piece at a time. If he starts eating two or three pieces, the same sweet will act as a poison. Also this leads in increase in blood sugar levels which is harmful to human constitution. The other man prefers hot fried food. In this case, the salt and hot taste increases the blood pressure. One will feel agitated after consuming hot fried food. There are people who refrigerate food prepared earlier, thinking that no harm will come, if it is taken out, heated and consumed. Those who eat such stale food will be lethargic, sleepy and his baser instincts will be kindled easily. Hence, we find that some persons are lustful always. It is due to faulty food habits. Food must be consumed within six hours of preparation. Those who are interested in spiritual welfare use to consume fruits, green leaves and wholesome grains and nuts. Butter milk is preferred over milk. The control of ‘taste’ is vital for spiritual progress!

Spiritual aspirants must take only pure vegetarian dishes. Non-vegetarian food is completely harmful to the mind and this will induce animal instincts in such persons. Practice moderation in food and sleep, commanded Sri Krishna to Arjuna during the great Mahabharata war. Do not go to extremes in any matters. Adopt the ‘middle path’, if you want to remain peaceful and happy! Secondly ‘hoarding’ is prohibited for spiritual practitioners. They should have only barest minimum essentials for practicing spiritual life, while maintaining their health. They should never starve nor overeat. We find that youngsters today feel no remorse in telling ‘lies’. This is a grave error. Small lies today will develop into bigger lies which may affect the life of those youngsters. Cheating has considerably increased in this ‘internet age’. Social web sites are fertile platforms for cheats and frauds. Unwittingly, some young girls indulge in face book or twitter pages. They are not aware that their ‘innocence’ will be exploited by cyber criminals, waiting in some corners. Social platforms have done more harm to society than any good things. Sadly, both the youngsters and elders are hooked to their ‘smart phones and tablets’ all the day. There is no use lamenting later! This precious human life is granted to us, for evolving higher in human scales and reaches the Divine, one day! Discriminate between the real and false, truth and lie, so that one can choose wisely and lead an exemplary life on earth!

Greatest weapon...


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