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Choosen Vessel

Updated on April 10, 2010

Saul's journey to Damascus

On the road to Damascus, the risen Lord Jesus Christ came down to earth from His throne in Heaven, and confronted Saul.
On the road to Damascus, the risen Lord Jesus Christ came down to earth from His throne in Heaven, and confronted Saul.
Saul's journey to Damascus
Saul's journey to Damascus

The Chosen Vessel

The chosen people on earth for the kingdom of the Lord are not the traditional worshippers or the name sake Christians. What is the sign of a servant of Christ? Gal 1:10 exposes this precisely. A chosen vessel never ever wants to win the favour of man, but the favour of God. I feel utterly depressed to see most of the so called servants of God are chasing after Popularity with men. They are badly in need of pleasing man in order to achieve fleshy desires on earth. Ask yourself this question while you read this. Am I still seeking name and fame with men? If the response is a big YES, you are not a servant of Christ. Repent yourself right now! Be a chosen vessel by the Almighty God, not to be a vessel chosen by man!

Our Lord Jesus prefers to touch ungodly and sinners more than the ordinary forks to make them as witness for Christ Love , (Acts 8:1). Saul was such a notorious man who treated God people inhumanly and kill numerous God’s souls and rose against Jesus. God loves testing and teasing the ungodly like Saul. God himself appeared when Seoul was on his way to fulfil the high priest. There are hundreds of thousands Sauls nowadays working for the false preaches on earth. There is a time, the Light of Jesus will shine upon all the Saul’s on earth and make them repent for what they have been doing for the traditional church leaders on earth. (Acts 9:3)

The Light of Jesus makes the ungodly lose worldly pleasures and powers at once, without warning. When the light of Jesus surrounds Saul , he fell to the ground from his horse. The horse symbolized here the worldly powers and pleasures which carried him to the destruction, the city of Damascus. Most of the people on earth are carried to Damascus, the destination of destruction and frustration of life. Saul found himself on the dusty ground where he came from. Being on the ground, covered in dust, he raised up his head for the first time to Jesus our Lord. Here we notice how Jesus called Him, the very same way He called Abraham, Moses and Jacopo, “Saul, Saul”. The One who called by the name of Abraham and Moses, also called Saul, and one day He will choose you and call you by your very name twice! Be prepared!

Every chosen vessel on earth has common phenomena that is thrown away from the horse to Damascus, on their very journey and find themselves on the dusty ground and raise their heads to Jesus for the first time. In this way Lord proves He is the Almighty God! He will make all the Sauls on earth to raise their heads to Jesus. The day is on the way!

Map of Paul's Journey to Damascus

(Saul tracked them down, even travelling 150 miles to Damascus in Syria to bring Christians back in chains to Jerusalem. But as he neared the ancient city, he discovered that God had other plans for him.)

Unless you are aware of Christ’s love towards you, you become a religious fanatic and more like Saul himself. (Acts 9:5) When Saul asked from God, “Who are you, Lord? The very presence of Jesus made him call Jesus as Lord. Knowing the real love of Jesus is the only way of repenting yourself. Saul persecuted the people of God, but Saul had been hurting Jesus by doing so, without knowing. . That is the very reason Jesus talked to him and said, “Why are you persecuting me, harassing, troubling, and molesting Me? Our own way of doing thing, all our deeds against the word of God, still prosecute Jesus Himself!

The sheer presence of Jesus in you makes you renounce all the worldly pleasures, fleshy desires instantaneously, without a second thought. This is called obedience of God. This sort of obedience brings trembling and fears of the Lord. (Acts 9:6) The sudden obedience of God brought the real wisdom and knowledge to Saul. After listening to Jesus, he changed and repent himself. (Acts 9:6) Most of our people who become name shake Christians and believers never ever renounce their fleshy desires. Their unwillingness to obey the word of God and renounce the fleshy desires makes them religious fanatics on earth. If you have the call from the Mighty, the very first thing what you should is obeying the Lord at once without any hesitation. Here Saul never asked for a second opinion from a man whether to obey the word of God.

(Acts 9:6)Saul started walking for God immediately without any hesitation. He took the order from the heaven above. Fill with the Sprit of God; he started saying the most wanted prayer that a few people on earth ask from the Lord. He asked what the Lord desired him to do not the desires what he had on earth. He forgot the earthly acquaintance of wealth and power. Saul was a man of supreme worldly power, knelt down in the presence of God and asked what the Lord desired for him to do for the Mighty. When we ask in prayers as Jesus told, you will get what you ask for, it is true, but still you become a worldly man, not the man what God has been looking for, He is hunting one man, you could be that one man, who fulfils the desires of the Lord.

Acts 9: 6) The Lord said to him, but arise and go into the city, and you will be told what you must do. THE WORD ARISE stimulates you and me to do something new, rather than what we have been doing now. Look very carefully what you have been doing in your spiritual life, where you are heading for, and your purpose of praying and the attitudes of you. God himself has a plan for your life. Let Him reveal it to you, to fulfil His desires, you must wake up from sleep, act now, not today. God expects an immediate reaction from you. The devil accompanies Procrastination and acts in accordance with his will on you! So do it now, not today!

God said,” Go into the city and you will be told what you must do.” He never revealed His entire programme of work to Saul. First He wants you to obey the word of God before revealing the next. This is the very reason why most of our Christian brothers have untold hardship in life because they fail to fulfil, listen to God’s commands. God has no way in their life to bring a change of success, because they are very disobedient to the word of God. But they always expect a short cut to reach the spiritual life for their own worldly needs. As the Lord Almighty commanded Saul, we command ourselves to arise and walk in our life!

Acts 9:8 . i want you to visualize the regiment of solders who accompanied Saul by the time God stroke him with light. God wanted Saul to realize the worldly powers had nothing to do in the presence of God. Saul’s official powers and orders became ineffective and he was trembling along with his regiment of soldiers by hearing only the sound in the sky. Saul became speech less and honoured God by listening to his commandments. God seized his eye sight, but he never seemed to be in want of his eyesight again. He never concentrated on his eye sight, but on God’s command. Saul was helpless and even needed a helping hand from his men. It is not humiliation, but a mile stone if you are a chosen vessel, first God destroys the tower of Babel within you. Surrender and repent yourself in the presence of the Mighty Power. You will be saved.

Saul became a chosen vessel for God. Your attitudes play a major roll when you listen to the voice of God. Do not ever have worldly desires, do not ever accomplish things in order to achieve fleshy destinations. Be a Saul, listen to God, repent at once, act without delay, arise and walk towards the city where God asks you to walk. God is capable of making a Saul into Paul, a chosen vessel.

by Bro Gayan


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    • esolefl profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Your in-depth comment inspired me tremendously to put pen on paper more about these sorts of things for God’s people like you.

    • esolefl profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Your in-depth comment inspired me tremendously to put pen on paper more about these sorts of things for God’s people like you.

    • skye2day profile image


      6 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      my oh my. I typed in vessel(google search)for God and landed on your hub. There are no mistakes in Gods World, Amen? Very good hub. Well done good and faithful servant. God led me to another Child of God at the hubs. He is so awesome indeed. I am joining you rank of fans. I am in process of writing on spiritual warfare. God broke it up for me and sent me here. Great to meet you brother. Your sister in Christ Jesus.


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