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An Insightful Book Review: Choosing Easy World, by Julia Rogers Hamrick

Updated on June 3, 2013
Choosing Easy World: Book Review
Choosing Easy World: Book Review

Choosing Easy World

Choosing Easy World is a great thought provoking and life changing book that I have ever read. It can change the way you think and perceive the world. When we change the way we perceive the world from Difficult to Easy, our life situations and people tend to change in positive order.

Easy World is a choice. Most of us choose to live in difficult world. That is also a choice. When we are in difficult situation, we feel compelled to internally or externally blame our circumstances, situations, people, environment for the difficult condition. We don't realize that this is our own choosing and we can change it the moment we decide to change.

Here, is a short summary and review of the book, Choosing Easy World:

1. When we let go off negative thinking, feelings, stress and intentionally choose to go into Easy World in our thoughts, our situations change for good. It might be magic or miracle or simply the law of attraction. When we think positive, we attract positive things, situations and people. When we see the world as an easy place to live in, soon it becomes an easy place to live in.

2. The key to going to Easy World is breathe, relax, trust and enjoy. When we learn to relax our mind and body, we enter into high vibrational state. This high vibrational state attracts our desires into our life without our usual struggles and striving. Our natural state is meant to be prosperous, peaceful, love beings instead of human doings. Today, most people are striving to do more and more at the cost of their emotional and physical health, family. This leads to Difficult World. The more we care about our emotional world, relaxation, peace, happiness, we go back into the easy world. Easy world is full of happiness, prosperity, we just need to trust and go there.

3. Easy World is based on the concept that universal, non-physical forces, invisible to us are ready and willing to support us. They are willing to do the work for us. We tend to believe in our own self-sufficiency and thus, the striving and struggling. Once we let go off this self-sufficiency and trust the universal forces to support, help, they are more than happy to come and support us.

4. To stay in Easy World, we need to let go off control, judgement and worry. When we try to control situations, people, spouse, children, we are directly thrown off into Difficult World. Easy World is based on positive vibes and control is a big negative vibe. Similarly, judgement is also a big, big negative vibe. Most of us, unconsciously or consciously, tend to judge somebody or somethings. This judgmental attitude brings our vibrational state to the lowest and is very detrimental to our emotional health. Similarly, chronic worry needs to be replaced by trust and believing in goodness of the universal forces to support us.

5. Free flow of love, joy, gratitude to stay in Easy World. Love, joy, gratitude thoughts and feelings are high vibrational energies that pull us out of difficult world and push us into easy world. No matter what the situation is, if we choose to focus on positive thoughts like love, joy and gratitude, we will be amazed to see how fast our situations will change for better. Keeping a daily log of gratitude is a good way to move from negative to positive vibrational energy. Give up the Difficult World addiction today!

6. Spirit guides us to Easy World. When we listen to Spirit's guidance and navigation, we are allowing ourselves to move in Easy World. However, when we become obsessed with external chaos and activities, leaving our internal guidance system, we are automatically running in difficult world. The Spirit has the extraordinary power to arrange events and situations for our ultimate well-being. It is always working things for us in Easy World. Following our Spirit, brings us back to harmony and alignment with Universe. The voice of Spirit is followed by an increase of feeling of Love and expansiveness and general well being and openness in body. Allowing the Spirit to guide in daily decision making is a good way to enter into Easy World.

Choose Easy World and forsake Difficult World for happy and prosperous life. The choice is in our own hands and minds. We can choose to live in Easy World, the moment we decide. Read the book, "Choosing Easy World" to get in-depth information and change your life for better.

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