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Choosing a Holy Water Font

Updated on October 21, 2017
Ice cold princess profile image

After converting to the Catholic faith in 2016, I made it my mission to educate newcomers to my faith.

Would you make your own Holy Water font?

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Before Making The Purchase...

...There are a few things that are worth considering.

Where do you plan to use your new font? If you are going to place it in an area that's going to get high traffic, then it might be worth steering clear of the cheaper options because I tend to find that they are more flimsy and prone to breaking easily.

Alternatively, if you plan to use it in an area where children are, then a cheaper Holy Water Font might be the right answer for you.

What space do you have available in your chosen location? If you have enough space available or you live in a home where you aren't able to hang a font on the wall, you might consider a free-standing font. This might mean that you'll also need to consider if you have a safe space to put it without making it inaccessible.

Do you have anything in particular in mind? Holy Water fonts come made from a variety of different materials from plastic, through to porcelain, wood and even metal. Size might be a factor for you to consider, too... If you are the only practicing Catholic in your family, a large font will likely be surplus to requirements, but if you have a large family who often frequent the font, you don't want to be filling it on a constant basis either.

Take the time to see what is available locally before buying online:- With the likelihood of getting a good bargain online, it can be easy to get carried away and make the purchase before you really think too much about what you are doing - but this isn't always the best step.

One thing that is important for me is quality. While I don't want to spend a huge amount on a font, I don't want a cheap font that I'm either going to break putting up or shortly afterwards.

A Holy Water Font isn't always practical

If you find that you want to cross yourself at times when there is no font available or you decide that a font just doesn't work for you for some reason, then there's always the option of crossing yourself directly from a Holy Water bottle instead.

One pro that I like about this option is that some Holy Water Bottles are so small that you can simply slip one in your bag or pocket and have it available to you wherever you go.

A con might be the size of it could mean that you feel that you have to restrict yourself on the number of times that you are able to use it throughout the week before you need to fill it again... but this can be worked around by getting a larger volume of water blessed by your pastor, then simply decanting some into your smaller bottle as required. A small funnel or a liquid dropper will help you to transfer the Holy water over with minimal to no spillage.

A simple rock could be an option for you
A simple rock could be an option for you | Source

Free-standing Water Fonts Are A thing!

As a new Catholic, I was inundated with the sheer number of wall mounted water fonts. It seemed that they were everywhere that I looked and I began to wonder if the only type of free-standing water font I was likely to find was the sort up front on the altar.

It's only as I've settled a little more into my faith that I took the time to research a little more deeply into what is available on the market and I was able to locate a few available to buy online.

You might even land lucky and find a font with a flat base that you are able to choose if you wish to mount it on the wall or place it on a surface in a special place.

Make Your Own!

Another option that you have available to you is to make your own Holy Water Font. It doesn't have to be anything fancy or require a high level of skill and a lot of work... it could be as simple as finding a nice dish and customising it until it looks pleasing to you or you might find that your church does a craft group in which they might make and have your pastor bless a Holy Water Font before you take it home at the end of the session.

I'm a fan of this option myself because I have a greater say over what my finished font will look like and I can guarantee that what I have is going to be totally unique to me because I made it myself.

If you do decide to make your own Holy Water Font, don't forget to take it along to church and have your pastor bless it for you.

© 2017 Ice cold princess


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