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Chop Chop

Updated on March 30, 2015

Just me.

I come and go from this website. If any of you knew what my life is like you would not wonder at that statement. But, you do not. Will not. I cannot share more.

Life has dealt me some low blows. Still, I'm standing. Like a broken pillar in a vast monument, after an earthquake, I continue to stand.

I'm not sorry for what I have experienced. I have learned so much. Words fail me. However, I would like to say, that for any of you, and all of you who will pass through to read this, whatever you may read on my 'page' regarding my faith and my position as a Believer in The Living Creator, my position, even after the quake, remains the same.

Time has a way of changing us. Earthquakes have a way of renegotiating our view. I have been through my share of earthquakes (figuratively speaking); yet, I know this is not the end.

What I know, in faith, I know. Everything I have and am experiencing here, in this lifetime, on this earth, in my naked skin, simply works to prove that what I have understood is real. That which is true, is faithful and will not crumble out from under you. That which is true remains true and cannot be proven false though trials and tribulations will try to confuse and distract you.

Relationship chaos has tried. Sickness has tried. Financial distress has tried. Emotional upheavals have tried. Death has tried. Many times.

How though, how could I ever let go of the one thing that keeps me from falling over the edge? How could I ever stop believing in The One Who Sustains me through every anguish and every soul shattering torment? I cannot. To do so would be to stop breathing. JESUS IS ingrained in my DNA.

I don't know you. You don't really know me. But, you're reading something here that tells you a little about what is in me, and how I choose to hold on to something bigger, something more powerful, something true. I would not be able to hold onto a lie, if faith in Jesus were a lie.

If faith in Jesus were a lie, I would be broken beyond description at this very moment in time. No. Faith in Jesus IS The Rod that keeps me from falling when the world around me has failed, and everything I thought I knew, except Him, proves vanity.

Search for Jesus, with everything in you, if you are breaking. Don't give up. Don't look to the world. Look to The Holy Bible. Though I cannot promise you this world will ever satisfy, I can promise you that if you search with all your heart, not mocking, not testing, not fearing, not faking, you will be granted the grace by which to stand despite the challenges you face; and you will never be alone.

Bless you, In The Name of Jesus of Nazareth. Amen.


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    • paulburchett profile image

      Paul 2 years ago from Ky

      What a powerful testimony! Praise the Lord!