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Christ Jesus, the Focus of Biblical Gospel

Updated on July 25, 2012
Bible in the glass chapel in Guido gardens.
Bible in the glass chapel in Guido gardens. | Source

Religion without Christ Jesus is not Christianity!

The Biblical Gospel of Christ Jesus is nothing, without focusing on Jesus, the work of the cross, His resurrection and the love of God.

The Bible, is the word of God. It is the manual for how we are to live, behave, believe and know God the father, through His son Christ Jesus.

The Old testament, gives glimpses of Jesus, they are fleeting because we saw God from a far, only coming to us in moments, visiting. But the grace of God can be seen because He got involved with men that were willing to believe and follow Him.

Yet, His Holy Spirit did not remain, they had to make blood sacrifices every year or more often. The men of God could not sit down in His presence, in His Holy temple. God could only be seen from the back. Moses in the rocks on the holy ground. Yet, He wanted always to show us His great love, look at Abraham.

The New testament, shows Jesus manifested. In the new testament recordings, the word of God became flesh, Jesus took on skin, bones and blood,He was born into the earth, making Him legal.

As He walked this earth, teaching and showing the goodness of God, no one was saved, the Holy Spirit of God did not dwell in man. Yet when He - Jesus died, whosoever, meaning me and you, anyone could become eligible for God's reconciliation plan through making Christ Jesus Lord and Savior!

Jesus' purpose, is to return mankind to his rightful place with God, as part of His original plan in the beginning - Genesis!

It is Grace, the unearned, the undeserved favor of God, throughout the Bible, old and new testament, that makes the gospel of Christ Jesus, different from any other religion!

God's love leads all men to repentance!

Too many churches today are nothing but another gathering of folks, nothing more than inspirational, flesh pleasing houses filled with people learning nothing but stories. That is not what the church is for, it is not just another place to fill with people to hear some man's spin on his version of Christian teaching.

If you don't hear about Jesus in a church service then you are not hearing the Gospel of Christ Jesus. If you go into a church building to hear the Gospel and you don't know something about Christ Jesus when you leave then you have just wasted an hour or more of your life.

The Gospel without Christ Jesus is a myth, some fictional story about a God. Nothing more than the gods of the old Greeks or ancient civilizations.

Too many preachers are talking about the condemnation of God which is against the Biblical teachings of Christ Jesus.

There is now no condemnation to those that believe in Christ Jesus.

The Bible talks about how Jesus, the man bore all of God's wrath at the Cross of Calvary so that we don't have to suffer the rejection and judgement that the one man Adam caused when he sinned.

It says that Jesus corrected that through His life, His death, His resurrection and Ascension. Jesus now sits on the right hand of the father, representing us and making intercession for us daily.

We are hid in Christ Jesus, we are Him and He is us.

As He walked the earth as a man, as us, He was Jesus the Christ, after His death,and resurrection, He is Christ Jesus, Lord and Savior for all those / whosoever will believe.

Christ Jesus is central to the Gospel, the Good news of God. Without Christ Jesus there is no reconciliation, no way, no truth and no life. He is the bread of life!

Hearing someone talk about God and never about Christ Jesus is a problem for me. Every religion calls their deity God / god, But only the Gospel of Christ Jesus is the true reason for Christianity, the Bible's central figure makes Christianity viable.

Without Christ Jesus, there is no Biblical Gospel, no good news about God's love and reconciliation plan.

Without Christ Jesus preached none of us would know the goodness of God that leads us to repentance!!!

Jesus is the central focus of Christianity and the Gospel!!! Follow Christ Jesus!


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