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Updated on August 29, 2009

Definition Of An Archangel

Before I get started, I must give the definition of the word "Archangel". An Archangel is a high ranking Angel. They are considered to be the "leader" of the Angels. Seven Archangels appeared before God in The Book Of Revelations. Only four were named in the Bible. Some of the information below will not be only from Christian faith, it will come from others that believe in the almighty as well. They are the devine messengers between humans and God.

ArchAngel Michael

Michael is probably the most well known Archangel of all the others. He is said to be God's champion and is usually pictured with an unsheathed sword. It is foretold that when the world is in jeopardy again, Michael will return. In the bible, it is said that Michael was the Archangel that told the Virgin Mary of her approaching death. According to Jewish scriptures, Michael is the closest to the Lord, for his name means "like unto God". As the eldest Archangel, he is given captaincy over all of God's natural phenomena, such as the rain, wind, fire, snow, thunder, lightning, and hail. He is said to be the battler and defender of heaven, and the Patron Saint of policemen. It says in The Book Of Revelations that Michael will lead the Angels against the dragon in the final battle. There are actually 8 main Archangels.Lucifer was also an Archangel, but he was cast out of Heaven, leaving seven main Archangels.

Archangel Michael

Archangel Uriel

The name Uriel has four meanings, "Fire of God, Flame of God, Light of God, or Sun of God."Some accounts say that Uriel is the head of the third order(or company)of Angels. Others identify Uriel as one of the seven Archangels before the Throne.  

Archangel Uriel

Archangel Raphael

This Archangels name means "God has overcome." He is said to be the Angel that supervises healing. Raphael is one of four Archangels mentioned in the entire Bible. Raphael first appears disguised in human form as the traveling companion of Tobias, calling himself "Azarias the son of the great Ananias."The Archangels protective influence is shown in many ways, including the binding of the Demon in the desert of upper Egypt. 

Archangel Raphael

Archangel Remiel

Remeil, meaning "Thunder of God", is a Grogori or watcher. He is often confused with Azazel, because he is also called Rameel(sounding like Remiel, Ramiel).There are some stories that claim Remiel is one of the seven Archangels in the Book of Revelations, while others say that Remiel is a fallen Angel, because he refused to take custody of Hell. He is also said to be the Angel of guidance. 

Archangel Remiel

Archangel Lucifer

There is alot of information about Lucifer, whether it is from the Bible, or from other religions. Lucifer was an Archangel long ago. Lucifer, meaning, in Latin, as "Light bringer, Bearer of Light." Lucifer is now known to the world as Satan, or the Devil. Satan, meaning "Adversary."Lucifer is said to have been cast out of Heaven because of "sinful pride", thinking that he was equal to God and rebelling against him. Supposedly the most evil thing that Satan does to us is tempt us into thinking that we are God. It is said that Lucifer is the first Angel to have sinned. Some say that Lucifer is not the opposite of God, but the opposite of Michael, the head Archangel. It is said that Lucifer was created by God on the 6 day of creation. The original theory is that Lucifer is the Archangel that rebelled against God and lead the revolt against him. Lucifer was jealous of the love that God felt against Adam. Some scholars actually believe that Hell is located in Heaven. It is believed that Lucifer aligned himself with one third of the Angels in an attempt to overthrow God and the faithful Angels, taking over the Kingdom. Lucifer and his Angels engaged in battle with Archangel Michael and his Angels and were defeated, casted down to earth.

Fallen Archangel Lucifer

Archangel Gabriel

The Archangel Gabriel comes from the Hebrew meaning"Man of God."Gabriel and Michael are the Archangels that figure most prominently in the Bible. He is mentioned by name in two visions of the Prophet Daniel. Here he explains the future of Israel to Daniel. 

Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Raguel

Raguel name is said to mean "Friend of God."Some say that his role is to oversee all of the other Archangels and Angels to ensure they are working in harmony and order according to the Divine will. He is also considered "The Relationship Angel."

Archangel Raguel

Archangel Zerachiel

Zerachiel is one of the main Archangels that leads souls to judgement. An Angel of healing. It is also said that he is the presiding Angel of the Sun, Prince of ministering Angels who watch over Mortals, and the Angels of children, particularly children of parents who have sinned. He is said to have dominion over Earth. 

Archangel Zerachiel

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    • profile image

      linberchine 3 years ago

      eovery 5 years ago from MIddle of the Boondocks of Iowa

      Great stuff. I know different religions and scholars believe different i.e. Could the fight between Archangel Michael and Archangel Lucifer have been the fight at first, where Archangel Michael helped cast Archangel Lucifer out of heaven. Where one-third of the angels in heaven followed Lucifer and were also cast out of heaven with him, as he drew one=third of the host of angels with him. This seems more correct to me.

      Besides this, I like a lot of your thoughts. Another think to think of. God know Abraham before the foundation of the earth. Or in words we understand. He knew Abraham in Heaven before the earth was build. So could Abraham have been an Archangel. If he was an Archangle or angel that existed befrre the earth was created, From the logic, if Abraham existed before the earth was build and was born on heaven, then could we have existed before the earth, too.

      I know this is deep. It blows my mind. Enjoyed your site.

      mr williams profile image

      mr williams 5 years ago from Norfolk, Virginia Hub Author

      Thanks, you gave me a lot of thoughts that I didn't have at first. Maybe we did exist before we were brought into Earth through birth. If that's true, then what were we? Were we Archangels, Angels? A lot of questions on this matter

      for the person who mention God knew Abraham before the earth was created and that Ab may have been an angel the ans is NO Abraham was not an angel, here is why1) angels has no dononion over man 2) man are born angels are not 3) man are born with a soul and that soul is the esense of God. therefore God knew Abraham soul before Abraham was born , you can rest asure that God knows you too before you were born.

    • profile image

      Amanda 5 years ago

      1.) Gabriel is Monday's Guardian Angel

      2.) Uriel is Tuesday's Guardian Angel

      3.) Raphael is Wednesday's Guardian Angel

      4.) Sealtiel is Thursday's Guardian Angel

      5.) Jhudiel is Friday's Guardian Angel

      6.) Barachiel is Saturday's Guardian Angel

      7.) Michael is Sunday's Guardian Angel

    • profile image

      Amanda 5 years ago

      I have 7 angels assigned to the corresponding days of the week:

      1. Gabriel (Monday) Special Messenger of God

      2. Uriel (Tuesday) Special Bearer of God's Divine Wisdom & Justice

      3. Raphael (Wednesday) Special Healer & Guide for the Christian Pilgrim

      4. Sealtiel (Thursday) Special Bearer of God's Divine Worship & Contemplation

      5. Jhudiel (Friday) Special Bearer of God's Divine Merciful Love

      6. Barachiel (Saturday) Special Provider & Guardian for the Faithful Children of God

      7. Michael (Sunday) Special Chief Prince of the Heavenly Hosts

    • profile image

      Amanda 5 years ago

      The Archangels

      1. Michael

      2. Uriel

      3. Raphael

      4. Gabriel

      5. Sealtiel

      6. Barachiel

      7. Jhudiel

      8. Haniel

      9. Raguel

      10. Remiel

      11. Gabdriel

      12. Zophiel

      13. Jophiel

      14. Rampel

      15. Cassiel

      16. Metatron

      17. Sandalphon

      18. Orifiel

    • profile image

      Iakovos1988 5 years ago

      The information is somewhat correct. Those are the angels in the first Book of Hanokh (Enoch). Angelology in various historical churches is different. The book of Enoch agrees with old jewish angelology. The Ethiopian Orthodox preserve this list from the Syriac. The Greek Orthodox say Salathiel, a corruption of She'altiel (I G-d asked, or I asked of G-d) and Yegudiel ( Ye'udiel). The Jewish faith divides angels into ten choirs, Christianity has 9 main choirs. Isshim (man-like), Hayyoth 9 (Living Beings), cruvim (cherubim), mal'achim (angels), bnei eloqim/elohim (sons of G-d), rashei mal'achim (archangels), seraphim, ofannim (thrones) and hashmalim (lightnings, electricities). The traditions recognize the possibility of other ranks.

      Also, Remiel is confused because the Greek and Syriac texts passed into Ethiopia. Greek didn't have Semitic consonants and the original Dead Sea Scroll form of Remiel is Yirme'el, having to do with the arising of kings and rulers to high place. ram = high in Hebrew. Ye'udiel ya'ud, coming fr0m lha'id, to bear witness. The Roman Catholic Church added doctines and let the angels have their own ages in which to rule. The Coptic Orthodox church has a similar Angelology to the Greek and Ethiopian.

      In Coptic, Mastema (also a Hebrew Demon) is identified as separate from Satan/Sataniel. The place of Sataniel is as an accuser, to be silenenced on Yom Kippur. Belial is not Satan, he is another ruler of Hell in some angelologies. The role of the above demons are taken from medieval grimoires and Supernatural, NOT SCRIPTURE! The West has corrupted ancient tradition. Belial literally means bli (without) Ya'al (worth), so he is worthless.

      Leviathon did not seduce Adam and Eve (Hawwah), the angel that did that was Gadriel, the serpent. Angelology will suffer until we erase the corruption of medieval grimoires and pop culture.

      Also, Judaism distinguishes between Azriel (The good angel of death) and Sammael (The bad angel of death, sent to the damned).

    • profile image

      Jules 5 years ago

      I love "Beloved One"'s posts

    • profile image

      Sean 5 years ago

      Hello all, i must say very interesting opinions, comments and information here. However its not all entirely correct but that isn't any ones fault so to speak.

      Let me explain myself, i have been told by humans (both alive and dead) and angels (both fallen and not) that i was an extremely powerful and old angel but no-one knew how old or powerful or my name. I just recently was told by a couple of angels quite high up that i am Raphael. Whether you believe that or not is entirely up to you, i understand it is very.. farfetched so to speak.

      Angels can become human and when i say human i mean human, we get sick, we make mistakes and we do not have our god given power as much as if we were our true form. However quite a few of us, if not all have certain abilities and gifts.

      Long story short there is a lot people have misinterpreted and misunderstood about God, the angels and of course the fallen (Lucifer included). I have been talking to Lucifers son and know his name (not the one on here) IF the one on here is truly another one of Lucifers sons then he is young. The one i have been talking to (who is leading in hell) is a wise, respectful and composed fallen. I respect Lucifers son 2 for his loyalty and opinions but alas Lucifer was no where near as powerful as he thinks and was not greater than Michael. Further more Hell isn't gods wrath so much but pretty much what Lucifer wanted in an ironic sense. Well these are my points and they are but my opinions.

      On another note be open to new possibilities, there are many angels out there and i know quite a few have come on to this site and have typed up comments ;).

    • profile image

      lenisey 6 years ago

      WOW... i had no idea how many people actually do not know these things until recently when i stopped working, and began my final "job" of spreading god's word and saving the innocent during this tribulation..


      THE STORY OF HEAVEN AND ALL THE ANGELS, BEFORE ADAM AND EVE...the war that broke out when Lucifer , ( the angel of light, god's 1st and favorite) decieded he was going to overthrow God and take over ...and , together with 1/3 of all the angels whom he convinced to take his side ,

      fought , lost and were thrown out of heaven forever....and came to live

      This left Michael...the "dark" angel..or "head warrior " angel in the # 1 spot...and "lucifer" "lost: his title became ....satan.

      God wanted to make sure that NEVER happened again, for it broke his heart...and when he created adam and eve, he told him he would grant him access to one small spot in eden...( the famous "tree")( which he called the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, because he knew satan couldn't resist being there to try to "ruin" god's new " favorite" creation..(adam)..who had taken his place in god's heart so he was jealous.

      and he waited to see if they would stay loyal to him, or be decieved like 1/3 of his angels had.

      they failed..BUT

      Jesus wanted to give humans another chance...they had so much more potential than angels as they were made "IN GOD'S IMAGE..WITH FREE WILL..angels were NOT ..they are all made to do their own specific jobs...and to serve the Lord....and so a deal was struck , resulting in Jesus's birth as a human , and crucifiction...but thats another story.

      this is all in scriptures that have been edited out fduring the crusades because it contained info. that the religious leaders did not want the public to know- it was easier to control the world when you controlled what knowledge & truth was released....but many old religions kept their copies and still have them...


    • profile image

      Lost Warrior 6 years ago

      Amazing page, and great information both from the writer and the commenters.

      I found this page on a never ending search on Demonology. You see I have a pull or calling if you will, in this field where I want to leanr so much about the paranormal and help those oppressed, possessed, or just bothered by spirts (or demons in some cases). The reason I ended up here is because I have always belived that the Archangels are the one to turn to for the kind of protection required doing what I do. But I fear alot, I question if im looking in the right direction or even doing something that God wants, but I cant shake this drive to do it and the closer I get to religion the stronger it is. Growning up I heard that angels and demons are not what we should fouces on but now I hear too many stories of angels helping people directly and of those troubled by demons that I feel it may be wrong and that there is possibly more of a connection we need to have and to follow to defeat the enemies of God. I posted after reading all the good information and I feel that those commenting on here would be able to help or at leaset give some advice.

    • profile image

      believer 6 years ago

      Everybody should pray for "lucifer's son". What a troubled soul he is. Proubly just looking for attention but troubled none the less. Atleast he believes there is a God though.

    • profile image

      Patti 6 years ago

      I have always been told that angels are another creation separate from human flesh and that they serve the human race. We were not and never will be angels, just spiritual beings with heavenly bodies in the presence of the Lord.

    • profile image

      Rev. Cliff Cobb 6 years ago

      The fact tha the angels followed Lucifer prove that even they were already endowed with free will. According to scripture, there wa a great battle in heaven... one third of the angels fell with Lucifer. But according to earlier church Bibles that are no longer in print the scriptures say two thirds. It is impossible to make a decision unless it (Free will) exists. Lucifer did not cast a spell over the angels for them to follow him. Of their own free will they decided to side with Lucifer and follow him. People have deduced that man had to fall in order to have free will. Of course this i leaning unto one's own understanding. Adamand Eve could have passed the test in the Garden although Eve had been tricked. Ther answer is in the scriptures if you humble yourself and research! The truth of the matter is that man fell because he already had it, and refused to do the right thing and follow his spiritual nature instead of that of wanton desire. There are actually seven Arch angels that I know of that are not worshipped but recognized by the churches of today. St. MIchael (color is red, he is the defender of faith and the chief archangel), Gabriel (color is gold, he is the angel of messages and communication), Samuel (color is Green, he is the archangel of wisdom and divine kowlege) , Raphael (color is orange,the divine angel of healing) Uriel (the angel of love and repentance some call the Holy ghost angel), Zadkiel (Color is indigo Blue who is the archangel of compassion and mercy, and Cassiel (color is purple, he is the archangel of materialization and dematerialization). Although the protestant movement focusses on Jesus, we often forget that he has an entire heavenly army at his disposal that are willing to do his will.

    • profile image

      Emily 6 years ago

      I am always interested in different beliefes, people may argue to the part where I don't accept any religion to why I am so interested, but I don't understand why people say people should be loving and caring because every person has been a normal human and hurt someone before, even if you don't want to admit it, I do have an open mind about these things and I enjoy reading the stories about myths, I am only sixteen years old but I have seen enough to know my share of the worlds hatred, but I think the bible is bias, why doesn't Saten himself get a say? Because for there to be good there has to be bad and like Yin-yang there is good and bad in everyone, so God shouldn't of wrote such nasty stuff about Lucifer.

    • profile image

      pat d. 6 years ago

      then why do all 3 major religions kill each other in the name of god i.e jews christians and muslim i sure im leaving some religions out but that all i have

    • profile image

      God 6 years ago

      " My Spirit shall stay within my Son and all my Saints and they shall bring the ten rules of God and the very root of that rule is Thou shall not kill."


      Revelation 10:9

    • profile image

      Ads 6 years ago

      Where does god live does he stay in a palace . If god created man then who created god does god have the power only on earth or does he even rule mars and Jupiter . Nd what did god do before he created man . Can anyone answer this please ? I am a religious man but before I believe in anything I have to believe in myself that I believe in god and it is no fairy tale thank you

    • profile image

      Christian 6 years ago

      I read this page again and it seem im the same as Lucifer. Ohh boy how hateful men several thousand years ago have fooled everybody. The have forced the world to stay unenlighted. There is nobody above me or below me. We are all equal. The souls/spirits that give advice do it because i ask for advice. I have free will to follow or not, but I do listen. My moral tell me to do good (symbiotic) things and not bad (parasitic) things. I will do things that give me bad karma since I don't understand but I will try to correct them and learn from my misstakes.

    • profile image

      some1 7 years ago

      good info

    • profile image

      J1 7 years ago

      I believe we humans all go through a process, we are being judged by god, tested. I think we are spiritually created in heaven & physically created on earth & once we prove ourselves we are allowed to merge both & become angels. through praying we feel a connection with god, we feel our spirits..I don't think religion is necessary our deeds & faith alone, religion is just a label. a trick that has blinded us.I don't know much but it's how I feel.

    • profile image

      jody 7 years ago

      Ive always had an interest in religion and i'm facinated by the srories of arch angels and da apocalpse and everyone needs 2 have a belief in sumting and it may as well be god hes da closest thing we have 2 an explanation of how and why and wat we are and why things do and dnt happen i believe dat da apocalypse will happen sum day and from books and tv der was ment 2 be 3 anti christs as predicted by nostradamus da first was napoleon and da second was hitler and da third was 2 come in our tyme and da third was 2 be da worst and by da way things are lookin in da world rite now i think he mite already be ere as da 4 horsemen are already ere does anyone get what im trying 2 say and am i making any sense???

    • profile image

      Xaphaniel 7 years ago

      The Fall of Lucifer

      12 “ How you are fallen from heaven,

      O Lucifer,[a] son of the morning!

      How you are cut down to the ground,

      You who weakened the nations!


      a. Isaiah 14:12 Literally Day Star

      Lucifer refers to the King of Babylon. (Isaiah 14:4)


    • profile image

      Dimidium Congnatus 4 Abbadon, The Angel of Destruction 7 years ago

      what about Abbadon, Azrael, Metraton, Seraphiel?? what rank in heaven are they?? i no they are fallen and archangels but they must be some importance in heaven.

    • profile image

      kathy  7 years ago

      I was always told that we were born with a conection to heaven and God but very few of us have used or learned to use it. I believe that is how God hears our prayers.

    • profile image

      Yang 7 years ago

      ArchAngels were simply created by God to watch, guide and protect over human beings.

    • profile image

      angelLady 7 years ago

      Extremely interesting.. We're ONE!!! Do you dig??

    • profile image

      I LOVE GOD!!!!! 7 years ago


    • profile image

      jayfrench 7 years ago

      For my first comment, I'd like to point out how odd (yet fitting) it is that the more zealous and extreme the commenter is, the worse the spelling and grammar seem to be.


      Having done extensive research for an art series (simply called "The Archangels") as well as a book, I have some answers for some of these questions. The sources for my research included the Christian Bible, the Judaic Torah and Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism), the Koran, the Goetia, the Grimoire of Almdadel, the Book of Enoch, etc.

      As I understand it, Lucifer is the "Morning Star", the Archangel of light, known as the most beautiful angel. His pride and vanity lead him to believe he was equal to God, for which he was cast down. This task was given to Michael. Lucifer took a third of the host of heaven with him against Michael and the armies of heaven. There were another set of fallen angels, though. The "Watchers" were a group of angels set to watch over mankind (Adam's children). Apparently some of the Watchers "lusted for mortal women and took them as wives". For this transgression, they were cast out of heaven. I'm still not entirely sure which group was cast out first: the Watchers or Lucifer's host.

      As for Satan, I believe he was initially a Sumerian King who was so evil that he was cast away from heaven. I'm not sure if this created hell or if it already existed. One must remember that much of these legends are dated far later than the mythology of the Greeks or Egyptians, therefore the Hebrews borrowed much of their concepts. For example, the term "hell" came much later & was taken from the Norse goddess of the underworld "Hel". Before this, the Hebrews mostly referred to the opposite of heaven as "Tartarus", which is a Greek term for the underworld (when the Romans stole the Greek mythology they changed the God Hades to Pluto and changed the underworld's name from Tartarus to Hades... very confusing).

      Also: as to whether the archangels are all male... according to written legends, they are sexless, but appear male. Different sects and philosophies had different lists, but most had about seven archangels. For my art series, I combined them to get 15 (only ones that were repeated on the different lists). Other angels may appear (or be) female or male, but the archangels were supposed to look at least generally male. Haniel was supposed to look like an androgynous young boy and Gabriel represented feminine aspects in men, but that's as close as they got.

      Hope that helps!

      By the way: I myself am a Universalist and believe that the details are where the religious wars start coming in. I was fascinated with the Archangels merely because of my love of archetypes, the same reason I'm working on a Greek Gods series now.

    • profile image

      ginger 7 years ago

      I wonder how will we ever be able to get along in heaven, if we can't get along here on earth. Does anyone know our earthly purpose. With knowledge comes responsibility. As we move into the her-story cycle, (love, peace, goodness, kindness, creativity, all-knowlwedge, truth, beauthy, etc), the previous cycle of his-story (history; dominance, power, deception, lies, all-evil, etc.), indicates as these levels change, we as humans have graduated, learned our lessons through countless cycles or reincarnation, and are about to move-onward, upward., Things will happen to those who have not enlightned some will make it and others will not, depending upon the severity of their countless recycles of rebellion. Those who are doomed already know their fates and want to destroy our planted, all humans, all good, inorder to maintain their existence. which is a bunch of crock. Defy the devine laws of the cosmos you will eventually destroy yourself, stars fall all the time, energy gets deleted, then recycled. Scriptures say that a believer said "I'd rather be a door keeper in the house of God than dwell in the tents of the wicked. Buddism scripture says"to be grass or flowers in paradise is better than living amoung the wicked.


    • OpinionDuck profile image

      OpinionDuck 7 years ago

      So how many angels are there?

      Any female?

      Where were they in the Garden?



    • profile image

      arcangel210 7 years ago


    • profile image

      Leimer 7 years ago

      Humans were made to think alot of things but the only thing he's got to think is the good thing.Satan makes us forget cause he dislike human.We are all like arc angel.we feel,we touch,we see.Normal angels don't feel nothing,that's why when we say we're gonna die we wont feel nomore.Lucifer was proud of who he was.Lucifer thought if we are the best angels and so unique why would you make humans like us.Who us arc angel will become arfterward.Then the first sin was born.Pride.All of you Who don't have faith God have some.For whom who don't beleive God beleive in you.Never forget who we are always remember.When we forget bad things happen for a reason.The key of heaven is to remember the key of hell is to forget.simple as that.

    • profile image

      Leimer 7 years ago

      the key of heaven is to remember,The key of hell is to forget.Fear is an illusion only pain makes it real

    • profile image

      Matthew 7 years ago

      The Truth

      What do all of us! Of every nationality, race & culture have in common? We all are human; experience the same feelings & surroundings. The basic external fundamentals in life are three elements known as the third dimension. Fuel, Oxygen & Heat! All plant, animal & human life is made of this element. Also known as Fire. But all life forms internally are also 90% water! ( Spirit ). Spirit also contains three elements. Which are the sensations of Mind, Heart & Soul. (These are the six elements which are used to form the Star of David in the Jewish religion.)

      Water can only occur on Earth as the further away you go from the sun it freezes & the closer you go it evaporates! The human spirit of mind & heart is true spirit of positive energy while the human external has the same characteristics as fire which is negative, the learning process for each individual. All living creatures will naturally experience negative aspects in life but the heart, mind & soul can overcome these hurdles like mankind has to Earth. This evolution is natural for mankind’s spirit like a child attending school.

      Before trade & money, people worked hard as a group or pack to obtain basic food needs to live life. Why is this case? Because each individual pack of humans loved & supported each other when hunting for prey, an emotional interjoining pack that would die for each other in order to survive. The male would hunt food for the pack or tribe due to his superior physical stature while the female would comfort the family spiritually and attend to her children’s needs. This was the age of Man.

      The age of man is currently operating under the strongest symbol of life which is pyramidal. Man continue to operate under a triangular or pyramidal operational system but on much broader world terms where World banks, Presidents & Prime ministers of Governments, Kings & Queens, Tribal elders & Chiefs control the general public where the bottom supports the top & the top support the bottom in direction. This is the age of man. The Armed services, Law enforcement & even all political & sporting teams all have a leader under this system. Now, we as humans are becoming increasing individual in our ethics and needs. This is what private business or enterprise brings to all people of all cultures. With the computer age we are approaching the age of women.

      The information is set in stone at Egypt in the Pyramids! (Triangular shape with four sides representing North, East, South & West). The sphinx is represented by a Lion body with a human head. This represents man king of the domain. This is why America & other nations protect Israel as their flag has the Star of David as this was the birthplace of such beliefs. The Jewish belief is that the Star of David represents mankind. A six pointed star with a triangle (pyramid) pointing upwards, (representing the age of man No 6, six derived from Fuel, Oxygen, Heat, Mind, Heart & Soul. 50% good & 50% bad.( like the Yin & the Yang in Chinese culture, Male & Female) & a triangle pointed downwards (representing the age of women, No 9). The numbers of 6 & 9 means man mirrors women. The triangle of the women upside down also represents her womb & rebirthing of energy! We are right at the cusp of these to energy’s meeting. The age of women is technology, ability to obtain the knowledge of D.N.A, cloning & electrical systems as well as having the ability to defeat the environment & reach space through the hard work and labour of all man over time. Men are currently beating this domain on earth of Fire by spiritually thinking of each other & a higher God, no matter what the race or religion.

      Why do I mention the Jews! Well, numbers and language are information to the stars! Money & education produces production for all. We are all similar in our operations at this point. There are numerous secret organisations and legitimate ones which are not public knowledge which is a form of control like International banks, 322, Illuminati group elite 13 and certain lodges!

      The distrubutation of the money should be fair for all people of all countries no matter what line of work they choose to take. I admit, the Management of any Bank, Country or business should receive more money, but just evenly distributed for the people in there area. For example, If a person was a employed as a cleaner or labourer, (And didn’t own the business!), they would be unable to financially support a wife and child while attempting to educate themselves for an improved working position and emotionally support his wife. He is working just like all of us! All citizens of their particular country should have shares invested in the country’s wealth in order to obtain assets for the working individual.

      There are two main Laws when dealing with the logistics of Law, trade and money! Law of Land (which is each individual countries Law) & Law of the Sea. (Trade & shipping or boating routes). All world Banks operate under Law of the Sea! This enables them to ascertain own laws over land countries. Certain family’s which privately operated the BANKS of the river or sea of their country for trade became rich during thousands of years & had the fundamentals in place to commence banking organisations for the people of several countries. This enabled the Banks to form a physical domination of man using Law of the Sea, and in time demanded they achieve what system was in front of them. This was the knowledge of numbers.

      Today, Banks control the stability of the global economy to obtain control over each individual & eventually every country to achieve a one world economy which is based on money & money only. Every separate individual countries culture will change forever if this trend continues. All countries should keep their culture & religion as all countries are different. We can still treat individual countries like family. We as people will lose all respect for each other in order to obtain personal greed if all nations are combined for financial wealth without assisting the individuals on the bottom of the triangle. World Business (Private or Government) is established on exactly the same principle of pyramid or triangular operation.

      All religions were formed 2000 years ago speaking of this Truth! Sun-worship is where humans obtained knowledge (Calender rotation of Sun around earth, Time). Firstly the Egyptian calendar and then the Jewish calendar then to Rome. The Christian bible even states that this is Satan's domain in Eden where the serpent dwells with Knowledge! (Earth). This is our external energy of fire.

      Our internal energy of water or spirit requires discipline from our external surroundings in order learn efficiently. There is a good side to Satin and a bad side to him, just like us. We are his children. Don’t think all is bad as life is an experience of grand proportions. The sence’s of sight, smell, taste, touch, speech and hearing are a blessing in themselves for each of us. With the entrance of computers to our world, unfortunately, people will lose the ability to communicate face to face. We all must maintain our physical contact with each other in communication in order to save world society as we know it.

      Christians also believe in the cup of Christ which is water as spirit or positive energy. The Sun is just a birth star for all people on Earth. We all have the same external characteristics as the Sun which is negative & destructive like fire but have the internal characteristics of Water which is positive energy & creative! Just like a battery as we all know! The Sun is the Son of God which is a young star compared to the others. (The others star consolations being God in energy). Earth is a birth star, like hot lava turns to cold rock the human spirit develops from body & soul when born to pure spirit at death.

      This is why the Roman's used the cross to kill there criminals!! Too represent the positive water energy of the internal soul, while the external energy of fire is destructive, which is our external surroundings our internal spirit of water lives for life, love & communication of others. Why do we find it so hard to ad

    • profile image

      Olivia 7 years ago

      Dear Ramona B. and Daniel,

      I would also like to add that all angels--meaning Michael, Gabriel, Lucifer, etc.--are brothers/sisters.

      Dear Lucifer's Son,

      I'm not religious but i am intrigued by religion in general and this is all i have to say to you:

      1.)Lucifer is not in any way equal to God or near close to equal to him.

      2.)Lucifer was indeed a Cherubim.

      3.)God being omniscient knew how Lucifer would turn out.

      4.)God being omnipotent could have stopped Lucifer from doing anything he did.

      5.)The only reason Lucifer fell was because God gave him the choice to be good or evil; God gave Lucifer free will.

      6.)Even thought God permited Lucifer to defy him and allow Satan to test man's will, GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL.

    • profile image

      Olivia 7 years ago

      I thought that Lucifer and Satan were two different beings. Lucifer, being the first Archangel to sin and lead the revolt against God and start the war in heaven. He fought Michael, lost, and was banished from heaven; he wasn't condemned to hell or restricted from earth, he was just no longer able to enter heaven. So actually Lucifer is able to walk on earth and hell.

      Satan is a being created by God to test the will of man. He resides in hell but is able to walk the planes of earth.

      My point being, Lucifer and Satan are two different beings, both created by God, even though He knew what they would do.

    • profile image

      jeni 7 years ago


    • profile image

      Daniel 7 years ago

      Weren't Michael and Lucifer brothers? And did God himself fight when Lucifer and 1 third of heaven rebelled. Plus, are fallen angels weaker then angels loyal to heaven because angles loyal to heaven have the heaven's power and fallen angesl don't.

    • profile image

      Ramona Baker 7 years ago


    • profile image

      ARCH 8 years ago

      Sorry mixed with Michael - but the question are the same'

    • profile image

      ARCH 8 years ago

      Hello all, I wanted to make tatoo image like is under fallen angel Lucifer, but isn't it angel Gabriel?! - because in his hands ar key, and the Angel Gabriel was an angel who kept key of heaven ?! Why it is in Lucifers hand ?! - so the image are maybe not correct ?!

      Help me to understand/

    • profile image

      Rebecca 8 years ago

      Lucifer and " satan" are not the same thing.

    • profile image

      Beloved One 8 years ago

      Joseph a Canadian,

      Brahma must be conflicted, always fighting with himself (Trimurti = Brahma+Shiva+Vishnu=godhead). Religion does not have to tell us that common sense of - Any kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and a house divided against itself will fall. Not much of a godhead, more of a dysfunctional family.

      The Trinity (God+Jesus+Holy Spirit= Godhead) are united in purpose and cause to try to help you have a relationship with him.

      Stop the insanity,

    • profile image

      Joseph a Canadian 8 years ago

      funny thing!? There is a Hindu story about Shiva and Vishnu arguing about was better. [nya ahh]

      Brahma told them to find his/her head and feet to rpove who was the top dog [god].

      Maybe it's the same story, translated? It happened around the time era.

      You can't read this anywhere, I made it up.

    • profile image

      Beloved One 8 years ago

      Lucifer's son,

      There is definitely fear and hate in your writing. I am sorry if people have hurt you or if God means nothing to you. People will always hurt us (intentionally or unintentionally) but it is how we react to hurts that makes us who we are. If we let hurts/fears dictate our lives, we just end up living a lie; blame everything (people and God) and take the easy way out (Satan - Lucifer). Satan doesn't care if your with him or not; he just cares that he keeps you thinking that your weak and that you are not worth fighting for. God will always be there whether you like it or not and there is nothing that any one can do; this gives me peace and joy (opposite of hate and fear). Whether the whole world likes it or not God loves, cares, and will fight for you; this is why Jesus came to stand in the gap for our lives so no one has to live in fear, hate, or a lie. Love is not a feeling, it is an action. If people hurt you this is not love; people that are loving will most of the time show it by their actions (caring, helping, fight/die for you, etc). If you did not catch on by now, I writing directly to you because I care; I felt the pain, hurt, fear, and loneliness in your writing. I may be forward but you need to know that you are worth the time I take to write this. The only enemies you allow to fight you is your choice You can either ask for help or you can continue thinking your alone. There is no enemy that I cannot face and win when I am partnered with God (yes, even the massive strong ones). Holding back is a form of strength of the mind. Doing whatever I like (no rules) shows that I lack the ability to think things through; this really does not show much strength/effort. It is like if I came along and just took something of value (example, material things, trust, etc) from you because it felt good; I bet you didn't feel good. Even monkeys have a higher thought process than this; they, most of the time, know not to take a banana from another monkey because it is wrong. In the end, ALL (you, me and Satan) will have to BOW before our Great and Might King God Almighty and be judged; the Creator will judge the created (including Satan). You will have to make a choice.

      Love always,

    • profile image

      Lucifer's son 8 years ago

      Lucifer was too an arch angel, and just for the record when micheal tried too fight him Lucifer grapped him by the wing and drugg him down towards the earth but micheal bieng less powerful than Lucifer knew he would be put in perpetual anguish for eternity by Lucifers hands so micheal cried out to god to help that !!! is when god stepped in and threw Lucifer soo hard into the earth. because only god can compare to Lucifer in any kind of streingth because in the beginning god created light Lucifer means beaerer of light so this means Lucifer IS higher than all ThE ARCHs tooo this day AnD is still Equal if noT betTER and MiLliniums StRONGer than yalls ol jealouse puny God who has never had toooo work a day in his stupid life too get bigger the Lucifer and God where equals in the beginning but God was alittle bit stronger but in the future i Bet my soul to Lucifer Because i KNow he will win He now is stronger than the wrath of God i know this because Hell is all Gods wrath God sent Lucifer theire To be prisiner ,Butt Lucifer became used to Gods wrath And Lucifer Became Bigger than all of Hell so Bigg that most of men on earth will most likely be tempted and cast into Hell that is because Lucifer doesn't want Gods men to have fun He wants them all to burnnn luckily Lucifer has a place for me because i never liked God or any who serve him it not my choice that i don't like him it is just me and i am not gonna act like the rest of the world they are children of God who loves them and all the world loves them. but when iwas born till the time i die the Immortal Lucifer is all i can say that he earned my heart after it broke when i was borne till now i know Lucifer is my dad in my past and present life i have never been loved i don't care about love i am a business man but i do love my Father Lucifer who gives me my life back each time one of you hurts me now i don't let any one or animal assuolt me or i will fight back with milliniums of hellish discipline and i will beat dwn the person or persons who bark up my tree and ps i don't like when you lied about Lucifer i researched him through books older than you're church he ws more i said more not less than arch Lucifer was in charge of all Archs God gave him many more privledges than micheal im bad and im tellling more truth than u so if i wanted too be goood i would be more holly than you because you LIE you put you're own words over GOD ALMIGHTY just so you could punk LUcifer keep lying and you will burnnn togethr with the rest of us so if You reallly belived in GOd i know ido I just FIND my LIght With Lucifer because i am not submissive to God and that is why i don't like him becuse he makes stupid RUles for The true powerful do every thing on my own rain or shine i don't ne peaple like Gods people in my life. they arnt strong enough to face the elements or the masive enemys i have endered alone i hate a man or God or angel who telllsss Me ! to hold back .

    • profile image

      Josh 8 years ago

      If there's an Arc'angel..... Then there's a Arc'Devil?...... Ryt?.... There is ryt.... tell me....

    • Telynisblessed profile image

      Terrilyn Lum 8 years ago from Honolulu, Hawaii

      Great Hub!!! I have always wanted to know more about angels. Very informative.

    • Kathy Rimel profile image

      Kathy Rimel 8 years ago

      Great article. As for seeing angles in human form, that is because that is the best way we as humans can identify with them. My own personal guardian angel (who I had always seen in human form with wings) told me that and after our discussion I only see him as a ball of light or energy.

    • Jane Forrest profile image

      Janie Walker 8 years ago from Glasgow Scotland UK

      And now what of our Earth Angels? Are there now human angels on the planet at this time?

      Lovely hub and reminded me to keep believing

    • profile image

      jud 8 years ago

      i have a question..i believe what in the bible said and i need more details information.

    • profile image

      Seeker 8 years ago

      all that we are" is a result of what we have thought!

      thru heart and head we create our freedom, thru angles we find our Strenghs"

      Thu: thru Our Arcangles We Shine Our True Colours. Maybe thay are not so different from ourselfs" just Maybe we are just those angles. A different Arcangle inside each ánd everyone of us" and every one of us Bond

    • fierycj profile image

      fierycj 8 years ago from The Fiery Heart of Africa

      This poem all for a kitten, wow!

    • profile image

      Cordieliea Anne Shirley 8 years ago

      I was grieving for my dead kitten who I named Michael Archangel without knowing its meaning. Just have this guts feel to google it today and I landed here.

      Michael My Archangel


      I like it when you touch my face

      Love it more when you embrace

      You filled my heart with so much grace

      Michael my baby you are such an ace

      As cuddly as all my little stuffed toy

      You work your magic by just being coy

      Showed me true meaning of love dear boy

      But why must it be such a short lifted joy?

      Your wobbly walk...and your funny fall

      You rush for food go knocking the wall

      How I had wish to see you grow tall

      To show off you Mr know it all

      A dear price to pay for the meaning of certainty

      Should have hold you dearly not just let it be

      If only I am lucky to be spared some mercy

      I wish you would just bring him back to me

      You are god sent that changed my perception

      Losing you taught me the power of creation

      Michael the archangel my emotion guardian

      You deserved every inch of veneration

    • mr williams profile image

      mr williams 9 years ago from Norfolk, Virginia

      Okay, sorry Archangelo, won't happen again Lol Food please lol :)

    • angelo di fluno profile image

      angelo di fluno 9 years ago from Italy

      You forgot an Archangelo... me! I have just been appointed as Arcangel by the Boss, I'm the Archangel of food,I give to the beloved man the best food possible! I'm jokingYou did a good HubCiao Angelo

    • Vladimir Uhri profile image

      Vladimir Uhri 9 years ago from HubPages, FB

      From the Bible we know only two Arch Angels: Gabriel and Michael. The Lucifer was not archangel, but lower class of angelic being and he was cherub.

      There is huge amount of angels. But they are not primary of our focus. Jesus is.

      Thanks for opportunity to participate.

    • profile image

      issues veritas 9 years ago

      Interesting hub.

      How many Angels are there total?

      We always see Angels in a human form with wings added but that doesn't seem right.

      BTW, apparently Lucifer, doesn't believe in Arch Devils.

    • Smireles profile image

      Sandra Mireles 9 years ago from Texas

      Informative article introducing angels. Thanks for sharing.

    • mrboffo profile image

      mrboffo 9 years ago from Saginaw, MI

      Very informative hub. Visually stimulating, too. Keep up the good work!

    • Onusonus profile image

      Onusonus 9 years ago from washington

      What, no Angel Moroni!?

    • eovery profile image

      eovery 9 years ago from MIddle of the Boondocks of Iowa

      I am glad I am able to give you more insight on this.

      In what state did we exists in heaven?  How about spirit children of our heavenly father in heaven with him?  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has this as one of their main religious believes.  They call it a plan of salvation, where, if I understand it correctly.  Heavenly Fathere wants to bless all his children to be come like him - since he is perfect and wants us to be like him-perfect.  He creates an earth for us to come to live on to be able to gain a body, and also be tried to develop faith in him. Die and through a savior which his our eldest brother, Jesus, he/they provide a savior for us so that we can be resurrected and also be given rewards to our faith and be able to become more like him.

      So the archangels may actually be our spiritaul brothers and sisters.  And Lucifer was once our brother, but he rebelled against God, and was thrown out of heaven, and he and his followers will never be able to gain a body and progress to be more like our Heavenly Father. They want a body but cannot have one.  This as when Jesus expelled the demons out of the boy body in the Bible, and the demons asks what they could do for they wanted a body, and Jesus let them.  This is their damnation, that they will never have a body, and the progress to be like Heaven Father is stop.  Also, they will see heaven again, shut off from his presence forever.

      They call this premortal life, the pre-existance. 

      As for archangels, and angels in general.  Could the definition be a person from heaven sent to earth with a message or purpose.  Arch-angels could be significant, very righteous and obedient to our Heavenly Father such at the prophets.  The Jehovah Witness believe Michaal to be Jesus, as the LDS believe Michael to be Adam, Jesus to be Jehovah, as Chirst said, "before Moses was I am" or basicly saying he is Jehoval, and the God's name as Jesus said on the Cross "Ehim, why has thee..." or in the Hebrew tongue Elohim.  Also, Elohim is on the Egyptian writings, using Elohim in place of the word God during the time Abraham went to Egypt. 

      Angels could be general spirits/people from heaven.   I am no expert on this, but this is my thoughts.  I like to think that maybe I was one of the angles, singing on the night Christ was born.

      Hope this helps.

    • mr williams profile image

      mr williams 9 years ago from Norfolk, Virginia

      Thanks, you gave me a lot of thoughts that I didn't have at first. Maybe we did exist before we were brought into Earth through birth. If that's true, then what were we? Were we Archangels, Angels? A lot of questions on this matter

    • eovery profile image

      eovery 9 years ago from MIddle of the Boondocks of Iowa

      Great stuff. I know different religions and scholars believe different i.e. Could the fight between Archangel Michael and Archangel Lucifer have been the fight at first, where Archangel Michael helped cast Archangel Lucifer out of heaven. Where one-third of the angels in heaven followed Lucifer and were also cast out of heaven with him, as he drew one=third of the host of angels with him. This seems more correct to me.

      Besides this, I like a lot of your thoughts. Another think to think of. God know Abraham before the foundation of the earth. Or in words we understand. He knew Abraham in Heaven before the earth was build. So could Abraham have been an Archangel. If he was an Archangle or angel that existed befrre the earth was created, From the logic, if Abraham existed before the earth was build and was born on heaven, then could we have existed before the earth, too.

      I know this is deep. It blows my mind. Enjoyed your site.


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