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Christian Countryside Meeting of Doom - Freely Given, But Make Sure They Pay

Updated on April 22, 2016

Countryside HQ of Doom

What a big and expensive building
What a big and expensive building | Source

First session of doom

I wonder if I will ever be invited to a place that does not have the signs of doom in its proceedings? I ended up going down to a place near Guildford and was told that it is a good place to get evangelism training, but it turned out to be yet another place run by people who seemed to have successfully exorcised God and replaced Him with something else. They say that they are a non denominational organisation, but when the so called worship session started it was obvious that they were a standard Sunday church that likes to have a band and singers that are like Hillsong. I have no idea why so many of these Sunday churches like to have these pretend worship sessions where people like to raise their hands as if they are the more serious worshippers than the people who do not raise their hands. Its a shame that they did not read their Bibles and work out how to worship properly like the children of Israel. The so called worship session went on for a while, but they finally relented and then someone prayed while not in a closet.
Someone gave an introduction about what the place does and then the first speaker for the day came up to speak. He started to tell us about himself and ended up filling a lot of the time up with stories about things he had done. I have noticed that this seems to be a normal thing now where preachers in modern churches will speak a lot more about themselves than about God, but it should be obvious that God is way more exciting than they are, so they should be more interested in talking about Him than themselves. He then started to talk about what happened in the Garden of Eden and said that the Devil had been kicked out of heaven when Adam and Eve were in the garden. If you read Job 1 and Revelation 12 then it is obvious that the Devil was still in heaven when the descendants of Adam and Eve were on the earth. During his talk he also mentioned the first time that he says he experienced the Holy Spirit and as per usual he said that it made him speak in tongues. He described the experience but did not seem to have the slightest bit of fear that an interpretation was not provided and this is par for the course for people who seem to think that they can take the word of God lightly.

Paying for salvation?

How could we be saved if God was this expensive?
How could we be saved if God was this expensive? | Source
They say totally free and then tell you how much free costs.
They say totally free and then tell you how much free costs. | Source

Break time at last

During the first break I spoke to one of the church brothers that travelled with me and told him that he should take up one of the free courses that God has to offer, rather than paying for the lacklustre courses that this place had. I even gave him a taste of some of the high end things that God can teach, relating to how the real Israel will return and save the world, but he did not seem that interested. I also gave him a taster of some of the extra information that God has to offer on His course about the Mark of the Beast and the fact that it will be offered in two different ways according to the type of person that is going to receive it.

Go to God for that genuine stress relief

After the break a woman was speaking about handling stress and again it was mostly about stories from her life. As she was speaking I showed one of the church sisters, who we travelled with, some verses relating to how people in the Bible handled stressful situations, to show that the speaker could have used the Bible instead. It looks to me as if God's courses are much better because these people did not create this world, or the life in it, so I would much more prefer to listen to what He has to say.

Go to God for real freedom

You're still better of going directly to God for help with the above problems.
You're still better of going directly to God for help with the above problems. | Source

Break time again

It was then time for lunch and we had to go to the reception because another brother who travelled with us was feeling a bit ill. We passed the time in the book shop, while waiting for a cab, by checking out the books they had on offer. I was still trying to convince them that these books lack the depth that God has to offer, but they still wanted to look at them anyway. There was also a woman that was interested in our conversation, but she then had somewhere else to go. We then went back to the eating hall and had some food to eat and I mostly just listened to the conversations because the talking was loud in there, as if it was full of people who were swift to speak. Afterwards we went back to the main building and joined in a quick tour, then we ended up outside the bookshop again. The same woman from before approached again and started to question me about some things I had said, so I replied to what was asked. She then asked about why there are so few men in the church and I explained that I had done some research and also had a video where another man seemed to agree mostly with what I had found out. I explained that men prefer places where there are set rules and goals, like the army, rather than a place where anything goes, like the modern Christian church, so the best way to handle them would be to give them on the job training like Jesus did with the disciples. I also explained that the men who are currently in the church, are not the proper ones, because it seems to be difficult to get them to do anything, so the real men that God is still after, must still be out there in the world somewhere. We were then asked to be quiet because there was a lecture going on, so the conversation ended there. On the way back to the main speaking hall the brother and sister who I travelled with started to talk about the usual things, that flesh people like to talk about, in relation to my conversation with the woman, so I had to explain that I did not follow things up because I didn't want to distress her with some things from the Bible that I would have to tell her about. She had some hair on her head that did not match her face and she was also wearing trousers, so I though it was better to leave her to enjoy her life. I also mentioned, to the sister that we travelled with, that this young woman was actually interested in what I was saying, so why are the younger women at the church that we attend not as receptive? This shows that not all women are the same and that the interesting ones seem to be in the small minority.

Finally it is over

After the break they then had a question and answer session where some uninteresting questions were asked, which then elicited some uninteresting answers and the day was finally over. The people started then started to leave, so I did my usual thing of standing around as if uninterested and watched as people ignored me; I think only one person tried to talk to me. Now you might say that that is what I should have expected, because of how I was, but you would expect that if anyone cared for my soul, they would have asked me why I seemed to be so unhappy. The people that work there seem to be just going through the motions and it seems to me that this is the usual end result when people decide to invent their own doctrine. It almost seems to me as if the majority of people that run these types of churches will read the Bible and then decide that they do not like the way that God wants things to be done, so they then make up their own friend of mankind doctrine and then check to see if God is going to destroy them, then when He doesn't, they relax and decide that God is ok with it, because of how the money is rolling in.
At the end, the sister that we travelled up with, did mention to the audience that she had a plot of land in Jamaica that she was offering for the organisation to use. Relating to this, I mentioned to her that instead she could help with the restoration of the Israelites, as mentioned in Ezekiel, then when the real Israelites are established, they could then send a team to Jamaica to help out the people who are still there, while also sending teams to other countries that are willing to serve God. But she did not express any interest, even when I mentioned that she does say that she serves God, which should make her eager to do anything that she can to help with what God's future plans are.
I tried to avoid saying too much on the trip back and just mostly listened to their conversations which were mostly about the things of the flesh that they are concerned about. It is usually not a good idea to pressure modern Christians too much about the doctrines that they are following, because they can be a lot more easily upset than you would think.

True worship?

In the so called worship session at the beginning, what would you have done?

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Evangelism options

What do you think is the best way to tell people about God?

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