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Christian Goods and Jewelry

Updated on May 21, 2010

 Have you always find yourself buying many Christian goods? Well, if you are like most Christians out there, you probably spent a good amount of cash on Christian literature and other gifts. I have to say, although these are good stuff to buy, but the question is, are you getting the best deals for these items?

If you find that Christian goods has been a regular part of your monthly expenses, then wouldn't it be great to know of places to avail of the best price possible for these goods? If you think so, read on for some tips to avail of discounts for Christian items.

Tip# 1: If you are a regular customer at a Christian bookstore, it may be a good idea to ask if they offer discount cards to their customers. The worst answer you can probably get is a no and that wouldn't hurt in the least. And you may check out other local Christian bookstores as well as I'm sure there will be some who can offer discounts to their good customers.

 Tip# 2: It's a well known fact that Christian shops and bookstore will always have sale all throughout the year. If the item that you want to buy is a little hard on the pocket, you may want to hold off on the purchase if you can. Then, you can keep updated on a bargain sale. You'll probably be able to buy the item at a much lesser price.

Tip # 3: If what you wish to buy are considered season items, wait for a few weeks if possible. Season items are those that sell best during seasons like Christmas or Thanksgiving. Most of these items will go on sale after the season ends.

Tip # 4: If you are buying many quantity of the same items all at once, you may want to ask around for a possible bulk purchase discount. This usually happens when say, you are buying gifts for family and friends. Most bookstores can quote different price for bulk purchases so don't hesitate to ask.

Tip # 5: Pastors and ministry leaders can most of the time avail of discounts. This will really help especially if you are looking to purchase several materials needed as church resources. This alone will give you some savings on the purchase.

Tip # 6: Christian goods are available online too. Lest you think you only have available options offline, you may be surprised to know that the best deals are most probably available online. These online store don't spend much on their overhead cost as they don't have employees and rental to think of. Therefore, they can offer the lowest price possible for a lot of Christian goods that you are already buying offline. The best thing is, you can do your shopping right in the comfort of your own home. Some will offer free shipping, some don't, so you have to ask this. You may check out Amazon and Ebay for this purpose. And if you don't have any problem buying second hand goods, those two online stores offer those too.

Whatever tip you find that works for you, suit yourself. The money you may be saving may not be much but hey, money is still money and once accumulated, it can amount to much.


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    • Nestor Mahno profile image

      Nestor Mahno 7 years ago from Interwebz

      Hi Jeff,

      To tell you the truth I don't understand this myslef - but then I don't understand quite a few buying habits. Yet there is definitely a demand for that kind of stuff, so I am trying to provide some supply. :)

      And t-shirts probably is not the best category here, jewelry - like crosses and wedding rings - are Chrisitan goods, too :)

    • Jeff Berndt profile image

      Jeff Berndt 7 years ago from Southeast Michigan

      Huh. I never did understand the desire to buy Christian-themed stuff. I mean, Christian is something that you are, a way of being, isn't it? It's not a fan club; it's not a fraternity. It's infinitely deeper than that, and you can't tell if someone's a Christian by looking at them. Anybody can buy an object and seem Christian.

      Of course, there's nothing wrong with proclaiming your faith on a t-shirt or with an item of jewelry if that's how you roll. I just don't get it is all.