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Christian Gospel Concert of Doom - A Trap For The Unwary

Updated on December 10, 2015

Headquarters of doom

It looks so peaceful from the outside
It looks so peaceful from the outside | Source
It has some nice pagan looks as well
It has some nice pagan looks as well | Source

The doom begins

I have known that there was something wrong with the church for a long time, but I seemed to be having a hard time convincing other people of this fact. I then had a chance to go to a concert, that was organised by some so called church brethren, and this time I was not disappointed. Things started off with the usual loud music and people dancing, as if they were in a night club, then the main event started after a while. The MC announced each performer as their turn came and the time eventually came for the first interesting incident. Lately, I have been trying to convince people that music is going to be one of the main weapons that the Devil is going to use to destroy the church. I feel that the method he is going to use is to get people used to so called gospel music and then he is going to switch the tune, while people are engrossed with moving their flesh, then get people to unwittingly dance to a tune that is related to worshipping the beast. If he can get people to worship the beast, without knowing it, then they will receive the plague of God's wrath, as a reward for their ignorance. The next performers came on and they started with a, so called, gospel song that had a few religious words in it. They then started to sing a song that seemed to have a dance hall tune that I recognised and I realised that the words were not religious any-more and seemed to be more about one person chasing after another, which could of course could be related to having a carnal relationship. There is a certain church brother, who I know seems to like dancing too much, so I looked around and there he was dancing to this tune, without even checking the words that were being sung. I had a word with him afterwards, but he did not seem that convinced by what I was saying, so we can only pray that something can be done to wake these people up before it is too late.
During the concert I saw a woman making some strange movements, so I asked the brother beside me if he felt up to an exorcism, he said no and I felt the same way as he did. To make things worse, another woman also started to move in a strange way and it seemed as if she also knew the first woman. It sure seems as if an increase in exorcism skills might be needed in these end times.

Times of doom

Nothing happening on Saturday, maybe so that their members can get the shopping in.
Nothing happening on Saturday, maybe so that their members can get the shopping in. | Source

The doom continues

The time for the main event had then arrived along with my main surprise of the evening. When it was time for the next performer, we received our next taste of how this deception could be perpetrated. The MC asked us to stand, before she announced the next person, whereupon the majority of people stood up, not knowing what had just been done to them. You might know that in a lot of churches they will ask you to stand when the word of God is read and you might think that this is a good thing to do, but what about if they are doing it in order for when the False Prophet is our new god, so that people will automatically stand, before they know it is the beast that they are supporting, which then means that they are now standing for and showing respect to one of God's main enemies, therefore bringing on them His wrath. When the next performer came on and started to speak, the brother beside me immediately said that he could feel a spiritual force coming off the man, but I couldn't feel anything. As the performance continued, there was no doubt that he was right and we could see that the crowd was a lot more mesmerised than they were by the previous performers. His feelings were further confirmed when a group of women jumped up, without any visible cue, then the brother remarked to me that there was something wrong with they way that they had reacted and it certainly did not seem related to any spirit of God. I should also mention that throughout the concert, if I saw anyone acting in a strange way, then I would ask the brother beside me if what they are doing is spiritual, so I feel this is why he made the remark about the synchronised actions of those women. We could tell that this performer was also a user of hypnotic music and this is usually a bad sign when it comes to working out the intentions of his sponsors.
Another performer came on and they seemed ok, but it looked as if the brother beside me had warmed up, because he pointed out that she was saying nobody was greater that Jesus, which we know is not true according to His own words, then to rub things in her next song was about the sun. We know she was talking about the solar sun, because of the words she was using, so it looks as if sun worship is now back on the agenda as well. I asked the brother if we should have a word with her after the concert, but he declined.
Just to rub things in, someone made a comment about the building we were in and seemed to think it was a church, so I reminded her that it was just a normal building and that a church can only ever be a group of people.
The concert was finally over and normality had returned, so we could now head back into our normal quiet(er) lives. I was outside commenting on the proceedings, when someone asked me if had spent the £10 just so that I could give my thoughts on what happened and I said yes, which seemed to surprise her a bit, but I thought that it was money well spent, so that I could keep track of the techniques of the forces of darkness. On the way back in the car, was when I spoke to the brother who was tricked into dancing to the secular music. I could tell that he was reluctant to listen to what I had to say, but I had to say it to him anyway, so that his blood would not be on my hands for not warning him. I also mentioned about when the MC had asked people to stand for that performer and it seemed that not all of them had noticed what had happened.

Looks good on the outside

An impressive structure that must need a bit of money to maintain.
An impressive structure that must need a bit of money to maintain. | Source

Will you be able to avoid the doom?

So, do you still think that these concerts are places where God is glorified? Or are they just traps that have been set up by the Devil, so that people can be tricked into worshipping the beast when he arrives?
Here is a final scenario of doom that will hopefully scare some sense into you if you still think these so called "gospel concerts" are not set up by the forces of darkness. Imagine that you walk past a building and you hear some drumbeats and bass that sound like one of your favourite gospel tunes emanating from it. You decide to go through the first set of doors and you can now hear some singing that sounds like your favourite song, but you still can't hear the words that they are singing. You then enter through a next set of doors, which are then shut loudly behind you as you walk into the dance hall. When you listen to the song's words you realise, to your horror, that they are singing about how they love the dragon and about how they want to worship the beast and his image. You quickly turn to leave, but you find that your way is blocked by some bouncers who have red eyes. One of them then says to you "Too late, if we can deceive you into liking something that the beast has set up, then you are ours, because you loved not the truth that was set before you, thinking that it was too boring".
We can read about what the bouncer was referring to in II Thessalonians 2:10-12 where it says "And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness."
If you still feel that these so called "gospel concerts" are still ok to go to, rather than organising a Bible study because they seem to be too boring, then we can only hope that God has a way of waking you up before it is too late.

Spotting the doom

How would you tell if a gospel activity is not of doom?

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Addicted to doom

Do you like going to gospel concerts?

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    • SpiritusShepherd profile image


      2 years ago

      If you are interested here is a link that will help you find a church in your area

    • SpiritusShepherd profile image


      2 years ago

      We can always speak up and say something, you are doing so here on Hubpages. Unfortunately, it is very hard to get people to listen. Many times, they may even agree with you, but they don't know how so many people could be wrong, or they might think it is too late to do something. Have you visited a liturgical church? My Husband and I currently attend a Lutheran church, specifically Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. You might have to do a little research, some of them have switched to contemporary worship, but most of them still follow liturgy. It is very traditional, you will feel like traveled back in time, but the hymns are directly from Scripture, some of them dating back to the Apostle's time.

    • profile imageAUTHOR

      ITGWF Disciple 

      2 years ago

      The thing I wonder though is should we sit back and just let these things continue to happen, or does God require us to at least say something to the people involved. I always bring up this subject whenever I get the chance with people and it is obvious that they would prefer to just carry on with what they are doing, as if God does not care how He is worshipped. Some people even seem to get upset when I say that God was worshipped differently in the Bible.

    • SpiritusShepherd profile image


      2 years ago

      You make some good points in this Hub. I would like to recommend the book "Broken" by Johnathan Fisk, he expands a little bit on what you are seeing happening in the church. Amazon would probably be the best place to find it.

      It is true, one of the ways Satan is hitting Christians is in our music, whether it be these "Gospel" concerts or even the music in worship services, mysticism has worked its way into our worship services. The songs are designed to evoke strong emotions, either ecstatic happiness or romantic feelings evoked by the slower songs. Sometimes the songs do mention God or Jesus or at least have Christian wording, but in the end worship services have become the worship of our emotions. We judge how well a service was by how it made us feel. If we break out in a dance "The Holy Spirit came over us" if we reach the point of weeping "The presence of the Lord fell on us". The ladies you noticed who seemed to be dancing unusually probably believed they were "being moved by the Spirit".

      We worship our emotions and the way the music makes us feel, but since Jesus is mentioned we say that we are worshiping God. Genuine reverence for the Lord has been lost.

      I do enjoy some Christian bands, Thousand Foot Krutch, Pillar, Skillet etc, but I think they should be enjoyed in place of secular music, not used for worship.


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