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Christian Humor/Something To Make You Laugh

Updated on February 10, 2011

All Of Us Need Jesus

Christian Humor/ Something To Make You Laugh


One day a young woman was going out of town, and asked her Grandmother to watch her Parrot. Her Grandmother said "Yes", and the young woman went on a week long vacation.  The young woman returned and took her beloved Parrot home. Later, that evening, her boyfriend came over and was speaking SWEET NOTHINGS, in her ears. The boyfriend said "Baby, We need to make up for lost time", then the Parrot spoke"YOU NEED JESUS". The young woman and her boyfriend was astonished , she didn't even know the Parrot could speak. The young woman immediately picked up the phone and called her Grandmother. "Grandmother, she said, did you train Peek-a-Boo (the parrot's name) to talk? " No Dear, Why "? Her Grandmother asked. "Never mind," said the young lady and hung up the phone. The Grandmother hung up the phone and looked at the picture of her beautiful grandaughter and her grandaughter's boyfriend, like she did every night, and said out loud, pointing to the picture, "You need Jesus", and went to bed. We all need Jesus, Love Mother Daphne


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    • LeslieAdrienne profile image

      Leslie A. Shields 6 years ago from Georgia

      Cute... Thanks for sharing