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Are Christian Terrorists?

Updated on June 8, 2017

Who is Terrorist?

There has been and still is going on the propaganda that the Muslims are terrorists. It is just a propaganda and due to the western hegemony over the media and material and military resources of the world. The western media and western institutions created a hype against the Muslims. There was a time when the Christians were studying in the Muslim universities of Baghdad and Spain. For a long time they have been the ruled ones. When he Muslims were ruling the world,the Christians were roaming in the dark ages-middle ages. Just read the history of the Muslims of middle ages and you will understand this vendetta of Christians against the Muslims.

The Revenge

There was a time of Roman Empire. Priests gathered to converse the matter of horse's teeth. every priest was arguing with quotations of books. A sensible christian young man asked the clergy to fetch a horse and count its teeth instead of wasting time. He was thrown into boiling oil.

It was a time when Avicenna and Averroes(IBN-I-SINA and IBN-I-RUSHD) were the scholars and physicians of the world.

Since then the Christians started such conspiracies to subdue the Muslims. They succeeded in that. Holagu proved a plague for the Muslims. The time changed and things went upside down.

It is the fear of the Christians that is making them to weaken the Muslims.

Facts and Figures

now it is time to discuss facts and figures. since the days of the downfall of ottoman empire the christian has slaughtered billions of the Muslims. Just count the nubmer of Muslims killed in Bosnia,Afghanistan,Jordan,Yemen,Iraq in the last three decades. Who killed them? the Christians. why? Because they were afraid of the muslims to rise again.


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