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Christianity: Female Jesus

Updated on February 26, 2015

Jesus: Current image

As we know it, Jesus is a white man that has long brown hair and a beard. He lives under the influence of the European vision of what Jesus would look like. He is based on their standards and on their culture.

He has the manly image compared to the more feminine image he had during the romantic era. In today's image, he has muscles and is the figure of what a man should be physically, which is strong.

Image of Jesus during the Romantic Era
Image of Jesus during the Romantic Era

Jesus: feminism

According to feminist, Jesus could be a woman. Let's analyse this for 2 seconds.

The name Jesus is a male name. The name itself means "God is Salvation". The name comes from the greek and inspired the name Joshua (Yeshu'a in Hebrew).

For the feminists, they picked to change the name to Kristina or Christiane. They completely took out the name Jesus to be able to make it work.

Jesus was pro-feminist even before putting a name on it so why need to make him a woman?

Virgin Mary

The Virgin Mary is strongly seen as someone that is well seen by men, women and more importantly, the Catholic church. She is the symbol of how women are supposed to be, a virgin until marriage, but still shows that she is strong.

She stood by her son's side throughout all his doings and was there when he got crucified.

She represents also the sacrifices that have been made by Jesus and other Christians.

She is taken up to heaven peacefully and is granted predestination.


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    • Ashley CathcartM profile image

      Ashley Cathcart-McKinnon 3 years ago from Ottawa, Ontario

      They never said what race he was but since he is from Nazareth you can guess he looked like a middle eastern and not a white man. But, many races have changed his race to accommodate them also. He was even a feminist himself, since he accepted those who were rejected by the society, so it doesn't even make sense. We know he was a man from what was written in the Bible. Also, there is a rise in the knowledge about Mary of Magdalene.

    • Hannah David Cini profile image

      Hannah David Cini 3 years ago from Nottingham

      Wow, I didn't even realise that there were femenists claiming a female Jesus, there is so much Scripture you would have to change to make that work. I liked the focus on Mary as an important and central female in the Gospels.