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Christianity: Is It a Fake?

Updated on August 8, 2014

Christianity: the only truth or not?

Is it a possibility?

Whether you are a Christian or a believer of other religions, faith is the important factor that holds you to that particular religion. But have you ever thought about a possibility that your religion or Christianity if you are a Christian, might be a hoax, or something other than you have thought of?

I know this kind of question would have categorically earned me a bad name for a Christian or even disqualified to be a Christian.

I wonder if this is just suppressing a natural question unjustly in the name of faith. Having faith can't mean a total abandoning logic or reasoning, can it?

So you may guess by now: Ha! this person has been a Christian.

Right. You are so clever at that. Many people ,who know me well enough, think I am a Christian, and I don't think I will ever deny that.

But granted that I am a Christian, is questioning God permissible?

I think not.

Also I understand that it's not because those people are incorrigibly twisted and religiously block-headed but it appears that a total subscription of faith precludes any hint of doubt.

In some way, that makes sense. we can't keep arguing and reasoning all the way to the bottom. Because there isn't any bottom in the end. We are left to choose such as egg or chicken.

But that's where my question lies. Do we have to view it that way? What began to undermine my once unshakable principle in which I also thought that kind of question is not considered healthy as far as faith goes comes from an analogy.

An analogy to something ridiculous.

When I first saw North Koreans in Youtube, their way of life takes uncanny similarity to Christianity.

No criticism is tolerable to their dear leader, right? They are not supposed to question their leader's authority, right?

Now you tell me the difference.

God is good, said they. Maybe so is their dear leader? If we are not allowed to question God's authority, what difference does it make from those who worship a mad dictator?

Is it light or God's manifestation?

A North Korean God?

The North Korean think their leader as a godlike figure. Any hint of criticism on him deems evil and meets with punishment of death, and what's worse, they don't think that's wrong.

Of course, not that I think the God Christians believe is a North Korean God but that it might be an indicative of mankind's shared interpretation of ultimate or religious authority.

Our faith of God, or our concept of God may derive from nowhere but our own warped dependency to power and its abusive nature.

The inability to embrace natural question and doubt can be a telltale that its origin may not be authentic.

Why aren't we supposed to doubt God and his religion? God is always good or is he?

I want to believe that, quite frankly, more than anyone in the world. I hope against hope that my God is the one as good as I thought him to be.

But do I have to subscribe to that ultimatum by sacrificing natural doubt like North Koreans?

A Question that Christinaity Seems Unable to Answer

It is a question about the second coming of Christ. In the early day of Christianity, people believed that the second coming of Christ was very imminent.

But it only served as an anesthesia to fuel the zeal for martyrdom after martyrdom until the entire Rome was converted to Christianity.

Even today, or in any generation that has contacted with Christianity, regardless of their cultural differences, people have linked the second coming of Christ to their own localized conditions, or interpreted accordingly.

Christianity has never ceased to blow the trumpet for the second coming of Christ. The latest one was Family Radio stunt.

One thing strange about Christianity is that their leaders, or the so called prophets, or someone in charge seem to never suffer any proper reprisal for their scandalous deed.

Such a noisy campaign about the second coming or the end of world, Harold Camping, the boss of the Family Radio continued to work, constantly excusing his errors and wrongdoing until he died a few years ago.

What do you think of the second coming of Christ?

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Have you ever thought Christianity is a hoax?

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    • profile image

      Young 3 years ago

      You will know Christianity is the only truth or not after you pass away.

      Don't rush.

    • cjhunsinger profile image

      cjhunsinger 3 years ago


      For the great majority of Christian theists, past, present and the near future, as Christianity will not survive much longer, and too, Muslims and Jews their beliefs are very real. The origins of all three were embedded in fear and the ignorance of the unknown, which was pretty much everything. These belief systems gave purpose and solace, not to mention meaning, to a torturous life. Sadly, for many of these people, such a life continues and those who would exploit those insecurities for profit and control continue.

      The same type of leadership, for the same reasons, is even evident today, in the secular philosophy of Marxist Socialism, which seems to be a growing movement.

      Christian theism, as any other form of deity worship is being translated to a secular worship of the State, which is no less a fallacy and no less degrading to the human character.

      In defense of early theistic beliefs; they were a learning process, a way to define and explain what was not known, the first steps in a long journey. Today however, Theism Man centered or a god centered, is a process of unwarranted belief, escapism and a degrading of the human character for purposes of greed and power over others.