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Christianity, Islam and the Resurrection

Updated on October 15, 2016

We are spirits and not only attend to be.

We are all connected energy as evidenced by the existence of telepathy.
We are all connected energy as evidenced by the existence of telepathy.

Resurrection is objective proof of an afterlife or spirit.

Christianity and Islam agree on the resurrection (or near death experience) of Jesus for the following reasons. Mohammad knew the resurrection story and never denied it. Mohammad took Jesus as true and Jesus predicted his resurrection (three times), so Mohammad accepted the resurrection as true. The resurrection objectively proves the afterlife exists because one cannot come back from nothing. A place or condition must first exist before there can be a return. There is no longer any doubt.

In 4:157-8, The Holy Qur’an says, “That they said (in boast), ‘We killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Apostle of Allah’, but killed him not, nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them and those who differ therein are full of doubts, with no (certain) knowledge. No, Allah raised him up unto Himself; and Allah is exalted in Power, Wise.”

To a person who believes that Jesus is true, 4:157-8 is the Good News of the Bible, "He is alive!"

We are spirits or energy beings, not the physical body. Jesus physically “died”, but his spirit lived. Follow the path of the spiritual body, not the physical body. His physical body was crucified, but not the spirit. Death is a separation between the spirit and the physical body. His spirit then returned to His physical body to prove his power over death, then and now. Those who do not believe this are filled with doubts (about an afterlife). All mankind are spirits (energy) attached to physical bodies.

Mohammad was a Man, a spirit attached to a physical body. All Men make mistakes. All violence done in his name was and still is, a mistake. Jesus was non-violent and Mohammad was pro-Jesus. Mohammad witnessed for Jesus. All violence in the name of God, Allah, Jesus or Mohammad is a mistake. Once a mistake is acknowledged, it may be corrected.

The energy body

We are all energy beings who resonate with one another.
We are all energy beings who resonate with one another.

We are Energy

Christianity and Islam both teach that we are a spirit or that we have a spirit. The key to reading 4:157 is to understand what a "Man" is. A Man is spirit or energy attached to a material body. Evolution exists for the physical body because it is subject to physical laws.

What is important is to know we are the spirit and not the physical body. Now re-read 4:157 from the standpoint of a spiritual body as it ascends (is taken up). We are all spirit first and foremost.

Resurrection Flowchart

Near Death Experiences

See, “NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES the rest of the story” 2011 by P.M.H. Atwater. Atwater studied some 3,000 adult cases and about 300 child cases. Starting in chapter seven are cases which have been “Verified.” By “Verified” it means the person obtained information outside his normal five senses was later were corroborated by investigation.

While clinically dead, George arose and went to the newborn section of the hospital near where his body lay. George noticed a baby with a broken hip. Upon reviving, George told the doctors about the baby’s broken hip and added, the hip is broken because the nurse dropped her. X-rays showed the break. When the nurse was confronted, she admitted to dropping the baby. At page 59.

While having a hernia operation, Mark found himself above the operating table looking down at his body. Mark ‘flew’ out of the operating room to a waiting room where his parents were. He sat next to his mother and later recounted the conversation of his parents. Mom turned white when Mark repeated almost verbatim what they were talking about. At page 65.

If this research is true, can Islam teach Near Death Experiences as part of their religion?

Resurrection (NDE) of Jesus in Islam?

Can the resurrection of Jesus (NDE) be accepted/ taught in Islam?

See results

Do not harm yourself or another.

Modern NDEs are evidence of a spirit and afterlife.
Modern NDEs are evidence of a spirit and afterlife.

Do not harm yourself or another.

We should renounce all images and stories which make a hero out of someone who harms themselves or another. Set high ideals: peace, forgiveness, acceptance, reconciliation, thanksgiving and sharing. Apply the principles Jesus taught, but not his example of self-harm. Do not willingly martyr yourself. Suicide is Not the answer to your troubles. Jesus "took on the troubles of the world" and it led to his suicide. This example is Not to be copied or glorified.

Near Death Experiences (NDEs) are evidence of a spirit and therefor an afterlife. NDEs are a medical fact and have been studied. Verified out of body experiences have been made. The crucifixion of Jesus was unnecessary.


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