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Christianity Looking For Peace, But Always at War...

Updated on July 13, 2015

Make no mistake... we are at war.

Since the inception of man into existence, since the dawn of creation, the war has been raging. Hell has fought against the forces of holiness, and the darkness has threatened to bring goodness to ruin. It is not simply a battle between black and white, light and darkness, or good and evil - the war that is fought is in the middle, in the grey areas of this life.

The middle ground is the place where it is chaotically having lines drawn in the sand. The lines have no permanence, and cannot be seen as stable, but it is the middle, the grey where the war, this life, is either won or lost.

Do not be confused on who controls the battlefield... the darkness is in control, and his victory over this earth is imminent. Victory is coming in the guise of equality. The truth of this is matter-of-factly that all do have a choice, all have a duty, a lusting to be free. It is also a matter-of-fact that those freedoms come with a price, for wherever the war is fought there are victories and casualties, and the battlefield is always covered in literal or proverbial blood.

The very tenets of our humanity is being overrun by the idea that everyone... every person... is free to make their own choices, which in truth everyone is implicitly free to make either a good or a bad choice (outside of governmental control). But, the problem here lies, when one freedom takes away someone else’s freedom to make a choice, that is where slavery is born, that is where evil thrives, that is how the darkness takes hold and we are plunged into the chaos that drives humanity to ruin.

We cannot stand when we are divided... we cannot live if we are forced to make the choice between freedom and tyranny. This county is not only divided, and fighting amongst itself, but we are fighting against forces who oppose the idea of what this country stands for. We are at war with an ideology, a belief that purging this world of the infidel will save the world from destruction.

The people who threaten our land, believe we are a nation of heathen... that believe what is wrong with this land is the fact that we allow the darkness to thrive, and through the grey is how soldiers of terror were allowed to enter into our society.

The war of sexuality is only a symptom of the greater war. Whether a man wants to be with a woman or wants to be with a man is not in question, the question is where one is going to be fundamentally “right” or “wrong”.

We humans have always had the choice, we have always had a decision to make, to stand for what is right, or to stand for what is wrong. But, when the shades of grey come into play that is where the problem is. Those who want right and wrong, light and darkness or good and evil are not content with being in the middle, they want to subjugate, they want everyone brought into the grey, for once in the grey, you are one step away from slipping into the darkness.

Make no mistake, we are at war. We are fighting for our children to have security in this world of chaos. We are fighting for them to be a part of We the People, however, when that idea of choice is lost, it no longer is something that can be taught. The children are the future and if our children are introduced to this world of grey at a young and impressionable age, we will have lost them if we do not stand up and fight to make their own choices.

We are not to speak evil of anyone. We are not to judge anyone, (the scripture that reads judge not lest you be judged in the original Greek actually uses the word krinete which is translated into criticize). We are to not take anyone’s choices away. We are to love our neighbor, and there should be no black or white, heterosexual or homosexual, there should be no grey, we should all strive to live lives in accordance with what we believe to be true. It’s our choices; our duty to ourselves, it’s our freedom to listen and hear the war, to hear both sides of the argument and then decide for ourselves what side to stand on. We should not judge anyone according to their sins or what we believe to be their sins, we are to love, and we are to be a respecter of persons. We are to honor God by our actions, and we are to lead others by example. If a Christian were to see someone in need, would we first ask what their sexual orientation is? If someone was dying, or starving or in distress would we deny them a helping hand?

No matter what faith, color, creed, or anything else that can be thought of that divides humanity, God is no respecter of persons. What is humanity called to do? Only God can call some righteous or sinful, only God can call someone holy or evil. Only God can hold us in judgment. We are not to step into God’s role, for his love for us is unconditional and unwavering. We truthfully have enough to convict us to the eternal lake of fire, but through his grace and mercy we are made new, and are washed whiter than snow.

When we stand, we must stand for what we believe, not for what the world believes, we must have the conviction within ourselves. If we are to support heterosexual marriage, then we should stand for that line of thinking for our own lives. If we support homosexual marriage, then stand up for that line of thinking in our own lives. If we agree or disagree with one line of thinking, we should remain silent, for what is important is how we are to live our lives.

But when we wavier, when we stand in the grey, that is where the danger found. We must ask ourselves, what did our God call us to be? Whether we are Christians, Muslims, Buddhists or whatever way we choose to express our devotion to God, we should ask ourselves about the principles of how we live. What are the tenets of our lives, the building blocks of what we are within? What makes us who we are?

We must remember that we are at war with the darkness, and never take it for granted. The darkness never relents, never stops stalking, never stops killing. The darkness is brutal and vicious and we must be every vigilante, for once we slip into the darkness it is hard to get out.

We must place our hope in the God that saved us. We must look for his face and we must seek his guidance. We also must not fear, for we are not alone. The worst thing that can happen to us is that our lives can be taken, and as a faithful follower, I believe that something great waits. If we are to fight, let us fight for truth and love, in a loving and faithful way. Let us not judge, criticize, hate or slip into the darkness. We must remain steadfast in our resolution and be a testimony for our world to see. We cannot change the world, but if we have a gift us it for his glory to lead other to the light. If we know something is to be true we need to stand firm.

But never make a mistake in thinking we will find peace on this earth. Make no mistake, we are always at war.


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