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Christianity and Same-Sex Marriage

Updated on May 10, 2012

God and homosexuality in the Bible

Tonight, the state of North Carolina banned same-sex marriages, just as many states keep marital rights only to man-woman relationships.

When I read the comments, I found exactly what I was expecting: Christians celebrating and liberals disgusted and stating that the state is lagging in time.

This hub is dedicated to understand a very possible approach to homosexuality in terms of God and the Christian religion, and to see how can Christians and churches modify their mindset and general perception that gays and people with homosexual tendencies sin before God.

If we analyze the first chapters of Genesis, according to the creation chapters, God created the man first, to rule over the world, the animals and the living species God created before Him, and then He created the woman out of the man's rib because God felt the man needed company. In other chapters of the Bible, homosexual behavior seems to be considered against nature and disapproved by God in terms that people who engage in homosexual activity will not inherit the kingdom of Heaven.

Now, homosexual behavior has been generally accepted to be a natural behavior found in some people, which still form a minority within the human race. Inside biology and other situations may cause a person to see another person of the same gender to be sexually attractive, and it can't be helped but to be felt sexual arousal just like heterosexual people feel for others who are the opposite sex. The reason for this is still unknown, but it seems to happen this way, so homosexuality is not really a choice.

This brings us to the question: Did God make people gay only to have them condemned and punished for their sexual orientation? Is God being fair?

Although the Bible can be interpreted in different ways, and many people choose which interpretation fit to their personal acceptance, the truth is that, to say that gays will perish because of their behavior is quite serious and defines God to be quite intolerant and, in a certain way, evil. Because, if homosexuality is so bad and evil, then why would most gays say their orientation is natural and they know to be that way from birth? Why does God allow gays to exist anyway, if it is downright evil?

It is not in us to judge homosexuals, much less to pretend to know if God will punish them especially if the behavior is in the nature of these people. Jesus said to not judge others. Remember, God watch people's hearts. In terms of legal advantages of civil unions, homosexual marriages should be allowed. It is the prerogative of a religion to decide if it will allow for a ceremony marriage. But since gays don't choose their orientation, they have the same rights everybody else have, and it cannot be controlled by the opinion of people based on religious and dogmatic beliefs. After all, the opposition to homosexuality by most religious people (especially Christians here in the United States) is based mostly on personal perceptions boosted by religious aspects and interpretations, which means that on this particular issue, church and state are not separate as they should be.


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