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Christianity or Catholicism?

Updated on May 7, 2016

In fact, many people have been misled when using the phrase "Act of God" or "Christian" to refer to Christianity (Catholicism) ie holy Religion which Christ preached and established the Church in the background Apostle platform as a means to spread and bring God's salvation to all peoples of all countries until complacent over time.
It was The Salvation invites everybody to accept to be happy forever with God in His Kingdom of love.

In terms of terms (terminology), the name of Christianity sounds reasonable for the purpose of worshiping God is the sovereign of all things and the universe. But if you delve into the theological contents, then this name does not distinguish the object and purpose of the faithful worship the same faith in God (God) in general and in particular the Savior Jesus. Believers are now dispersed in the Church or Religion have different names as follows:

1. Judaism (Judaism), also known as Dao Moses (Mosaic Religion) Religion worship God is Yahweh, the Father of the Patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Israel (Jacob). He is also the one who, through his hands Moses, has freed the Jews escape the yoke of suffering and bring them inside the Egyptian Red Sea has reached a safe homecoming. And he also mediated Moses, God commanded the Jews and for humanity today the Ten Commandments as a covenant debtors to be blessed and live with God's love. The Hebrews under this Act so far has only worship a single God alone Yaweh (monotheism). They have no idea what a Trinity (The Holy Trinity) because they do not acknowledge Jesus is the Second Person of God, has made him into the world to redeem mankind. They also did not know about the Holy Spirit, even though the Old Testament have revealed little light on the Trinity through wizards Three strangers to visit Abraham and his warm welcome without knowing they are one (Gn 18: 1-15).

Also because of the failure to recognize Jesus as Savior God Second Person and his Gospel, the Bible of Judaism only the Old Testament alone.

2. Roman Catholic (Roman Catholicism) the state are Christianity, that is the way of salvation by Christ birth with the person down to earth as the Son of Man, to preach the Gospel, heal and eventually died on the cross to completed the work of salvation for mankind from death for the crime.

Catholic worship the Trinity of one substance (substance) and the same authority. God of Christianity is the God of Christ (Christian God) and also the God of the Patriarchs Jews. Therefore, the Bible of the Catholic Church includes both parts OT (Old Testament) and the New Testament (New Testament) with a total of 72 books holy Catholic Church teaches that believers must read to nourish the life of faith by listening to the Word of God for his life's way.

3. Orthodox is KitoGiao Eastern Branch (Eastern Orthodox Churches) were separated from the Roman Catholic Church from 1054 because of some disagreements over doctrine, liturgy and authority. So far, this branch is not yet full communion with the Roman Catholic Church, though both sides have a lot of good will and tried to rapprochement. Catholics and Orthodox have the same origin Apostles (apostolic succession) should share the same sacraments effective, although still not united because the only obstacle is the issue of who is entitled average behalf Christ to rule the Church. It is the authority of the pope, as well as the Bishop of Rome, which ye have not accepted Orthodox.

4- Protestant (Protestantism) is Branch KitoGiao have quit the Catholic and the Orthodox Church after the Reformation (reformations) advocated by Martin Luther in Germany in 1517, spread to France with John Calvin, Ulrich Zwingli Switzerland .

But the internal branch then has split into thousands of small arms such as Baptists, Methodists, Lutherans, Presbyterians, Episcopalians, Pentecostals, Quakers, Church of Christ, etc. They also worship a God and believers Christ as Savior (Savior) as well as take the Bible as the basis for the belief and teaching mission (preaching ministry), but differences with the Catholic and Orthodox Church on fundamental points concerning theology, squash area, liturgical and biblical authority (they interpret the Bible according to their own interpretation). Moreover, as Orthodox, Protestant branches are not recognizing the role and authority of the Supreme Roman Pontiff. One important point should be added that the Protestant branch are not native Apostles (apostolic succession) so they do not have the same effect as the Catholic sacraments and Orthodox baptism except that most of them have.

5. Anglican (Anglicanism) ie KitoGiao group split from Roman Catholicism because of dissatisfaction related to the issue of marriage to King Henry VIII in the 16th century Henry had declared secession from the Roman Catholic and self Ordained as a breakaway branch leader. This group is the Anglican Communion have common names, ie Anglican, completely different from the British Church (The Church of England) is the Church of England in full communion with the Roman Catholic Church (Rome) .

But nearly two years ago, a new change in the relationship between the Anglican and Catholic Church to have a fairly large group of Anglicans and their clergy have applied to join the Catholic Church. To celebrate and create favorable conditions for this group of former Anglicans, Pope Benedict get there-Car 16, dated 9-11-2009 has published the Apostolic Letter "Anglicanorum coetibus" (The Anglican faithful ) according to which the Holy See established the Church allows accomplice's County within the boundaries of the Catholic Diocese some in England and Wales to give the former Anglicans celebrated the liturgy and the sacraments according rites of the Anglican tradition has been approved by the Holy See.

The latest, dated 15-1-2011 past, three former Anglican bishops have been ordained Catholic priests in Westminster Cathedral, London. And one of these three new priests, Father Keith Newton was appointed Managing Lady Walsingham county's accomplice, an accomplice Administration's first grain newly formed 15-1 last day to receive the former Anglican faithful joined the Catholic Church.

The reason the ordination of Anglican bishops former is because the Catholic Church does not recognize Anglican Orders have effective sacraments, so the priest and former Anglican bishops, if desired, must apply for acceptance Catholic priestly ordination before and after the priest may have been chosen as the Catholic bishops.

Again, because Anglican for priests and their bishops married, so after being ordained a Catholic priest, they were still allowed to continue living with his wife and children.

In addition, there have since added a further major religions also worship God whom they call Allah. It is Islam (Islam) by Muhammad in AD 622. Founder Words Islam in Arabic means "To obey the will of God = (Submission to the Will of God)" but is a far cry Dao Dao Jews, Catholics and the aforementioned branch KitoGiao in many aspects. For example they regarded Jesus as an ordinary person, a prophet like Abraham, Moses, Noah etc. and their bible is the Koran.

Nor does religion called Christianity (Deism) true with this name because in fact both, all bearing Dao Branch or separate title above all worship God (God) but with different theological content, including differences in the means of expression that worship (Liturgy). In other words, the branch of Christianity and Judaism above, but the worship of God, but very different views about theology, sacramental, liturgical, pastoral, and the same right. Therefore, can not be called Catholicism is Christianity in general as this is confused with religion and worship God but differ on many points as mentioned above.


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    • profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago

      thank you for your attention to what I write here

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      2 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Very interesting. I learned some stuff here. Thank you


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