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Christianity: why only ten lies?

Updated on October 22, 2014

Cell multiplication of Christianity

What makes people puzzled about Christianity is a variety of sectors. Baptist itself has hundreds of different branches.

The first question is are they really necessary to exist?

And if so, why?

Each denomination claims that there is irreconccillable reasons why they must stand apart from others.

I am not intended to question the validity of their claims, but if you listen to what they saying, you can't help wondering if they really know what they are saying.

The so called doctrinal debate has been a faithful companion to humanity all the time. I hardly believe Roman Emperor Constantine was the first one who called out for a council.

Of course, it's considered as a historic moment, but it is also by many a providential event. So be it, if you will; I don't intend to even quesiton that either.

Top Ten Lies of Christianity

Ten lies according to the Youtuber above

10. Evolution lacks evidence.
9. The bible is historically accurate.
8. Darwin recanted his theories and accepted Christianity before death.
7. Noah's Ark has been found.
6. The Ica Stones prove humans and dinosaurs coexisted.
5. The sounds of Hell prove Hell exists.
4. Many scientists convert to Christianity, feeling their work leads them to believe in Jesus.
3. The existence of Jesus is indisputable.
2. The King James Version of the bible is an accurate, unchanged, well translated canonical guide to the Christian faith.
1. The book of Revelation refers to the apocalypse at a future date.

Interesting to see his lists. But who cares Darwin? The sound of Hell sounds funny. I am more interested in why those lists took his attention first place. Obviously he thought they are important, but what takes my attention is his interest in the book of Revelation.

I can be wrong

As a Baptist, I have felt the same feeling to those the so called herectics as any Baptist would.

They are perverts of truth, damned to Hell if you will.

But the more I experience our Baptists and other Christians, and the more I drift away from the fold of religious infleuence, I realize that there is no difference between those herectics and us.

That's what I can tell you with all honesty.

We think we are different but in fact we are not. Then, at some point, it can be fairly possible that I am the one who might be misguided or misunderstood the Bible.

Yes, that's a critical point. But of course, that can be what you call backsliding point too.

I get that. What's gain, however, is that I am open enough to say this that I might be wrong-footed. Then I look around, and I learn that others don't think as I do.

So now I understand the main difference between them and me; whether they are orthodox or herectics or cults, they can't live without their being wrong, but I can.

They may think I am unfaithful, but I begin to more worry if I might be one of those, a totally programed human being.

Is God fallible?

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A brave heart taking on Christianity

Fallible God?

The person who really gives me this insight is Harold Caping, the infamous manager of Family Radio.

When he was alive, I used to listen to his open forum and other programs. He was in fact a very good Bible teacher in a way, and knowledgeable and somtimes extremely accurate and balanced in understanding.

But the problem is that he never admits any possiblity of his wrong. Of course he repeatedly claimed that he is a flawed human being, and would tell people to trust the Bible not his words, and so on and so forth.

But anyone who listened long enough to his show would realize he hides behind the curtain of infallable word of God, and he pulling the strings of know-it-all and perfection on himself.

And I saw Camping's shadow in many so called Christians.

Then I realized that I don't want to be a person like him, even if I am convinced that I am 100 % right, I know I may be wrong.

The primary reason is obvious: I didn't create this world and myself. I don't know about this world I am living in, and I don't even know about myself and how I came to a being.

What kind of faith I adhere to or what kind of experience that might justify me above all others and the universe, I am not a key holder to the unknown to me.

I'd rather be a person who admits my fallacy. That's when I begin to believe in fallible God.

I know that seems contradictory to everything you are acquainted with in religion. Faith means absolute reliance to God alone. You must have absolute trust to the faith you subscribe to.

But I am more inclined to think my God is fallible perhaps as much as I am.

I rather have God who can be fallible than God who becomes a tool for people who can hate and kill because the faith I know, or the God I know, or truth I learn is so absolute that I am right and my acts are divinely sanctioned.

How do you find their arguments?

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    • Buildreps profile image


      4 years ago from Europe

      I like this issue. Provoking. There are much more than ten lies in all religions, not only in Christianity.

      11. God of the OT is the same figure as the Devil (Yahweh is the devil in disguise). This is something hardly no one seems to understand. We cannot go to hell because hell is on earth.

      10. Evolution lacks evidence - this is true. Darwin was indeed wrong.

      9. The bible is historically accurate - this is wrong. The bible is totally twisted.

      8. Darwin recanted his theories and accepted Christianity before death - this is true. Darwin knew about the Cambrian explosion and understood he was wrong.

      7. Noah's Ark has been found - this is wrong. There not any proof at all.

      6. The Ica Stones prove humans and dinosaurs coexisted - this is true. There is more evidence that our history is twisted.

      5. The sounds of Hell prove Hell exists - this is true. Only we live in hell. Read my latest article.

      4. Many scientists convert to Christianity, feeling their work leads them to believe in Jesus - this is true. The more you know, the more you know Jesus was right.

      3. The existence of Jesus is indisputable - this is true. It's confirmed in ancient works, like in the Nag Hammadi Codex.

      2. The King James Version of the bible is an accurate, unchanged, well translated canonical guide to the Christian faith. - this is wrong. All bibles are inaccurate after 340 B.C.

      1. The book of Revelation refers to the apocalypse at a future date. - this is wrong.

      Good luck with your article and I hope we've a nice discussion here!


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