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Christians Do Not Misunderstand Evolution

Updated on April 3, 2019
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Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology

10 signs that you do not understand evolution

That subheading is the title of an article over at the gods of evolution blog. I am not going to list all 10 signs as it is pretty hard to misunderstand something that does not exist and never has existed.

Suffice it to say that the list of ten signs is the standard go to list almost every evolutionist runs to when they are shown that their theory does not work. But it isn’t Christians who misunderstand evolution.

It is the evolutionist who does not understand their own theory.

Evolution is misunderstood by evolutionists

If evolution were true, then the theory would not be so hard to figure out and there would not be so many subjective variations to the theory. But different scientists, etc., who accept evolution all put their own twist to the theory.

They do this without evidence that their idea of evolution is the correct version. We end up with a confusing amount of opinions on how evolution works, how it affects living species, and how it even got to this planet.

But if evolution were true, the evolutionary scientist would have all the data, specimens, original conditions they need to demonstrate to everyone that there is no possible alternative. The evolutionary scientist would have no problem forming a consensus as to the details of the evolutionary process and only the fanatic would disagree with them.

They would also be able to show the original elements, and the origin of the process to further cement their case. But so far too many details are missing including the evidence that the evolutionary process actually exists has not been discovered.

Evolutionists misunderstand the interaction between genetic material

As evolutionary scientists conduct their various evolutionary experiments, they do not follow their claimed evolutionary process and start from the beginning. What they do is start at the end and work their way backwards.

Evolutionary scientists use mutations as evidence for evolution. But what they do is not use specimens that are partially formed or have only a portion of their genetic compound or molecular structure to perform their experiments as their theory would suggest evolution takes place.

Instead, they use specimens that have their completed genetic or molecular structure and apply that to life forms who also have their completed genetic structure. Then when mutations or other chemical reactions appear, they use that result as evidence for their theory.

Unfortunately for them, that is not showing evolution in action, nor is it demonstrating that evolution actually exists. All these experiments do is demonstrate the interaction between completed genetic and molecular structures.

These results and experiments do not exclude any other alternative process from producing the same results. Even with predictions, other life developing processes, including creation, are not excluded from producing the same results.

Completed genetic structures will interact with each other as they are designed to do but they do not provide any evidence that evolution is responsible for life development. They are only acting naturally.

Medical science does not depend on evolutionary processes but how God’s genetic design interacts with each other.

Evolutionists misunderstand how to prove evolution true

No matter what evolutionary scientists claim, they do not understand how to show that there evolutionary process exists and is responsible for life development. As has been seen, they start at the end of the process hoping that no one will notice that they are skipping quite a few steps.

You cannot take a car, drop a truck motor in it and claim that is how the SUV evolved into existence. The parts are incompatible with each other and if connected the result would be something that was far from an SUV.

That is what the evolutionary scientist is doing. They are taking completed incompatible parts and combining them together, then use the end results to claim they have shown that the evolutionary process exists.

It hasn’t worked for the fruit fly experiments and it won’t work for any other evolutionary experiment. They only way to produce a properly working and formed life form is to combine those genetic structures that are compatible with each other.

What evolutionists must do to prove evolution true

It is a very simple process. The evolutionary scientist has to start at square one and show how evolution did its work through the ages. This means they need to find somewhere to place the original conditions that started it all.

Then they need the original life form and set it in the middle of that structure holding the original conditions and let evolution do its thing. Of course, this all has to be done without human aid.

To prove the process of making a Mercedes Benz, we do not go to a Mercedes Benz dealership and point to the cars on the lot and say- see the process is true. Nor do we throw in a Cadillac part or two and demonstrate that we now have a Cadibenz.

To show the truthfulness of the process we take people back to where Mr. Mercedes and Mr. Benz spending their time using their cognitive powers to design and build their car.

Evolutionary scientists like to skip these steps because they cannot do it. They say their was no input, design, thought, care and so on on the part of God to bring life into existence. They say it all happened by chance and that you need to take their word for it.

Yet all of science has really done is demonstrate that the intelligent, caring God put thought, design, and more into the life forms he created. The boundaries governing reproduction and the complexity of this world are just two pieces of evidence that shows evolution is not true and does not exist.

Science cannot prove otherwise.

Some final words

No matter how hard they try, no one can prove the existence of something that does not exist. This is something else the evolutionary scientist does not understand. Whether they are willfully ignorant, like the Bible says, or they just haven’t realized it, the truth is that evolution cannot be proven true.

It does not exist and never has.

© 2019 David Thiessen


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