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Christians Must Have Testimonies

Updated on February 7, 2021

Where is your testimony?

In today's world, many preachers keep their church members hanging on by promising that a blessing is right around the corner. I have seen people die, without ever receiving the blessings that were promised. Every person who has confessed with their mouth because they believe Jesus was raised from the dead should have a testimony of His power already working in their lives. Prosperity preachers have changed the narrative so that people who barely know Christ, work overtime or two jobs and purchase houses and cars and then say, "Won't He do it." Anyone can clean up their credit and obtain material blessings, whether they believe in Jesus or not. Brothers and sisters in Christ should always have testimonies they can share that encourage others that are based on Mark chapter 16. The signs and wonders are healing the sick and casting out demons.

Supernatural power

I once heard Pastor John Hagee give an amazing testimony. He said a woman came to him crying because her son was about to be executed for a crime he did not commit. The two agreed in prayer and only hours before the execution was about to take place, the real culprit confessed. This man said that "something" got a hold on him and compelled him to come forth and tell the truth. Hagee said he had prayed that the Holy Spirit would bring forth the true guilty party and he did. One day my mother in law asked me to go with her to pray for her niece who had been diagnosed with colon cancer. We lay our hands on her and prayed and she is still living today more than 20 years later. My grandmother was diagnosed with colon cancer as well as stomach cancer. Her doctor said they could operate to remove the cancerous polyps from her colorectal area but nothing could be done about stomach cancer. The doctor then asked if we would like to pray and she led then I followed. Later, tests revealed that stomach cancer had disappeared. Surgery removed the polyps and my grandma lived cancer-free until she died tag age 91. These are testimonies of what He has done through His supernatural power that can be shared to bless others and encourage their faith.

Death defying miracles

One afternoon my husband told me he was having trouble breathing. He was sweating profusely from the top of his head and his eyes turned a light blue color. I dialed 911 but could not go with him because I had my 3 grandchildren and a little boy I was babysitting. I called my brother in law and asked him to meet the ambulance at the hospital. I got the children situated and my oldest son drove me to the hospital. Halfway their my brother one law called and asked where I was, and said I needed to get there quick. With black folk, this means hurry up because the person might die. My son and I prayed asking the Lord to spare my husband and his father. When we got to the hospital his breathing was labored and they said it looked like heart failure, They were talking about putting him in a coma and on a ventilator. We began speaking that this would not be necessary and it was not. Sadly, months later I was told of another man who was in the same situation. He was placed in a coma and put on a ventilator for weeks. He was brought out of it but had a stroke then later died. My husband was prescribed a medication that would be $1300 a month but we prayed, Thirty days later he had improved so much the medication was not needed. I know of several other people who say they were at death's door and doctors gave up but the Lord brought them out.

Empty promises

My Facebook newsfeed is not filled with testimonies such as these. It would be a blessing if it were. Daily I see requests for prayer or those promising the reader that God is about to bless them. An effective witness has already seen something and can give a testimony of His power. Posting all day that He is going to send you a husband house, car, new job, etc, is nothing more than wishful thinking. This is what you are hoping for and does not let anyone know what He has already done. I recall a day decades ago where I had absolutely no money. It was the last week in the month and I prayed that He would make a way because I had gone into many previous months struggling financially. A few hours later someone called my husband and said the Lord had led them to give us $3,000. This was a supernatural intervention. I don't have to go on Facebook or stand in a pulpit telling people to hang on because miracles and blessings are coming. I can give a few of my own. If you have been purchased by the blood of the Lamb you should have your own testimonies. Please do not misunderstand my point. There are times when we must wait for Him to come through and there is nothing wrong with that. What I am addressing is pastors being paid salaries who stand in pulpits promising their prisoners that which never materializes. I am referring to those who use social media to hype and sensationalize "blessings" that never come. He never told us to lie, exaggerate or give empty promises.

Be salt and light

You don't have to manufacture your own miracles and then say "won't He do it?" Please don't lie on Him but instead draw nigh to Him and develop a personal relationship, Yes He will do it but you must position yourself to receive. Draw nigh unto Him, pray in your secret closet, read the word for yourself, and ask the Holy Spirit to fill you. walk with Him daily, rather than simply perform on Sunday in a building ike a trained animal. Once you have seen Him move supernaturally you will desire this all the time. You will then be a living testimony so that others will know He is real. Facebook does not need to be flooded with prayer, that's what your secret closet is for. Facebook should be flooded with true testimonies of His power so that unbelievers will believe. Believers should be salt and light, living examples of His power so that others will see He is real.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Cheryl E Preston


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