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Christians Represent the Lord God Almighty

Updated on March 13, 2016

God is known to the World

The world knows about the existence of Christianity but it does not know Christ. The inclination of the world is to focus on itself and what it establishes to attend to its concerns. This concludes that the world view Christianity as an organization that forms part of its affairs to attend to its needs. As far as the world is concerned it needs moral standards and institutions that define morality such as churches that believes in a Supreme Being. The world views itself as capable of determining its direction and part of what defines its direction are churches. If you conform to this you will be misled. It is interesting to note that the world has established organizations to protect the way it runs its affairs, and to address various social issues but in so far as life in general is concerned, wars are still being fought and poverty remains a major setback in life.

If we have to look close into it the world figured it all wrong, and this is the reason why all its efforts in maintaining world peace and suppressing hunger ends up in failure. Unless the world re-evaluate its views and change it as it is supposed to be no genuine progress will be achieved. Christianity is not something to view as merely a religion or an organization that defines moral standards. Jesus came to the world sent by the Father to reconcile man with the Father. The world is currently being ruled by Gods’ enemy, and those who conform to the ways of the world are an enemy of God.

This is a period of grace where God gives people a choice where to place themselves. God honors' his word and has always been fair in allowing us to decide for ourselves. It is rather better to be friends with God than to be His enemy.

God is always good

God has always been fair to man He created us in His own image and likeness yet He gave us free will so our relationship with Him should we choose to be on His side is two way. God appreciates our uniqueness that He allows us to use our judgement to choose between right and wrong. When man agrees to a deception that his own righteousness is sufficient to make him right before God that is a big mistake. It is not the good work that we do that defines our relationship with God. But rather it is our heart to give God our life through Jesus Christ that re-establishes our relationship with God. Thus our righteousness becomes not our own but that of Jesus.

Christians can only be genuinely considered to be followers of Christ if they have a heart that delight in giving, a heart that is filled with love they feel no condemnation towards their fellows. Their heart is not to judge but to be compassionate with the lost. Their heart is sensitive towards the needs of their brothers, and their fellowship is not just limited into usual gatherings, they organize and raise funds to help their brothers completely and not just partially out of compliance.

They do good things and help their brothers not just for the sake of being known as Christians, but most primarily because they are compelled to aid out of love. Christians do not complain and count how much and how often that they give and help their brothers, because God is not counting how much and how often that He gives to Christians who are excessively blessed.

Unbelief among those who claim to be Christians

Hypocrisy is a stumbling block that prevents Christians in bringing more of the lost to Jesus. There are those who claim to be Christians but failed to realize that their passion should be driven by unselfish motives. There are people who diligently invite others to a fellowship gathering, bible study, and worship service which is a good thing, but are they doing it with love or are they doing it with just merely expectations of reward? Yes, God will reward those who do things for the advancement of His Kingdom. However, Christianity is not just a ticket out of hell and in to heaven for you.

Christianity goes beyond salvation because it is founded in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Your salvation is just the beginning you need to continue and introduce others to Christ. We are to bring people who do not know Jesus and those who does but do not have a relationship with Christ. And in order to influence them to be friends with Jesus we have to be friends with them sincerely.

Christians Ought to Be

The only way to bring people to God is for them to be attracted with the lives Christians have. Free from hate and condemnation and full of love because God is Love. The love that we speak about is active and true, and is not limited in words but is fully expressed in action because it is living. The observation on some of the organized groups that claims to have a vision that they intend to bring back men close to God is sometimes obstructed or flawed. Some of these organized groups have members who are excessively blessed financially, and they give testimonies at how God blessed them yet when one of their brothers fall into misfortune they have difficulty shelling out funds to put their brother back up. Their excuse is to prevent their kindness to be abused by their brothers who may take advantage of them, well then where is faith in there? People need our prayers yes but how can they feel the Love of God in us if we cannot even sacrifice a part of us to share with them? Is it impossible to help a brother totally with his financial difficulty? Our God is not limited why are we limited in giving assistance to others if we represent the Lord of Heavens Armies?

Some churches have policies regarding financially having transactions among members, and lending money because they would ruin relationships, they have a point there. However, in as much as integrity is important, focusing on a policy somehow limits us into becoming passive Christians. How can the hand of God move supernaturally on Churches whose members can only offer sympathy to their fellows in need? If we ought to live together forever we should start getting along with each other right now.

Christians represent God who is a source of infinite resources. If we can give to the Church we can also give collectively to help our brothers and sisters in need so they can function in the advancement of God’s kingdom. In order to deny ourselves we have to be free from us so that we can be free from others. If we are free from ourselves our source of strength in spirit, health and finances is from God. People who are considered lost and those who have misconceptions about Christianity will have a changed view by seeing the way we live our life, thereby they will want to have what we have we do not even need to persuade them to pray our prayer. Let us influence others in living by the spirit for it is in living by the spirit that our flesh is empowered to do God’s work.


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