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Christians and Social Media

Updated on August 31, 2015

Identity Check

Christians must all be very careful in all our dealings. Our aim should always be to glorify our God in whatever we say and do. And since social media has now been a huge part of our society, we must not be careless in using it. Let’s choose to extend our lights into the social world.

Do Not Be Influenced By It.

  • There’s a lot of temptations and bad influences that every Christian is susceptible to in this world. One of which now includes the virtual world. Social Media has a very self-oriented theme. It makes it possible for its users to say what they want, post whatever they want, boast all they want; scrutinize whoever they want, make their lives as public as they please, stalk whoever they choose; and they do it with little or no control at all. All for a momentary sense of indulgence. And since its “momentary,” people will just keep coming back for more, getting worse every time. We then must be very careful not to desire such kind of indulgence.
  • We must not use social media for “self-promotion,” nor turn it into a “secret” place for vain conceit.

Social Media Bible?

  • Another thing that we must be careful about in using social media is the growing number of godless philosophies and non-biblical ideas and teachings that are made available through it. Because it is easily accessed we can end up being more saturated with such teachings more than we are of the word of God. If so, we are bound to lose our footing in God’s truth and can be deceived easily by the enemy.
  • Although there are also inevitably many studies, articles and other resources that are firmly grounded on the word of God, we still need to be discerning.
  • Still, nothing beats a daily devotion with our God; reading His word and being steadfast in prayer---the old school way.

Share The Good News!

  • Use it as a way to further the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Post verses from the scriptures that talk about salvation and pray for the Holy Spirit to speak through His words to everyone that gets to read it. But do be careful not to sound offensive.
  • Make sure you will not limit your obedience in evangelism. Social media is indeed a good opportunity to share the gospel but it’s not the only opportunity.

Make A Difference For the Lord

  • Making a difference for the Lord means being separate from the world. We will not make any difference in this world for Christ if we are the same with the world.
  • Let’s not make social media as an escape goat for us to loosen up and do the things we shouldn’t do and suddenly forget our identity in Christ.
  • We don’t need our face to show for our identity in Christ to show. Even if we are behind the curtains of social media we should not fail to realize that it is also another opportunity to shine for Christ.

“How can we make a difference in social media?” you might ask. Well, we can make a difference by what we post, by what we share, by what we read, by what we watch, by what sites we visit and so many other ways! And if we are walking daily with God, obeying His voice, reading the scriptures and saturated in prayer then making a difference will just come naturally.

Social media is just another facet of this world, let us not treat it as a different world and so excuse ourselves with our lack of discipline in using it. Let your light shine, be a blessing, for God’s glory.


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