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Christians and the Forbidden 'New Age' Movement

Updated on October 28, 2010

Being an avid reader of the bible I began researching the scriptures for laws against or pertaining to anything about the occult or any type of 'supernatural' practices starting with the Jewish people and the Hebrew culture, because I was being told by my church leaders that it was a sin to partake of any of it. My original goal in doing the research was finding out for myself once and for all why Christians were strongly cautioned and practically forbidden to have anything to do with the New Age movement or supernatural world. However, as I began my research I started to uncover some surprising things.

At first I learned that all the fighting in the New Testament among the 'believers' was really just between two different Jewish sects or schools of thought, and their followers. One sect was the mainstream Jew and the other was strictly Torah observant. The founders of these two different schools were Hillel and Shammai.

As I dove deeper into the history of Christianity and Hebrew culture I also uncovered the true feasts of God. These were not the pagan feasts most Americans celebrate today, Easter and Christmas, but rather Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles (see Lev. 23). This led me to further study history and the development and implementation of the current Gregorian calendar, which is the calendar that you, I, most Americans and the rest of the world use and follow today.

This discovery also led me to learn that it was Constantine the Great that no longer allowed Saturday as the Sabbath day of rest or for Christian worship, but rather choosing and making Sunday the proper day of worship, forcing also sun-worship and other pagan observances on that day. He also began creating and enforcing new laws against any other Christian sects or types of worship, seeking a unified church by melding together the old and the new.

I was in awe at what I was uncovering, finding more and more serious contrast as to what I had been taught in the born again churches that I had attended over the years. Being a strong believer in the afterlife and God I also began to notice that I was among the few who regularly read their bible, doing thorough studies and using the Strong's concordance for reference as well as researching history. What I learned was that I was being fed theology through the pulpit and by the leaders of the churches, and that theology had been and continued to be passed down through the mainstream Christian seminary schools of today. People simply sat back and accepted what was being taught but I could not. I simply had to test it all.

When you look at The Way (see Acts 9:2) and follow the original Hebrew followers of the Messiah and their teachings, you will find a great deal of contrast with it and a Christian believer's walk today. In actuality it was Constantine who had, in a sense, first hijacked and then influenced the newly forming Christian church, taking it severely off its original course. Constantine adopted different parts of The Way and mixed it with Roman pagan gods and ideology making it the new prevailing Christian faith.

Christians today are now not only left with a lack of knowledge of the truth about their faith and all its feasts, but also with a lack of knowledge about two of the MAIN Feasts of God -Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) - which ended up replaced by pagan holidays, feasts, rituals and beliefs. Christians end up with a blatant disregard for the truth about Santa Clause and Jesus' birth.

These original pagan holidays were and still are considered by many as 'sanctified' simply by the mere adoption of the bits and pieces of Jesus' life and The Way into them. This is exactly what YHVH continually warned against. (By the way, Jesus' given Hebrew name is Yahshua).

Leading this stark contrast, and the many changes and influences brought about through Constantine's ruling empire, I discovered just how brutal he and his ruling empire had been in forging this new religion of his. There were all sorts of cruelties that happened during the birth and development of this new Christian church, including the raiding Crusaders and the death of the Maccabees; neither of which I had ever heard of before until studying and going through a timeline of Christian and Judaism history. I began realizing that the Crusaders were really no different than the terrorists of today with their forceful and imposing way on others about how and who to worship regarding the 'One true God'.

'How come this stuff isn't being taught in the church if it's history?' I wondered. I was beginning to feel betrayed. I felt lied to and even furious at the people I had looked to for guidance and leadership, and even felt as though they had been misleading me by not thoroughly studying and teaching this stuff for themselves. I also wondered at the fact of how they could be so far off of the truth if they were men and women of God. 'Why isn't this stuff being taught in the church?!', I repeated to myself again and wondered.

However, after regaining my composure I realized that what had been taught to me and others like me was that it was simply just a matter of passing on teachings that were being taught in the seminary schools. They were all being taught what had originally been implemented in the beginning as the original and true church from a very long time ago by a very powerful leader, Constantine.

With bits and pieces of the truth emerging over the years I now realized why there were so many different religions and faiths today. I asked myself, 'Wasn't this country founded on religious freedom? What happened to that?' I wondered since I was also no longer allowed to pray in school. Hmm...

After researching and pondering all these things I had finally set my spirit free. I knew that Christians were being kept in the dark about the truth about the church and the 'forbidden New Age Movement' exposed some things. I felt FREE!

I realized why we were given the Holy Spirit and instructed to become a Disciple of the Master. I also now felt that I was freely and fully able to explore the connections of the spirit world, the supernatural, new age, metaphysical, etc., without any feelings of guilt or sin in doing so. Now, instead of just stumbling or overlooking any referances made to any of it, or only briefly wondering about them when reading through the scriptures, I look further into them. I could also freely accept and look further into any of the supernatural oddities that I had been experiencing all my life without guilt... having experienced everything from telepathic-like 'words of knowledge' to a manifestation of a Kleenex in my hands to wipe the tears I was shedding during a prayer when I was all alone.

With the New Age Movement approaching but considered by the born-again Christian world as a sign of the end times and the 'secular world' taking over, I refused to be afraid of it anymore. I realized that 'the baby had been thrown out with the bathwater'. I realized and now know that if any 'evil Satan angel' that was spreading lies about anything, it was really about keeping the true followers of the Messiah in the dark about everything - especially the power and truth about the 'Kingdom of Heaven'!

It isn't 'New Age' that we must be afraid of as Christians, it's the lies that have been handed down and what we've been taught over the course of two thousand years that kept us from knowing the truth. After all, New Age incorporates all things natural and rejects the religious doctrines and dogma of the church created by man because man is often competitive and looking for control. It's high time people start reading and researching the scriptures for themselves to learn the truth. It's not that hard in the world today living in the information age.

New Age thought and anything else that promotes the fruit of the spirit (which is 'love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control; against such things there is no law, (Gal. 5:22-23)... and any enlightenment to our spirit from the spirit world and thereof is not 'evil' or 'of the devil'. Simply leave any negative, destructive things alone. Accept that we are simply at the dawning of a new age and a new era.

I now embrace these things because anyone who wants to need only to read the scriptures through the Hebrew perspective and culture for context, and study history and learn further about things like the Wise Men who brought the baby Yahshua (Jesus) gifts after He was born.. And about the star that these Wise Men saw in the heavens that foretold them of His birth.

Remember too, that the original and unchanging calendar was created by the Creator of the universe; "Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night, and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days and years. (Gen 1:14). The calendar that we follow today wasn't always in place as we know it and it would be wise to learn about it's many years of development before spouting at another for gazing into the stars or worshipping one particular way over another.

Through research and studying on your own you will find that the old ways are just as today where the new and prevailing ruler of any nation or region has his own agenda in mind once he takes office... He quickly abolishes the old agenda and institutes a new one that fits his own desires. (Ever notice what happens in a Democratic society when one party leaves office and the other one takes over?). This is what Constantine did. He was the ruler of the region where Jesus taught, and where The Way grew quickly (in Rome).

Call it New Age if you like but the use of music for natural healing is just one of the many special gifts that was given to us from the Creator of the Universe. I love learning about and realizing the amazing scientific effects of the different tones and vibrations of music on the body as well as electrical frequencies, etc. No longer do I just concentrate on things like food for natural health and the simple eating practices that go with it, but I also go deeper into the value of its affects on the body... things like photosynthesis of a plant and its specific affect is incredible.

Science itself came from studying nature, so studying and learning about the cosmos, color, light, heat, chemical changes, etc., on the world and on the body only proves to us that there is more beyond our physical senses... and that there is a Creator with natural laws and a natural spirit world inside and out of us that is being affected.

Some Interesting Things to Look Up

Urim and Thummim - a divination tool used by the Hebrew Levitical High Priests whenever they 'called upon the Lord'

Ishmael and Isaac - half-brothers and the sons of Abraham who fathered two of the three prevailing faiths of today for the Muslim, Jew, and the Christian

Matt. 10:5-6, Acts 10:45 - Jews originally charged by Jesus to speak to the 'Lost House of Israel', not to the Gentiles

Book: "In His Words; Messianic Insights Into the Hebrew Alphabet" by L. Grant Luton

Reverie Harp


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    • shofarcall profile image


      5 years ago

      Hi again Kaloomba,

      I am rather disturbed by this hub. I do understand your shock and concern discovering all the undisclosed things that you did, I felt that too as I found those same things out, but I must, as a sister, implore you not to tamper with the New Age - not to throw the baby out with the bath water. Again, I speak from experience. I was involved with Yoga and numerous other things for at least 20 years before coming to Christ and it is truly a snare. It all sounds and feels so attractive but please beware. What is believed and practiced is not of Christ. (Deut 18: 10) To discover more, you could try and get the series of dvd's by Mark Woodman called Gods Final Call. A huge expose is done of the Vatican, Freemasons, New age, etc etc. Well worth watching. The Crusaders was where the Free Masons originated from which makes me mad when it is associated with Christianity today. I have been given a heart for the Jewish people. The Israelis, and pray for that country and its peoples regularly but that does not mean they have the answers. I joyously await the lifting of the veil which God placed over them so the Gentiles could come in. Amen

    • profile image

      Christy Paige 

      8 years ago

      Thank you for this. I am on a personal spiritual journey to figure out what I truly believe. This defiantly helped.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      really intresting. my father just passed we were raised christian but i knowthings arnt as cut and dry as the make it. please send reffrences to some of the research you


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