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Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius - Fall in Autumn

Updated on February 24, 2012
Christofers Flow profile image

Christofer has been a paralegal for 25 years. He has 4 children and 8 grandchildren. He and his mother studied astrology for over 40 years.


Getting Along Does Not Mean Loving

As a student of Astrology since 1975, I have listened to all the party talk about this sign and that sign and what they seem to be like. Of course, most people are talking about their particular Libra, their most beloved buddy - Scopio, or their hated parent - Sagittarius. When you hear people talk about a sun sign, you are most likely hearing about two or three (at the most) intimate, close (hated or loved) relationships they had with those signs. That's fine. That's the fun of it, and that's our shorthand way of figuring out our loved ones and also chatting about astrology. Since this is an art, along with the blending of astro talk and ancient texts which speak about the signs, there is no absolute fixity about this topic. However, there are elements of the sun signs which apart from subjective experience do tend to shine a light the way we manifest our characters in this earthly realm.

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The Point of this Article:

There are tricks to getting along. I emphasize getting along, and do not emphasize, the words persuade, dissuade, win and argument with, dominate or seduce. Those topics are for other times. Getting along is, in a sense, what life first asks us to do, and in a way, its the hardest thing we are asked to do, especially with certain sun signs.

I remember a date I had in college in which my date talked 95% of the time. I nodded, made sweet nonverbal grunts, chuckled and threw in looks of whimsy and lifted my eye brows a lot. It was a fun time, and I was not bored. I still remember it though, for the compliment I received. She said, "Chris you are such a good conversationalist." She did not say: "You listen well." That night I was "getting along". The effectiveness of my listening was that it was interpreted as talking. The point is to get along so that you will be viewed positively, and perhaps construed to be a different kind of person, maybe, than you really are. That's OK, social lubricants make the world go 'round. So, what I am trying to impart is that you want to "get along" so that you can be well thought of, and perhaps even positively reviewed as a friend, buddy, associate, subordinate or superior.

Libra - "I am perfectly balanced, except when I am seeking balance." -

Libra is a model of beauty and balance. They tend to be easy on the eyes and very pleasant people. It is not usually very difficult to get along with Libra because they specialize in the art of being a model of calm and repose as they work their way through the rest of us animalistic/humanistic signs. Libra is the only inanimate sign. And thus they tend to gather their energy from the around. This sign of the balance does not tend to have inner fire. You see blind justice with the balances in her hands on TV and in the movies. Libra's ideal is to strike a pose of ambivalence at worst and perfect positioning at best. They love peace and hate conflict. However perfect that goal might be, they were born into a world of conflict, dynamic duality and soupy blending of good and bad and all flavors in between.

Since Libras are like this, they tend to be outwardly pleasant but inwardly troubled. Often what they are troubled about can be the placement of guests at a formal dinner. Libras can be revolutionary and politically atuned, but mostly they are put off balance by the turning tides of everyday existence. So, there is no predicting what might be bothering them. This is a real dichotomy. Most signs relish the conflicted nature of the forces pushing and pulling from within. When you watch them you get the feeling that Libra can't believe they are down here to reconcile the irreconcilable. This causes them continual mild upset and sometimes absolute confusion and massive internal explosions. But mostly Libra keeps all of this activity on the inside.

Libras are thus offically, easy to get along with - on a social, friendly, "let's be civilized" kind of way. The more formal the setting, the more they like it. They can dress up, adopt their friendly pleasant formality and smile the most pristine of smiles. When you are trying to get along with them on a daily basis though, they can be bewildering. Their upset becomes a little visible and you enquire about their happiness. They give you a blank look as if suddenly a cold wind went down their back. As you get to know them better, you would swear that their internal workings are always on churn. And its that outward pleasantness that, contrasted against their manner, makes the dichotomy seem so great. They don't seem to be THAT miserable, but they pretend to be so poised, you, as a friend, think something is really wrong. But its not. Its just Libra going through their inner upset. Libras are not that hard to get along with, they are hard to figure. If you are taking the relationship higher than just getting along, that's where the complications appear more. Libras love to talk about what they love - their beauty, their poise, the way they seem to be so calm in the face of life. Stay on that level and the Libra is a good buddy. They will always tend to accept you outwardly. They are not quick too push back, offend, or jump to sarcastic.

Scorpio - "I am seriously serious about myself, remember that." -

Scorpio probably has the worst reputation in the zodiac. They are probably thought to be the most difficult to get along with. That being said, one should realize that reputations sometimes ruin reality. At a party, the worst thing that someone can say is "I'm a Scorpio." Everyone will probably start talking about how intense and difficult they are. To add more comlplexity to the complex picture, I will say that Scorpios are Lizards, Scorpions, Eagles and Doves. The lizards are basic tough violent types. The Scorpios are intense business, military people. The Eagles are generals and leaders and take their intensity to societal levels of achievement. The Doves are like Gandhi and become supremely peaceful. So there we are with a mix of pictures and images.

Getting along with a Scorpio then depends on who they are. In other words, don't go into the relationship saying -- "Oh this is a Scorpio, they are going to be hard to get along with." If you say that, you will probably make it a "self-fulfilling prophecy". Let the Scorpio declare themselves to you. Read that again. One thing Scorpios will do is disclose themselves by virtue of their intense secrecy and privateness. You ask - "How can that be?" Think about it. Secretive intense people don't tend to "blabber". They are probably going to be formal and stand off just a bit. They won't be confrontational because they know they are negative when they confront. But somehow the intensity is always spilling over into their remarks and their demeanor. But stop and think. Its easy to get along with a Scorpio, and Eagle or a Dove. A lizard, now that might just be a felon in a biker bar, so let's not gloss things over too much.

Suffice it to say, Scorpios tend to be civilized. They are being consciously civilized, that's why you can enjoy their company, have great conversations about politics, war, societal problems and who just won the chess championship at the local park. Don't be afraid or wary of Scorpio, if you are trying to get along with them, follow their lead. Respond when they aren't talking. Do NOT interrupt them and try to have a thoughtful unfrivolous response. They will appreciate that greatly. And remember, they get a bad reputation, let them off the hook. As individuals, they are probably much more pleasant than one would ever expect.

Sagittarius - "When I gallop, its better to be watching instead of riding." -

This is the sign of the Archer - mythologically. a horse creature that has the torso of a man firing an arrow. More easily, Sagittarius is a romping horse galloping across the fields. These people are very easy to get along with. They are outgoing, extroverted, high energy, concerned with fairness and justice. When they offend you by saying something off the wall, you just have to ignore it. They will be on to a new subject in a minute and you will forget their verbal gaffs. The other thing about their verbal effusiveness, is that if someone takes offense at their dialogue, it will be hard for them to figure out just what was offensive about what they said.

Enjoy the Sagittarius, they are not hard to get along with. It is fun to watch, listen to and observe the Archer as they pursue their energies outward and upward. Just don't take offense,because they surely did not mean to give offense. Along with Libra, this sign sometimes gives blank looks. Its like they have lost their place on the page and they have to stop and figure out what line they were reading from.

Those who wish to get along by having a predictably calm relatioinship will be disappointed. It is not smart to expect a pleasing and smooth boat ride across the lake. It's more like a canoe across a choppy windswept lake on a blustery day. This happens because the Archer lives on its energy and lets its own energy direct the course of their path. Its not that they are without plans, its just that once they start leaping and jumping, they get caught up in the bouncing and the unpredictable nature of the gallop. They lilve off of the gallop. If you are having a hard time getting along with them, they probably won't even know it. Unless you make a point of the "problem" they most likely won't be aware that there was a problem. Just forget the issue, go fast forward to tomorrow and start the new day with a big grin.

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    • Christofers Flow profile image

      Christofer French 5 years ago from Denver

      Absolutely! I agree. They know one of their big jobs is to bring their soulful resources together and grow. Improvement is on their mind. Remember, as I often say, "everyone has everything somewhere". Every one has Scorpio. It's what house its in. How powerfully placed it is. Those are all details I don't deal with in this commentary, but Scorpios need to realize that they aren't as strange as things might end up sounding. Blessings.

    • KrisNick09 profile image

      KrisNick09 5 years ago from Kentucky


      I was busy reading the comments left here, after thoroughly enjoying an insightful hub, already concocting my own comment, when it occurred to me that a lot of people would agree that Scorpios are self-centered people. Of course we are! How else does one improve ones self? I must say that if I were not self-centered I would be a lot less considerate of others. Odd as that may sound. But, there is a distinct difference between being selfish and self-centered and you can be one without the other.

      Enjoyed the hub!

    • profile image

      LIBRAsSUCKBALLS 6 years ago

      My mother is a Libra/Scorpio cusp. She is the most critical person in the ENTIRE WORLD!!! I went to nursing school...she said I should have been a doctor...lost 30 pounds, she said I can stand to lose 50...I hate them. ANd while she is sleeping, I stand over her with a fucking ax...praying for the courage to cut her head off and dissapear...

    • profile image

      kiMie 7 years ago

      im a sagy girl,and my moms a libra,i cant seem to get along with her,she super boring,her meaning of fun is laying in bed and eating,i mean like realy now! I want to get out there,and experience life but she wants to stay in this dump,it kills me inside ...

    • profile image

      timberwolf 7 years ago

      i am a Sagi grl and i’ve been with my Libra guy for a lil while now. it seems he is getting tired of me maybe.. i don't know.. he used to go to a lot of trouble just to see me. he upset his friend to see me, and at the beginning i was told that friends come first, then me. i did not question that as friends will always be there for you while a relationship may not last forever. he has not made any move to sleep with me unlike aaall the profiles that say he would want that kinda early or even neeed that just to date me. so i haven't seen him for two weeks. few days ago he told me he loves me and i told him that he can not mean it, we were both under the influence of alcohol, and well… i told him he doesn't mean it. to me it was a way of protecting myself. opening up to him will mean opening up to all these possibilities and a world of hurt that's just waiting. i have told him i love him before this incident but he would not accept any of my appologies and i don't know what to do as he stopped trying to see me a week before he told me that. i haven't seen him for exactly two weeks today and when i ask him when id be able to see him he says that he’s working or tired. he also only started working recently, but i don't feel its the work interfering here. i think he has stopped making an effort and found an excuse to push me back cause i bore him… i don't know what top do now, i don't want to let go yet but i don't want to get hurt either

    • profile image

      Cydney 8 years ago

      I am a Sagittarius. I think it is very easy to get along with us because we're really optomistic and care about the feelings of others... most of the time. But I think it's hard to get along with Scorpios because they are so self obsorbed in what they think is right, and don't really care to hear the whole side of a story, nor other peoples feelings. They are just stuck in the world of " I'm perfect, and I'm always right." When in reality, it is far from that. My mother is a Scorpio, and one of my ex-best friends. They are similar in the fact that they only care about their opinions, talk a lot of stuff about people contiuously, and act like they're the perfect ones. So yea, I don't think Sagittarius and Scorpio will get along.... We are super fun and care about everyone enjoying themselves, and Scorpio only care about trying bring others down, so they can enjoy themselves.

    • profile image

      Paul 8 years ago

      I'm a Libra and I can't Stanton my Sag roommate. We live in Manhattan and share my apartment. He truly is like a horse HHS room is a stall and I basically feed him and clean his shit. He's never once consider maintaining or helping in any way the general aspects of consideration and only cares about having a good time. On an average he stays home only twice a month with the rest going out till 6am. He is devoted to his 150 to 200 friends and makes a point to screw as many woman as possible. Because I'm a roommate I am a " void " friend, one who exists solely as his witness to his " fabulous" life. He patronizes me constantly and despite my incredible generousity I get nothing in return. He believes he's better than me extremely competitive yet steals my sense of dress, intellect and compassion. He s a musician like mr yet can only copy music can never create his own yet indicates to me that I can't play which makes me feel as if I can't. Sag and Libra get along? I don't get this.. They can easily become competative enemys!!

    • Christofers Flow profile image

      Christofer French 8 years ago from Denver

      Spoken like a Scorpio! You are right. Individual charts are the most comprehensive look at individuality. The richness is there because of the breadth and depth of their souls, as you have said. Most people don't go into their charts, and thus when they make assessments, they are inevitably shallow and "short hand". A look at the sun sign is general and even superficial, but in this fast paced world, in the helter skelter of stress and the speed of human contact, its better than what people usually use - their feelings about your ethnicity, gender, cultural background or your height, build and the color of your eyes. "A trip through the depth of most mens souls would barely get your feet wet" was said by a person who impatiently analyzed his fellow humans and looked down on his friends and relatives, because he was so sure of his depth. Glad there are people like you, but not everyone is.

    • profile image

      Sandy 8 years ago

      scorpio here. why do people have issues with scorpio? perhaps they can't handle having to be "real" all of the time, since scorpio can't stand superficiality and bullsh-t. well, if that makes people back away, then it's probably for the best, because they are probably too superficial for scorps to deal with anyway. i say good riddance. scorps are some of the best people around, so it would be your loss.

      on another note, there's more to a person than their sun sign. for one, you have to check out their entire chart to get a better idea of their nature. and secondly, people are more than their chart. anyone is capable of getting along with (at least on a "friends" level) anyone from any other sign. if you can't, then you must have some underlying issues that you need to resolve. i have friends from just about every sign and i love them for the richness they bring to my life and the lessons they teach me. i only consider their chart when i need to improve areas of our friendship/relationship. i never use it to be pessimistic or judge. astrology is useful as a tool...not a dogma or platform for prejudice.

    • barbaz21 profile image

      barbaz21 8 years ago from Highland Park, NJ

      Very insightful and useful too. It helped me overcome my Scorpion phobia.

    • profile image

      karen 8 years ago

      WOW this was beautifully written, i loved it, Thank you for your pieces of advice.


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