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Benefits of Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye

Updated on June 4, 2012

Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye

This gemstone, representing for Ketu as per vedic astrology, is known as Cat`s Eye, Lehsunia, orVaiduria. The other name of this stone is Chrysoberyl Cat`s Eye. Cat`s eye belongs to the Chrysoberyl family. Chrysoberyl is an aluminate of beryllium.
The term Chrysoberyl originates from the Greek words chrysos and beryllos, meaning "a gold-white spar". Generally chrysoberyl is confused with beryl which is a completely different mineral. Chrysoberyl,having 8.5 hardness,is the third-hardest natural gemstone and lies between Corundum and Topaz on Moh`s Hardness scale.
Colour of Chrysoberyl Cat`s Eye
Gems that are a cloudy yellow to brownish green in color and shine with varying colors and luster are known as cat`s eye. Chrysoberyl Cat`s Eye resembles the eye of a cat caught in headlights at night. It can appear in two colors´┐Żtranslucent honey brown or apple green. It is cut into a rounded cabochon and has moderate dispersion.
The value of a Chrysoberyl Cat`s Eye is judged by its luster and the richness of its color, the sharpness of the eye and its clarity and shape. A cat`s eye with a yellow radiance and white band is considered a high quality gem. The gem is considered superior if the inside band is brilliant and straight. Cat`s eye is worth about one-third the cost of a Blue sapphire. The honey-yellow gemstones are the most valuable, the green ones next best. A cat`s eye with a band is called Alexandarite; without the band it is known as chrysolite.
Chrysoberyl Cat`s Eye where found
Chrysoberyl (BeAl2O4) occurs most often in granitic rocks, pegmatite and mica schist. It has also been found in contact with metamorphic deposits of dolomitic marble with corundum, and in fluorine skarns. Most chrysoberyl is recovered from river sand and gravel. The major sources of Chrysoberyl are Ceylon and Brazil. In recent years it has also found in India. In India, it has been found in a very big way in Orissa. It is also found in Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Jharkhand. Ural Mountains in Russia and Burma are some other notable sources of chrysoberyl.
Imitation cat`s eye can be made by cutting synthetic or natural star sapphires in a way that reveals only one ray of the star. Tourmaline and Apatite may appear to be Chrysoberyl Cat`s Eyes, but these are softer stones. Quartz and glass can also seem like cat`s eye, but these can be distinguished by their lower specific gravity and lightness.
Benefits of Chrysoberyl Cat`s Eye
Cat`s eye stone is helpful in curing diseases like mania, paralysis etc. It helps the native in eradicating evil influences of Ketu and diseases given by Mars. It helps to prevent unexpected and sudden mishaps and saves one from accidents and secret enemies. It brings fortune for businessman and people involved in speculative endeavors it gives miraculous result. It bestows wealth by secret means like horse racing, gambling, stock exchange market and speculations. It is very helpful for persons having genetic diseases or problems. Genetic diseases can be reduced and eradicated by wearing cat`s eye stone.
Again, Cat`s eye will be very helpful to hardworking children or students who are not getting good results of their labour by enabling them to get fruit of their work. People who are suffering from unknown powers or fears can get great relief after wearing cat`s eye in combination with Rudraksha or Pearl and yellow sapphire.
Chrysoberyl`s are known to be associated with discipline and self-control. They are said to promote concentration and the ability to learn and to help the wearer in striving for excellence. In addition to this, they bring peace of mind; clearer thinking and increased self-confidence, helping one become more understanding of the fact that they have everything they already need to succeed.
Astrological effects of Chrysoberyl Cat`s Eye
Cat`s Eye harmonizes Ketu which is traditionally known as the "tail of the dragon". In Jyotish, Ketu is the descending node of Chandra (Moon). Its influences are similar to Mangal or Mars and include liberation, abstract thinking, asceticism, non-attachment, healing, moksha or enlightenment, wisdom and that which is hidden.
Anyone is recommended to wear a cat`s eye in reference to Ketu. A badly placed Ketu in the native ascendant chart can give one a bad reputation, rivalries, and bring scandal in his life. Cat`s eye can also be used if the Sun is badly placed in the birth chart, but a competent astrologer should be consulted before its use. Cat`s eye gives a good result if Ketu is in the sixth, eighth, or twelfth houses from Venus in the chart. Cat`s eye acts quickly and should be worn only after a trial. Wearing a good cat`s eye makes one wealthy, healthy, strongly determined, knowledgeable, and gives good children, happiness in relation to children, and protection from enemies. It will help one gain insight, psychic powers, and can help one have better perception. It is said to help one who practice witchcraft, if one is so inclined. It protects one fromhidden enemies, and keeps one from jail, intoxication, and drowning.
Professions that can be benefited by wearing Chrysoberyl Cat`s Eye
Writers, scholars, film directors, engineers, poets, peace loving persons, doctors, scientists, architects, printers, judges, meteorologists, pharmacists producing new drugs and those involved in dealing with liquids can derive benefits from wearing cat`s-eye stone.
Spiritualists, philosophers and those involved in hypnotism, meditation and in writing and speaking will gain by wearing cat`s eye stones.
Those involved in cinema, acting, producing films, studio, business, painting, dance, music, sculpture, astrology, psychology will have substantial gains in their respective works.
Again people who are involved in inventions, medicines, chemicals, electricity and computers will find beneficial cat` eye stone. Politicians can make revolutions after wearing cat`s-eye stone.
Health effects by Chrysoberyl Cat`s Eye
Cat`s eye transmits the cosmic color, infra-red, which is the hottest cosmic ray. It can therefore help with terminal diseases such as paralysis and cancer. It is good for digestive complications, skin problems, and allergies. Politicians can use cat`s eye to good benefit, and it can help those in business from losing money.
Some flaws of a Chrysoberyl Cat`s Eye if it is dull, has a web, is spotted, or has depressions.
Wearing a stone with webs can send a person to jail. It is especially important not to use a gem that has dark or black imperfections, as these will bring misfortune. A cracked gem can cause injury. If it is spotted, it can cause problems with enemies. A dull or opaque stone causes bad health. If it has black spots, it can cause death. If it is lusterless, it can cause bad fortune to one`s children. A depression can cause digestion problems.
Anniversary Gemstone Chrysoberyl Cat`s Eye
Just as a particular gemstone is believed to represent the month that a person is born in; there is a gemstone for every year of married life as well. This is referred to as an anniversary gemstone. Certain anniveraries like the 10th, 25th and 50th are considered to be significant for Chrysoberyl Cat`s Eye and are celebrated worldwide.
Lucky Gem Chrysoberyl Cat`s Eye
Chrysoberyl Cat`s Eye is considered lucky gem for all those are born under number 7. Ketu rules this number. People born on 7th, 16th and 25th of any month are governed by this number. Cat`s Eye confers maximum benefits on them. It gives them courage, God Consciousness, and power to earn. It helps in their success as an inventor. Make sure that you buy a flawless piece with real brilliance.
Zodiac signs for Chrysoberyl Cat`s Eye
Cat`s eye is associated with the zodiac signs of Gemini.
Care & Cleaning for Chrysoberyl Cat`s Eye
Chrysoberyl Cat`s Eye is a hard, durable gemstone that is difficult to scratch and chip. That being said, because of its high value and rarity, caution should be observed to keep the stone in its original condition. Cat`s Eye is best cleaned by using warm soapy water and a soft brush. Prolonged exposure to excessive amounts of heat, household chemicals, ultrasonic cleaners, and steam cleaners should be avoided. Always store your Chrysoberyl jewelry in a fabric-lined box away from other jewelry items in order to avoid scratching.
Method of wearing Chrysoberyl Cat`s Eye
The weight of the Chrysoberyl Cat`s Eye used should be at least 2 or 3 carats or more, for a ring or in a pendant. Chrysoberyl Cat`s Eye may be set in gold or silver. The ring should be put on a Saturday, an hour after sunrise, when the moon is waxing in the lunar month. It may be worn on the middle finger of the right hand.
Mantra for Chrysoberyl Cat`s Eye
Palasha-pushpa-sankasham tarak-graha mastakam!
Roudram-roudratmakam ghoram tam Ketum pran-maamya-ham!!
Repeat it at least 108 times at the time of putting on a Chrysoberyl Cat`s Eye.


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    • johribazaar profile imageAUTHOR

      Rahul Anand 

      2 years ago from Jaipur

      Good evening Tanmoy Ghatak

      Give me your birth place.

      With love and gratitude by Rahul Anand

    • profile image

      Tanmoy Ghatak 

      2 years ago


      My d.o.b is 29th may 1983, time - 01: 30 am, can I ware cat's eye.. please guide me..

    • johribazaar profile imageAUTHOR

      Rahul Anand 

      5 years ago from Jaipur

      Thanks and good morning and have a nice day,


      May the joy be with you,

      Rahul Anand(Astrologer & Vastu Consultant)


      cell: +91-9829089288

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      It's a very good article about cat's should know about these things before buying cat's eye.


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