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Church Clothing And The Real View

Updated on November 19, 2012

After reading a post about how Sunday Best is dying out, I felt compelled to offer up my opinion. Now most of you are not going to agree with me on this matter but I don't really care.

It's true people don't come to church dressed in their very best as they did just a few decades ago. But my experience with women dressing in their best dresses is little more than a fashion show and seeing who can outdress the other and how many compliments they get on that expensive dress they just bought. And let's not forget how not one woman ever wore the same dress twice and if she did it was a year or more down the road.

So what about all the money that was spent on fancy, expensive dresses? What happened to helping others in need? The money spent on fancy dresses to outshine the next woman could have went to help a hungry person. Oh, but I forgot, many of the people judged the hungry and homeless as being drunks and scourges on society so they deserved no help. And I asked myself who made them God and who gave them the right to judge? Yet they judged. Some of these same christians think the people of Hurricane Sandy deserved the destruction they got. So what, in the eyes of the little gods here on earth, did the people do to deserve such retribution? Perhaps they don't worship as the modern church believes they should. Perhaps they have no belief at all. Perhaps, they worship in a church that many protestants don't believe in. Or perhaps they are catholic and don't believe in the baptist faith or vice versa. We all know that every religion is right and all the others are wrong. But again I ask, who made the judgmental a god here on earth? Did he/she self promote oneself?

The author asks what happened to the Sunday Best dressing. I ask what happened to the day when we helped people regardless of culture, religion, belief? The day when it mattered none at all if the less fortunate believed in anything at all.

And when help is offered today it is done with a selfish motive of getting that person into their church. There would be nothing inherently wrong with that except the underlying reason is to get more money into the church not help more people because the church decides who is worthy of help and only those that may one day contribute monetarily are considered for help. Most christians will disagree because they can't stand the fact that people are waking up and learning the truth. The truth they've known for decades, centuries but have kept silent about. They've held people in fear and discouraged people to think for themselves. In fact, in most modern churches, it is the pastor, deacon's and elder's that are thinking for you.

When people start thinking on their own they start preaching Hell, Fire, damnation and a wrathful God who will smite all that turn away from the church. It matters not in the least if the church is committing crimes and is in bigger sin than those they condemn. My biggest question is, "When did God tell man he could judge and condemn?"

A magistrate that goes to a presbyterian church I used to attend once said he believed it was okay for someone who had cleaned his own house to be able to judge others. Somehow he thinks because he is a judge by profession that also gives him to judge others like he is God.

When did God grant his power over to human's to judge, condemn and execute? The only thing that christian's don't do is execute and that's only because the law will not allow it. If there was a loophole that would allow them to put to death those they believe are unrepentent and unrighteous they would surely do so. That's a scary thought that the only thread holding many christians together is the fear of what would happen if they actually executed someone. Instead, they put their vile hatred out there that is palpable in the air.

There may have been a time when it was about not wearing their farmers clothing to church but now it's mostly about which woman can dress in the most expensive outfit making herself the envy of all the other women.

Many people have abandoned the need to cover their sins and vile hatred with their fancy clothing.


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