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Church Hurt: Sarah Jake's Story

Updated on May 15, 2014

The Potter's House

Acts 3:23 says we all have fallen short, and the only thing worse than falling is falling in front of a judgmental crowd. Sarah Jakes, daughter of pastor, author and pioneer Bishop T. D. Jakes, has experienced the ultimate humiliation. She became a mother at the tender age of 14, and the pressure of being in the spotlight in a ministry she didn't quite fit into drove her to seek love and attention in some unsavory places. She chronicles her journey in her book Lost and Found and she holds nothing back. She discusses her relationships, her failed marriage and feelings of inadequacy. She has made a genuine effort to represent God's grace in action by explaining exactly how imperfect she is. In a world where expectations for her were higher than most, she fell hard and at a young age. The story is one of genuine humility and triumph. As a recently divorced young woman she has redefined herself and she is still optimistic about her future relationship. Her story has sparked a movement toward transparency as a tool in ministry.

Happier Times

Sarah Jakes on her wedding day.
Sarah Jakes on her wedding day. | Source

Pride Goes Before a Fall

Sarah's extraordinarily expositional story has struck a chord with thousands of people across the nation. She has been on several talk shows, and her talks have opened up dialogue between many people about issues that have plagued their friendships and family ties for years. Why does her story resonate with so many people?

Her story speaks to how God has continued grace over all of us, and he can use us, no matter how checkered our past is, to lead others to living an abundant life of liberty. The idea that you have to "have it all together" is one that pushes many to suffer in silence when they have "real" problems and the people they admire do not have a point of reference. This 25-year-old divorced mother of two openly admits to having worked in a strip club because she was too proud to move back home after a failed attempt at college and a live-in relationship with her then boyfriend.

She never justifies her behaviors; however, she does give the body of Christ an overdue reprimand for preaching judgement over love and losing souls as a result. As she bluntly stated in a lecture, one of the main reasons people stray from the church is because love is implied in church and shown in the world. People go where they feel embraced.

Sarah Jakes is taking the nation by storm with this revolutionary gospel of grace.
Sarah Jakes is taking the nation by storm with this revolutionary gospel of grace. | Source

Notable Quotables

Here are a few quips from Jake's book to inspire you:

  • Sometimes you find yourself when you get lost.
  • Amid all your twists and turns, perhaps you simply haven't discovered there right direction left.
  • Ultimately, in most relationships...we confuse love and respect. The two are not mutually exclusive.
  • We have to be buried so that we can be rooted before emerging into the world. No one can grow your roots for you.

As a preacher's kid who has evolved into a young woman wise beyond her years, Jakes has a lot to offer in her book. Let her testimony enrich your life.

Looking for Love In All the Wrong Places

Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life

The ultimate message to be carried from this book is to look at your wounds as opportunities, not setbacks. Jakes is proof that we are not only holding ourselves back by keeping our mouths closed, but we are obstructing the deliverance of others. There is no experience in our lives that cannot be used to uplift and motivate others. Another equally important message for those who call themselves Christians is to make sure your love is the first thing a person in need can see above anything else. Many times people come to the church and are not well received at the lowest points of their lives. As Jakes said, many people who live an alternative lifestyle but desire a place to worship feel rejected by the church because they openly admit to their activities. The times are changing, and for the better. Living an authentic life while making strides daily to become better may very well become more of a norm in church thanks to ministries like this book. Love truly covers a multitude of sins.

Healing Through Transparency

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      Eric Dierker 3 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

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